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The Seance Spoon

Posted on: 19 Aug 2017 (10 comments)

A spoon, by any other name, is just a piece of cutlery, unless that is, the spoon has been handled by spirit, in which case it becomes a whole other object. August Bank Holiday 1986 was warm and balmy I seem to remember. Some friends and I decided one evening to conduct a séance in […]

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Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs)

Posted on: 07 Jul 2017 (8 comments)

EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) is the acronym given to what we know as “ghost voices”. Gathered with the use of electronic equipment, in short, a digital recorder. Although, there are excellent examples collected on older tape machines. I am sure that most of us have watched TV programs such as “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Adventures” […]

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Signs from Spirit

Posted on: 05 Jul 2017 (13 comments)

There are times where we may be floundering. A feeling of wandering aimlessly through life. Asking questions of ourselves “Am I on the right path?” “Is the person I am in love with going to take the relationship to the next level?” You know the situation, we’ve all been there at some time or another. […]

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