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Capricorn Horoscope

Our daily horoscopes are some of the most detailed you will read. As well as reading the Capricorn horoscope for today, you can look back at yesterday's as well as looking forward at tomorrow's horocope too. Each has been written for you by our in-house astrologer, Gary Richardson. Scroll down to view your weekly Capricorn horoscope and a little further down for your monthly Capricorn horoscope.

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Yesterday's General Horoscope

You could be surprised and reassured at how you approach and handle a sensitive or delicate matter at this time. The generous Leo Moon empowers you with the ability to keep your cool and handle whatever arises with the care and sensitivity needed. This will also involve encouraging someone to discuss their feelings - and you could be surprised to discover what emerges from them doing so.

Yesterday's Love Horoscope

It's possible something between you and someone close is becoming claustrophobic or smothering, but this could be a symptom of the two of you adjusting to certain new, restrictive circumstances. It's possible to maintain closeness while respecting each other's need for space or privacy. Getting something agreed along such lines now could be worth doing.

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Today's General Horoscope

Should you reveal thoughts or feelings to someone in a way you feel is necessary? It can be easy to reflect upon what happened the last time you did so - and the time before that. You might have, understandably, wished you'd chosen to say nothing due to stress and tension caused. What you experienced previously shouldn't be seen as a benchmark for the future. A response you've grown resigned to from the past could, on this occasion, be what you'd hope it will be.

Today's Love Horoscope

You might be aware of how a loved one or potential partner believes they're better placed than you are to call the shots or dictate how an arrangement will be. However, their increased confidence might be the result of slack you've cut them recently. You've probably done your fair share of listening and might need to speak up now.

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Tomorrow's General Horoscope

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Tomorrow's Love Horoscope

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This Week's Capricorn Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 21st January 2019

Your Weekly Love Horoscope

You could feel a barrage of emotions this week and sharing some will come easily, while trying to express what you feel in other ways will not. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse urges you to explore deep feelings that might require you to go to bring a new level of honesty or integrity to a close connection. You might not understand why you feel what you feel – or why you feel it so strongly. However, it's important to connect authentically with what your heart pushes you to consider and accept. It might not be logical or easily rationalized - but since when was love ever logical or rational?

Your Weekly General Horoscope

You could discover that loyalty or service to someone else doesn't count for as much as you thought it did, or an arrangement you thought was balanced is seen differently by someone else. However, even if an imbalance does exist, others remain dependent on you, or you have obligations you can't simply walk away from. The most challenging part may involve deciding where your time, efforts, loyalty or passions can be applied more effectively and satisfactorily. You have the right to ring the changes where they're needed, but your connection with at least one other person might mean you can't take strides quite yet.

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Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

Your Capricorn horoscope for January 2019

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More About Capricorn

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. At this stage of our journey, we have become aware of our responsibilities and seek to perfect and maintain a framework for society. Therefore those born under this sign have a dependable, dutiful and disciplined nature. This is the sign of the Mountain Goat and its symbol suggests the curled horn of a goat. This reflects the way you find security in high places and your ambition which drives you to climb steadily to the heights, step by step. Your ruling planet is Saturn, which denotes your power of self-control and aspiration. In mythology Saturn was the god of social order, of the seasons and agriculture and is often represented as old Father Time or the reaper, carrying a sickle. This reflects your desire for order, form and security and also accounts for the paternalistic side to your personality. It also denotes your belief that ‘as a man sows, so shall he reap’, which motivates you to organise the affairs of the material world, but with a temperate and cautious approach.  It your element is Earth, which gives you a practical, constructive, reliable character. Capricorn is a Cardinal sign and this makes you able to initiate and get things done. You can sometimes be a little cold, calculating and serious. But you approach life in a careful, conscientious, responsible way. You may be slow to develop, but can apply yourself, plan ahead and can be painstaking in your efforts.


Saturn – Power of Self-Control, Aspiration


Earth – Reliable, Practical, Constructive


Cardinal – Initiatory, Restless, Eager to Get Things Done, Instigates


Negative – Introvert, Reflective, Subjective Concerned with Receiving an Impression


Cautious, Constructive, Disciplined, Ambitious, Aspiring, Careful, Dependable, Dutiful, Paternalistic, Practical, Painstaking, Prudent, Responsible, Steady, Sober, Capricious, Calculating, Carping, Cold, Cantankerous, Exacting, Fault-finding, Gloomy, Manipulating, Mean, Mournful, Pedantic, Pretentious, Snobbish