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Free Sagittarius Horoscope

sagittarius star sign icon

Weekly Sagittarius Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 27th May 2019

Your Weekly Love Horoscope

Persistence and determination tend to be qualities we apply outside the sphere of our emotional world. They bring impressive results where careers are concerned, but it can be riskier to be persistent or determined when trying to find love or win someone's heart. After all, love tends to work to its agenda and doesn't care how impatient we become. Where affairs of the heart are concerned in your world this week, you could feel it's necessary to boost your levels of persistence or determination. This may only be effective if done in very measured doses.

Your Weekly General Horoscope

This week, you could feel noticeable tension where a partnership or commitment. You have more freedom available to you than you perhaps believe you do, and it's important to assess a shared situation that seems to trap or inhibit you. It is possible to bring an improvement that suits you without upsetting a certain person or compromising anything you're keen to preserve and protect. Sure, you're under pressure - but only because you're likely giving too much attention to an arrangement that seems frustrating but offers more flexibility than you can see. Things may become tenser before they improve, but you can be certain that an improvement is imminent.

Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

May 2019

You could feel pushed to ring changes to your daily routines, even if there is a certain sluggishness to how you get things done this month. Fortunately, you're unlikely to become anxious or worried about the pace at which certain plans or projects unfold, believing they'll get finished whenever they get finished. This could make you more productive by not overexerting yourself and boosting your stress or tension levels in the process. On the 18th, you could be reminded that, although you have a sunny, lighthearted side, you also have a dark side. By accepting and addressing this, you could help someone to come to terms with their demons. Be the healing influence you can be in a certain person's world this month.

What's Next For You?

If your horoscope has triggered a thought, or an emotion, it's likely our advisors can expand on this.

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About The Sagittarius Star Sign

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. At this stage of our journey through the signs, we are rising above our animal instincts to begin our spiritual journey. This is why those born under this sign have a curious, expansive, enquiring nature and are motivated by a search for a philosophy of life that will give meaning to everyday existence. This is the sign of the Archer and its symbol suggests an arrow, which symbolises your desire to fly higher, go further and reach out to extend your horizons in all directions. Your ruling planet is Jupiter, which represents your self-confidence and desire to expand and preserve. In mythology Jupiter was the Father of the Heavens, who ruled the sky, was the founder of law and was given supreme power over all gods and humankind. He was a benevolent ruler. This gives you a confident, broad-minded, big-hearted nature. Your element is Fire, which makes you enthusiastic, buoyant and agile. Sagittarius is a mutable sign and this denotes your versatility, open-handed manner and ability to adapt to new ideas. You may sometimes be a bit careless, extravagant and excessive. But you approach life in a friendly, cheerful optimistic way. You have a strong need for freedom, space and independence.

Ruling Planet

Jupiter – Desire to Expand & Preserve, Self-Confidence

Element / Triplicity

Fire – Joyful, Ardent, Confident, Inspiring

Quality / Quadruplicity

Mutable – Flexible, Adjusts and Adapts to Circumstances


Positive – Extrovert, Outgoing, Objective Concerned with Making an Impression

Sagittarius Keywords

Confident, Expansive, Philosophical, Agile, Alive, Big-hearted, Broad-minded, Buoyant, Cheerful, Enquiring, Free, Friendly, Freedom-loving, Open-handed, Philosophical, Versatile, Careless, Extravagant, Extremist, Inconsiderate, Inconsistent, Improvident, Over-enthusiastic, Slapdash, Restless

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