A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Auras

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16th May 2017 / 20 comments

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Every one of us has an aura, a field of energy that surrounds us and serves as a measure of our physical, emotional and spiritual states. Auras are made up of layers of colour that surround the body, but they are actually invisible to the naked, untrained eye.

Reading auras is a psychic skill, and can give you a lot of information about a person. It is possible to learn how to read auras, but it takes a lot of practice and patience. However, if you have an open mind and are willing to spend time practicing, you can soon find yourself picking up on people’s energy and discovering more about them and their lives. Here are our tips on how to read and understand auras.

The first step in learning to read auras is to practice on yourself. To get an accurate reading, you need to find a full-length mirror that is well lit – preferably with natural daylight. It is also best if you are stood in front of a plain, neutral background so that you can see your aura clearly. A quiet room where you can concentrate is essential.

Pick a spot on yourself to stare at – it is believed that the top of your head, or your chest are best – and focus on this spot. Stare at this spot for 30 – 60 seconds, and let your eyes relax, so that are you using your peripheral vision. Auras are easier to see in your peripheral vision.

After some time of standing in this relaxed state, you may see a slight haze around the edges of your body. Focus on this, and it will become clearer and stronger, at first a white light and then eventually made up of colours. At first, you may only be able to see one colour, and it may be dull and muddy. However, the more you practice, you will find that you start to see the colours more clearly, and they will be brighter and sharper.

Once you have practiced on yourself and can focus clearly on your own aura, try practicing on a friend. Ask them to stand up against a neutral background, and stand around 3 feet away from them. Focus on their head, and just as you did when reading your own aura, allow your eyes to relax as you focus on the same spot. Their aura will appear in your peripheral vision.

What do the colours in your aura mean?

Everybody’s aura is completely unique to them, and can be made up of a number of different colours. Our auras can be affected by a variety of different factors, and can change depending on our mood and emotions, our physical health, stress from external sources, and more.

Though people’s auras can change, the meanings behind the colours in auras stay the same. Each colour has its own unique, spiritual meaning. The colour of somebody’s aura can give you vital clues about their personality, emotions, physical and mental wellbeing. They are also a good indication of somebody’s spirituality, and how connected they are to their spiritual and psychic abilities.

Red – Red is an extremely bright and bold colour, and is the symbol of energy, power and passion.  Somebody with a red aura has a very strong character, with intense emotions and extremely passionate opinions and feelings.

A bright, vibrant red is the colour of passion, and indicates that the person is harbouring strong feelings of love and lust. However, if it is a dark or dull red, it is a sign of anger and frustration. This person is in a volatile state and will be quick to lose their temper.

Yellow – Yellow is the colour of intelligence and logic, and somebody with a yellow aura is in very good shape, mentally and physically.

A bright yellow aura is a sign that a person is constantly thinking and learning, and enjoys being stimulated. They are wise and curious, and open-minded. They are also confident and outspoken. A dimmer, more mustard yellow on the other hand is the aura of a more shy and reserved person, who is likely to overthink things and be overly critical of themselves.

Orange – The bright colour of the sun, and the symbol of warmth. An orange aura indicates somebody with an incredibly kind heart, who is thoughtful and friendly.

A strong, vibrant orange indicates courage and confidence, and somebody who is full of joy. A duller orange, however, indicates somebody who may struggle with self-esteem and confidence, and is very shy. They may struggle with anxiety, and close in on themselves a lot.

Green – Green is the colour of creativity and hard work. These people see the beauty in everything, and love to create their own beautiful things. They are dedicated and determined, with a strong work ethic.

A bright green aura symbolises somebody who is very calm and sure of themselves. They are empathetic and connects with people, nature and art very easily. Somebody with a darker, muddier green may have a jealous nature, and will probably struggle to connect with others easily.

Purple – Purple is the colour of intuition and spirituality. Somebody with a purple aura is most likely very connected to their spiritual selves, and are very philosophical.

A bright, vibrant purple indicates somebody who is very open and connected to their spirituality. They are usually very sensitive and empathetic, connecting easily with those around them.

A darker, deeper purple may indicate that somebody is struggling with their spirituality, and they more than likely need a release of their energy to clear the blockage that is causing them frustration.

Blue – The colour of communication, a blue aura indicates somebody who is very open and honest. They are very intelligent and sharp, and get on well with like-minded people.

A bright blue aura indicates somebody who enjoys honest conversations and displays excellent judgement in every situation. However a darker blue indicates somebody who is lonely, and they are likely to feel depression and anxiety if they don’t open themselves up to another person.

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    Once had my Aura Read through a machine . Was surprised to see the photograph which shows the colors described in this article .Yet to try the Mirror approach.

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    I would love to see auras

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