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Sometimes you need a bit of inspiration to get through the day. That’s why Psychic 2 Tarot community members tell us they like our horoscopes. Find your star sign and see what's in store for you today, this week and this month.

Today's Daily Horoscopes

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aquarius star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: You are likely to be very generous with what you have today, especially with friends, or any group of people you associate with. But you may need to take care that others do not take advantage of your ...
pisces star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Whatever you do today, you are likely to make a big impression on the world around you. You are likely to be at your most independent and to insist on personal freedom today. You may feel confident an ...
aries star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Today, you could feel a need for adventure. You may want to do something different and on a bigger scale than before and to realise your dreams and fantasies. But you might envision so many possibili ...
taurus star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Interacting with others is likely to be important to you today. You may feel a desire to be around friend or groups of like-minded people. Being in the company of other people could be expansive for y ...
gemini star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Today, you are likely to be noticed for your generosity to others and your co-operative spirit. But you might need to take care not to allow others to take advantage of your generosity. You may be gu ...
cancer star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Today, you might feel a restless desire to escape your everyday routine and break away from your everyday routine and the small matters of life. You may feel a need to do something that seems more exc ...
leo star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Today, you could feel an intense closeness to others, but you may also feel that this detracts from your ability to express yourself in the way you want to. Or it might seem that others' seriousness p ...
virgo star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Feelings of irritation with others could lead to some tension in relationships, today. But you may be able to achieve more in a partnership with someone else than you could by yourself and are likely ...
libra star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Today, you may feel uninterested in the mundane, practical matters of life and your mind might be philosophical and filled with what you see as higher concepts. Opening your mind to new ideas could b ...
scorpio star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: Today, you may want to be yourself and find enough spare time to pursue your own interests and have fun. But at the same time, you could feel driven by the need to make money and there might be financ ...
sagittarius star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: There could be tension in your home life or between family members today. You may feel restless and impatient with your daily routine, especially if it restricts your independence and autonomy. This c ...
capricorn star sign icon


Today's Horoscope: This might not be the best day for making decisions. Your thinking is likely to be strongly coloured by your emotions, so you might not be at your most objective.. However, your thinking and emotional ...

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