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Rune stones have been considered a powerful tool of divination for centuries, and have been used by psychic readers to reveal information about people and their lives. We have a number of talented Rune readers available, ready to take your call.  

The Runic alphabet is an ancient writing system so old and shrouded in mystery, that nobody is sure where it originated. The alphabet was used by Germanic people in Britain, Europe and Scandinavia between the 3rd to the 16th or 17th Century AD.

The tradition of carving Runestones began in the 4th century, with many of the most famous being carved in the Viking Age in Scandinavia. The earliest Runestones were carved as memorials to those who had passed away, and were inscriptions on large boulders or bedrock.

Modern runestones are small, often brightly coloured stones the size of a pebble, each with an individual rune inscribed. Each runestone and inscription has its own unique meaning, and its own power that is connected to deities that the reader can harness to help with the reading.

Similar to Tarot cards, there are different ways of reading runestones, and each reader has their own preference. Some people use one runestone to answer a question, whereas others prefer to use four. All runestone readings work best when you have a specific question, and the reader will ask you if there if something in particular that you want to know while you are having the reading.

If you have a question about love, relationships, family, career, or about life in general, our runestone readers can give you the insight and clarity you desire. All of our readers have been carefully chosen for their talent, professionalism and their dedication to helping our community members.  

Having a runestone reading by phone is cheap, easy and convenient; you can speak to our readers from the comfort of your living room. So browse through our readers below, and have a runestone reading today.

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