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Certified Psychic & Healer, Honest, Non-Judgemental.

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Welcome to Lynne's Psychic 2 Tarot profile. On this page you'll find a little more about Lynne as well as the chance to read genuine customer feedback. Lynne's reading skills include tarot card readings, angel card readings, life coaching, healing, psychic readings and numerology readings.

An introduction from Lynne

Reading professionally for over 20 years, I first discovered Spirits when they would visit me as a small child. I then later developed my psychic skill set by joining metaphysical development circles where I learned how to fine-tune my abilities for the maximum benefit of others. I love to share my passion for personal and spiritual development. At the beginning of a reading I will ask for your name and birthday and the same for anyone you may want to ask about. My guides give me impressions as I pick up on emotions. I will sometimes receive images in my mind’s eye or hear music through my mind’s ear. Often what I hear depends on what the clients needs, if a client needs to laugh they bring humour, if a client needs a strong talking to - they get that but, always with Love for their highest good. I believe the best approach to a reading is to be honest and open to the process. I hope to give clarity, understanding, and show options to help you focus on what is important for your happiness. My Philosophy is, “Our journey through this life brings us many ups and downs to negotiate and during those down times you can feel confused and alone to say the least; not being able to see clearly which direction to move in or how to cope with your situation.” My own journey has had many of those ‘down’ experiences and I too sought guidance from psychics to navigate through those difficult and sometimes traumatic times. I do not do predictions but look at possible outcomes depending on the choices available to you at the time of your reading. You have free will to determine the course you take and therefore create your own future. Whether your question is concerning love and relationships, work and career, travel, house moves etc you will always get honesty from me. I say what I see and feel.

What can customers expect from you?

I am an Intuitive Tarot Reader, Clairsentient, Therapist and Healer who gives honest readings without sugar-coating what you need to know. What you will get from your reading is honesty and straight talking. I connect with your energy and vocal vibrations, so please ask questions and interact as your reading progresses; at the same time I also access my higher intuition and guides coupled with any of the following tools: Tarot, oracle cards, pendulum, crystals, and colors.

What skills do you use in your reading?

I have worked on Psychic TV in the UK. I also have an active interest in paranormal investigations/ghost hunts exploring historical places and learning some of their secrets. My background is a qualified Holistic Therapist, Holistic Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor and Healer; all of my skills and experiences are used during a reading to help you find answers to your questions and where possible give you tools to navigate your chosen path.

What languages do you speak?


How to have a reading with me

If you would like to have a reading me, it's really easy.

Just call 0161 381 2233 and follow the instructions on the call. We can be talking within a few minutes. If you have any problems or questions, please contact the office on 01204 584 184

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Feedback for Lynne

trusted Advisor

1 month ago

Thanks One of my trusted advisers.Always tells me how things are as she sees it


2 months ago

Thanks .Appreciate your help


2 months ago

She,saved me from future heart break from a player.


3 months ago

I'm really sorry but I didn't feel we connected. I asked some questions but came away feeling like I never got a real clear answer. A shame as I read great reviews but I just didn't feel I had got the answers I was looking for or any sort of direction. Lovely lady though and was very kind


5 months ago

Had a couple of reading with Lynn and I thought she was amazing highly recommend her. :)

Good Advise

5 months ago

She gives good Advise and good reader.


6 months ago

Recommended! Very understanding and sensitive in her perspective I felt very understood and would call lynn again


6 months ago

THANKS Honest and re assuring on her readings


6 months ago

Very Good Honest Reader and answers questions honestly even though you don't want to hear the Truth. Thanks once again


6 months ago

She Answers to the Points Precisely .Thanks


7 months ago

I had a reading with Lynne this evening and found her to be both a delight and professional. Thank you for a wonderful reading, it was like chatting to a friend. Love and light to you. Regards Denise xXx


8 months ago

Thank you for the reading - I really appreciate your words and advice very comforting ?

Melissa Soares

8 months ago

Thanks for the reading


9 months ago

Lynn was very down to earth picked up on my situation very well and was good to speak to she clarified what I felt in my own intuition and I would recommend her. Thank you Becky

john hayes

11 months ago

Thank you so much for putting my mind at rest as you know with PTSD i get very anxious . I thought i had lost everything but now i have hope . PS nice to meet a fellow brummie


11 months ago

I didnt get a good connection with Lynne she was negative in her reading but She was very polite in the way she spoke. I came away feeling defeated. She was honest though.


1 year ago

Lynne connected really well, she was honest and straight forward. Good reading!


1 year ago

I loved my phone call with lynne!!! She told me everything I needed to know about the guy I was seeing without me even saying anything, she really made me feel much better about everything and will definitely be calling back


1 year ago

Lynne was absolutely lovely,picked up well on situation and is quite honest.


1 year ago

Lynne was a pleasant person to talk to, she was definitely spot on, on my situation, I found her so soothing and very helpful. Keep up the gud wrk. X


1 year ago

Thank-you. I really appreciated your insight today. NLS.


1 year ago

Lynne was fantastic. Very good validations and realistic predictions. Down to earth lady, very nice to talk to. Would highly recommend. Thank you X

Anonymous- jay jay

1 year ago

Thanks for the reading, Much appreciated.


1 year ago

Once Lynne got my name she just went straight into the reading and was honest with what she said. She is gentle and kind in her delivery and that's what you need. Give Lynn a call as you won't be disappointed. L&L x U x


1 year ago

Lynne was lovely to talk to. She picked up on my feelings and work situation without me saying anything. I will be calling back next week for an update for sure.

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