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Our daily horoscopes are some of the most detailed you will read. As well as reading the Pisces horoscope for today, you can look back at yesterday's as well as looking forward at tomorrow's horocope too. Each has been written for you by our in-house astrologer, Gary Richardson. Scroll down to view your weekly Pisces horoscope and a little further down for your monthly Pisces horoscope.

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Weekly Pisces Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 17th September 2018

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Monthly Pisces Horoscope

Your Pisces horoscope for September 2018

On, or soon after 9th September could be an ideal time for starting a business partnership, or contemplating an important new chapter in a personal relationship. If you are single, this may be an excellent time to initiate a new romance. If you are already in a relationship, you and your partner may see this as the beginning of a new phase in your relationship. Your partnership may progress to a new level of commitment. Your partner, or another person may be able to help you make a new start of some kind.

From 16th to 22nd of this month, if you don’t feel you are learning anything new, or you are not intellectually stimulated enough by the life you are living. you might feel determined to make changes to prevent your mind and thinking from becoming stale and predictable. It may help to create a situation of ongoing change rather than a sudden and total revolution. But it would also be a mistake to avoid change altogether. If you are generally aware of the need for periodic alterations, and have gone through life making adjustments when necessary, you might experience this as time of unexpected disruption which might test your new outlook. If you have not faced up to your need to review your ideas and opinions for some time you may, perhaps, be more prone to think or act in a rash or impulsive way. Another possibility is that something may happen to you which changes the way you think and perceive things. This may be a sign from your environment that you need to break free of old, outmoded ways of thinking and are ready to open your mind to something fresh and different.

If you are buying or selling something to, from or together with another person, or are about to make an individual or joint decision about money, property or possessions, Or if you are working alone or in a partnership on a project you hope will earn you money, the most favourable time for any of the above may be the period leading up to 25th September.

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More About Pisces

Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac. At the final stage of our journey through the signs, we are ready to shed our individuality and to be dissolved into the universal whole in preparation for a re-beginning. This is why those born under this sign have a changeable, impressionable, self-sacrificing nature. This is the sign of the Fishes and its symbol suggests two fishes swimming away from each other, or two crescents of receptivity pointing outwards. This reflects the duality of this sign and reflects the fact that you may often feel pulled in different directions making it difficult to make concrete decisions. But it also denotes your openness and sensitivity. Your ruling planet is Neptune, which represents your power to apprehend the unseen or seek the ideal. In mythology, Neptune was the god of the sea, which is unfathomable and unconfined. This gives you a dreamy, idealistic, mediumistic side to your character. Your element is Water, which makes you fluid, emotional and imaginative. Pisces is a Mutable sign, which makes you able to go with the flow, sway on the tides of your emotions and adapt to changing impressions and situations. You are sensitive to unseen currents and tend to take on the shape and colour of your surroundings. You may sometimes be a little over-reactive, vague and deceptive. But you approach life with an easy-going sensitivity, humility and a compassion for all forms of life, and are generous, charitable and ready to help those in need.


Neptune – Power to Apprehend the Unseen or Seek the Ideal


Water – Fluid, Emotional, Imaginative


Mutable – Flexible, Adjusts and Adapts to Circumstances


Negative – Introvert, Reflective, Subjective Concerned with Receiving an Impression


Changeable, Impressionable, Imaginative, Compassionate, Dreamy, Easy-going, Emotional, Fluid, Generous, Hospitable, Humble, Idealistic, Mediumistic, Sensitive, Self-sacrificing, Chaotic, Confused, Deceptive, Dependent, Evasive, Gullible, Over-reactive, Slovenly, Two-faced, Vague, Weepy, Weak-willed, Unstable