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Capricorn: 22nd Dec - 19th Jan

Your emotions are likely to be very powerful and intense today and this might affect your relationships with others. You may need to be careful not to say something rashly or hastily, perhaps in an emotional outburst, that, once said, could deeply wound someone or change things in a negative way.

If you are single, you could feel powerfully attracted to someone who might make you feel different or offer you change, of some kind. This could be positive if you feel receptive to change. If you are in a relationship, you may experience a clash of wills or a power struggle with your partner. But your feelings for each other are likely to be deep and passionate.

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Today, you are likely to pursue whatever brings you fun, excitement and pleasure. Hobbies and spare time activities, especially something that is new and different to you. You may be drawn to unusual or unconventional activities, or creative endeavours that allow you to emphasize your uniqueness.

Your interaction with others are likely to be deep and profound today and could even change the way you think or perceive things. You may feel a meeting of minds with someone and might find you can talk easily and come up with powerful ideas together. But you may need to ensure that this alliance does not inhibit your self expression.

In work and business, you are likely to be at your most creative and expressive. Working in partnership with someone may help you to express yourself and your ideas. But you may have creative differences or disagreements with associates or business partners over the financial side of business. You could be torn between wanting to accept financial help or support, or entering into a joint financial or business arrangement and feeling a strong desire to be financially self-sufficient and independent. You might feel you will lose yourself if you enter into a joint or shared agreement. But you may be able to find a compromise that allows you to receive help or to share something while not compromising your own values too much. You may need to ensure that any working partnership allows you room to express yourself and be creative.

Someone else you work with could be a powerful influence on you and might change the way you approach work and business. You are likely to communicate well well with co-workers and business partners and may generate good ideas together. Merging your own situation with another’s could prove to be very profitable. Today might not be the best time for conducting business deals as people and situations could prove to be unpredictable and changeable. But this may be a good day for putting effort into working together with others on a creative project that is designed to make all of you money.

There could be an intense or secretive quality to communication in romance and relationships today.
You might need to guard against feelings or acts of jealousy or possessiveness. But intense attraction and great closeness could be possible. If you are single, you could be intensely attracted to someone who seems exciting and different. You may want to keep things playful and non-serious and might want to avoid any relationship that seems to compromise your individual freedom of expression. Romance and relationships may prove to be deep and intimate, but could bring the unexpected. People and situations might be erratic and unpredictable. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner could seem to differ in terms of what you need from a relationship. One of you may want emotional depth, closeness and commitment, while the other might want fun, excitement and a degree of independence. If this is the case, you may need to work to find a compromise that suits you both.

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Today, you are likely to be noticed for your generosity to others and your co-operative spirit. But you might need to take care not to allow others to take advantage of your generosity. You may be guided by your own philosophy and could be quite firm in your beliefs. But you might need to take care that you do not come across to others as self-righteous or overly dogmatic.

At work, you may feel ambitious and want to take on something big. But others could feel you are being over-optimistic or unrealistic about what you can expect to achieve. You might have a good overall plan, but could tend to overlook small but important details that may make the difference between success and failure.

If you are single, you are likely to pursue romance with enthusiasm. But you might need to take care to ensure you do not come across as too confident or arrogant. However, others could be drawn to your optimism and enthusiasm. If you are in a relationship, you may enjoy going somewhere new or doing something different with your partner.

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Sharing is Caring

Week beginning Monday 21st May 2018

As the week begins, you might prefer to do things your own terms, even if only taking care of practical everyday responsibilities and duties. You may feel a desire to make yourself useful, and to maintain your life efficiently.

Towards the middle of the week, you may enjoy spending time with friends or groups of like-minded people with whom you can talk, learn and exchange ideas. But your opinions, judgements and beliefs may seem to differ from those of the majority in the group. And your ideas about what is fun to do may be different from those of your friends or others in a group. You may need to take care to ensure you do not come across as over-confident or arrogant in conversation and discussions with friends and associates. You may enjoy a bit of verbal jousting. But you might need to remain open to others’ point of view or the overall consensus, and to be ready to adjust your own where necessary or appropriate.

At the end of the week, you may feel a desire to spend time with other people. But you may also feel somewhat introverted and unable to relate to others around you. This could be cause you are taking a critical look at yourself and your life and may feel the need to make changes or restructure things in order to achieve your personal goals. This could make it difficult for you to relax and have fun with others. However, you may need to try to find time to relate to others, in order to avoid becoming lonely or isolated. It may be through your relationships with others that you can learn more about yourself and the path you need to follow to bring out the best in yourself.

As the middle of the week approaches, if you are single, you may be attracted to someone you meet though a friend or in a group situation, possibly outside your own neighbourhood. Or you may be drawn to someone whose thinking and conversation you find interesting, enlightening and inspiring. You may feel enthusiastic about romance, but might need to take care to ensure you do not come across as over-confident in your approach to someone you are attracted to. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner may want to make plans for the future, but could find you have quite different ideas. However, if you can communicate and be open to each other’s ideas and viewpoints, you should find it relatively easy to reconcile your views and plans.

At the end of the week, if you are single, you may feel a desire for romance. But you may feel you have a duty to yourself to concentrate on personal goals and could tend to avoid pursuing new relationships. However, you may be avoiding relationship because you fear others may not be receptive to romance with you. You may need to take care not to allow your fear or lack of confidence create barriers between yourself and someone you have affection for. If you are in a relationship, any problems between yourself and your partner may now need to be confronted and addressed. This may mean confronting parts of yourself you might rather not face. However, what you learn through this could help you to strengthen your relationship.

As the week gets off to a start, you could shine at work and might feel able to make your work a true expression of your self.

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Your Capricorn horoscope for May 2018

Between 13th and 19th May, you may feel you are not achieving your material goals and might want to change the way you go about making and spending money. However, you may need to take care not to spend impulsively or to take risks with money, or your financial security. Or, if you don’t feel you are having enough leisure time, fun and excitement in life, you might feel determined to make changes in your life to give you more freedom and to free up more resources for this. You may also feel you are not expressing yourself as an individual in the way you would really like to and might desire more freedom to be yourself. Another possibility is that change of some kind may seem to be forced upon you that affects your an situation or your creativity and self-expression. However, this may be a sign from your environment that you need to change, or break away from something. If you are single, you may seek excitement through romance. But you might need to take care not to appear too assertive in your approach to possible partners. You may also need to be careful not to overstretch your budget when entertaining in pursuit of romance. In work and business, you might feel a desire to be more creative and assert yourself in a highly individual way. You are likely to prefer to operating independently and are likely to rebel against anything or anyone who tries to hold you back from being yourself. This may not be the best time for making business deals, as you might be prone to take financial risks that could prove to be erroneous.

If you are thinking of starting a new creative project, beginning a new hobby, going on a holiday or initiating a new romance, on, or soon after 15th May could be a very favourable time for a new start in relation to any of these. At this time, you may want to begin expressing yourself in a new way. Or this could be an ideal time to embark on new activities that bring you pleasure, fun and enjoyment.

From 16th May, you may identify with what you have and could be drawn into disputes with someone over money or the ownership of property or possessions. You are likely to go after what you want and your desires and appetites could drive you to spend money. You might need to take care not to make rash or impulsive financial decisions or purchases. You may be tempted to show off what you have in order to gain more of a sense of power and worth. If you use your power effectively and can avoid being overly driven by materialism or the illusion that money is power, you could earn well, make a positive impact and enhance your financial security. You are likely to put a great deal of energy into earning money. You could accomplish a great deal very quickly in work and business as well as achieving material success.

If you are working anything that serves a charitable cause or trying to turn an imaginative vision or a personal dream into a practical reality, it may be beneficial to try to bring these to fruition, or to the end of a current chapter or phase by 29th May, if possible. If you are working in a behind the scenes capacity on any kind of work project it may also be beneficial to try to conclude this by 29th May.

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More About Capricorn

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. At this stage of our journey, we have become aware of our responsibilities and seek to perfect and maintain a framework for society. Therefore those born under this sign have a dependable, dutiful and disciplined nature. This is the sign of the Mountain Goat and its symbol suggests the curled horn of a goat. This reflects the way you find security in high places and your ambition which drives you to climb steadily to the heights, step by step. Your ruling planet is Saturn, which denotes your power of self-control and aspiration. In mythology Saturn was the god of social order, of the seasons and agriculture and is often represented as old Father Time or the reaper, carrying a sickle. This reflects your desire for order, form and security and also accounts for the paternalistic side to your personality. It also denotes your belief that ‘as a man sows, so shall he reap’, which motivates you to organise the affairs of the material world, but with a temperate and cautious approach.  It your element is Earth, which gives you a practical, constructive, reliable character. Capricorn is a Cardinal sign and this makes you able to initiate and get things done. You can sometimes be a little cold, calculating and serious. But you approach life in a careful, conscientious, responsible way. You may be slow to develop, but can apply yourself, plan ahead and can be painstaking in your efforts.


Saturn – Power of Self-Control, Aspiration


Earth – Reliable, Practical, Constructive


Cardinal – Initiatory, Restless, Eager to Get Things Done, Instigates


Negative – Introvert, Reflective, Subjective Concerned with Receiving an Impression


Cautious, Constructive, Disciplined, Ambitious, Aspiring, Careful, Dependable, Dutiful, Paternalistic, Practical, Painstaking, Prudent, Responsible, Steady, Sober, Capricious, Calculating, Carping, Cold, Cantankerous, Exacting, Fault-finding, Gloomy, Manipulating, Mean, Mournful, Pedantic, Pretentious, Snobbish