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Cancer Horoscope

Our daily horoscopes are some of the most detailed you will read. As well as reading the Cancer horoscope for today, you can look back at yesterday's as well as looking forward at tomorrow's horocope too. Each has been written for you by our in-house astrologer, Gary Richardson. Scroll down to view your weekly Cancer horoscope and a little further down for your monthly Cancer horoscope.

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Yesterday's General Horoscope

You could reevaluate your career aspirations because you're no longer sure that your previous objectives remain relevant. However, try to remember that you're taking stock of your career circumstances as they exist presently and many unknown aspects make reaching a final decision difficult. Once you feel you have the support of one or two others that has been unforthcoming recently, you might feel more reassured.

Yesterday's Love Horoscope

A shift occurring in a love partnership or your emotional world generally could take your mind back to an unpleasant aspect of your relationship past. If you sense history is repeating itself, then it's important to accept how you're much better placed now to resolve a matter swiftly than you were previously. The key to progress lies with you and a partner both being less fearful of speaking openly and honestly. You could be reminded of how the lines of communication have improved significantly over time.

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Today's General Horoscope

You might struggle to keep emotions under control but could feel it's only a matter of time before you release them. This might require you to establish and clarify boundaries between your work and personal lives, especially if you sense frustration emerging from the two overlapping. Be gentle and kind when you make thoughts or feelings known.

Today's Love Horoscope

You might see a romantic or relationship situation in a way that seems to demand urgent attention or effort. However, give this scenario a chance to develop – and how involved a loved one chooses to be with it. Where you might believe the onus is on you to take the initiative and be 'the fixer,' allowing a bit more time to pass could reveal the helpful contribution the object of your affections can make.

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Tomorrow's General Horoscope

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Tomorrow's Love Horoscope

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This Week's Cancer Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 21st January 2019

Your Weekly Love Horoscope

Be willing to heed the advice coming from your heart when it urges you to stop clinging to an aspect of your love life past. This might involve clutching to a memory of a past flame or refusing to believe that tense or awkward circumstances you experienced previously remain just as much a problem now as they did back then. The restrictive or stagnant situation you're drawing comfort from simply isn't appropriate anymore. Allow the gift of healing coming your way to set you free and move you forward. Achieving closure isn't only a nice idea, it's essential and very possible.

Your Weekly General Horoscope

You could be reminded in more than one way that all good things must come to an end and it's important to accept that some valuable memories have been formed within all that has occurred in your world recently. Focus on these rather than dwell upon what – or who – is missing from your world. Reality could set in with a bit of a bump and act as a cold shower to the warmth and support you've received from others lately. Even if both were offered temporarily, the effects could be permanent and something to draw upon when you need reassurance in the future.

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Monthly Cancer Horoscope

Your Cancer horoscope for January 2019

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More About Cancer

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. As we move through the signs, this symbolises the part of our journey in which we become aware of our origins and inheritance. This reflects how much your nature is coloured by conditioning and habits formed early on in life. Your ruling planet is the Moon, which is concerned with your instinctive reactions to life and this gives you a responsive, reflective, receptive nature. In mythology, the Moon deity was goddess of fertility, the mother who nurtures and nourishes. This is why those born under this sign tend to be maternal and motivated to look after, protect and feed their young within the safety of a home. Yours is the sign of the Crab and its symbol suggests the shape of the crab or a mother’s breasts. Your element is Water, which makes you sympathetic, emotional and imaginative. Cancer is a Cardinal sign which means you can take the initiative and your sensitivity is your driving force. You are shrewd, thrifty and tenacious. You can sometimes be a little moody, impressionable and defensive. But you respond to life in a kind, caring, sympathetic manner. You may be interested in the past and history and are likely to have a good memory.


The Moon – Instinctive Reactions to Life


Water – Fluid, Emotional, Imaginative


Cardinal – Initiatory, Restless, Eager to Get Things Done, Instigates


Negative – Introvert, Reflective, Subjective Concerned with Receiving an Impression


Caring, Sensitive, Emotional, Canny, Conservative, Imaginative, Nurturing, Maternal, Protective, Receptive, Shrewd, Shy, Sympathetic, Tenacious, Thrifty, Clinging, Clannish, Defensive, Fearful, Moody, Mean, Over-anxious, Reserved, Self-pitying, Touchy, Tearful, Unstable