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Sometimes you need a bit of inspiration to get through the day. That’s why Psychic 2 Tarot community members tell us they like our horoscopes. Find your star sign and see what's in store for you today, this week and this month.

Today's Daily Horoscopes

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aquarius star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Today you might feel you need other people and want to please them, but you could also feel a strong desire to assert your own power, be independent and do what you want to do. You may feel irritated ...
pisces star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Today, you may feel at your most comfortable in your own neighbourhood or familiar everyday environment. But you might want to break free of your usual daily routine, shake things up a little and do ...
aries star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Today, you may feel under pressure to fall in with the majority view when with friends, or in groups of people today. But your feelings could be at odds with theirs and you might prefer to be yourself ...
taurus star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: You may feel the pull of the past in some way, today. Conversations, perhaps those centred around home and family, could remind you of old memories, feelings and experiences. You might need to take ca ...
gemini star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Today might not be a good day for making decisions, as your thinking could be strongly coloured by your emotions, which may fluctuate somewhat today. You may also be very sensitive to your environment ...
cancer star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Today, you might feel the need to spend time with friends or among a group of people that you can feel part of. But you could find your values clash with those of your friends, or the majority of othe ...
leo star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Today, you could feel a need to express yourself to the world in a new and radically different way that marks you out from others and emphasizes your uniqueness. You might want to appear exciting and ...
virgo star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Today, you may feel a great need to be free and to do something different. You could feel a sense of emotional unrest and want to make changes in your life, but you might not be sure quite what it is ...
libra star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: In your more personal, relationships with others today, you might feel you want to focus on what you share with others and what unites you with them. You might feel that you function better in a partn ...
scorpio star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Today you may feel a need to pursue your career ambitions and to gain attention and recognition from others or the public. But you might also feel a strong desire to be at home with your family. Or th ...
sagittarius star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Today, may feel a desire to go somewhere different in search of new experiences You may want to leave behind your everyday environment, routine and escape any mundane task and responsibilities in favo ...
capricorn star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Today, you are likely to pursue whatever brings you fun, excitement and pleasure. Hobbies and spare time activities, especially something that is new and different to you. You may be drawn to unusual ...

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