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Reader Articles

We have a large number of talented psychic readers, all of whom are equipped with a wealth of psychic and spiritual knowledge that they love to share with our community. Even when not giving psychic readings over the telephone, our readers love to communicate with and help our community in any way they can.

Our readers have kindly agreed to contribute to our blog by sharing their knowledge on a number of different topics, from life advice to tips on how to better practice spirituality. To benefit from the wisdom of our psychic readers, have a browse through our reader articles.

The Seance Spoon

A spoon, by any other name, is just a piece of cutlery, unless that is, the spoon has been handled by spirit, in which case it becomes a whole other object. August Bank Holiday 1986 was warm and balmy I seem to remember. Some friends and I decided one evening to conduct a séance in […]

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Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) thumbnail

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs)

EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) is the acronym given to what we know as “ghost voices”. Gathered with the use of electronic equipment, in short, a digital recorder. Although, there are excellent examples collected on older tape machines. I am sure that most of us have watched TV programs such as “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Adventures” […]

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Signs from Spirit

There are times where we may be floundering. A feeling of wandering aimlessly through life. Asking questions of ourselves “Am I on the right path?” “Is the person I am in love with going to take the relationship to the next level?” You know the situation, we’ve all been there at some time or another. […]

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