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At Psychic 2 Tarot, we believe it’s important that you can make an informed decision about which reader you feel best suited to. That’s why we have a policy to publish all of our feedback received. This means whether it’s positive or negative, we publish it.

We do reserve the right to not publish feedback if we believe it’s unfair or it personally attacks one of our readers.

If you have any questions about our feedback or would like to submit your own, you can get in touch or visit the reader’s profile to submit directly from there.

1 month ago by Anonymous

such a lovely lady with a beautiful and kind soul, always so positive !! sorry the line got cut off, i ran out of minutes xx

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1 month ago by Anonymous

Always giving me peace of mind! Thank you! Thank you for always being online ! :)

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1 month ago by Klop2018

First time reading from Jackie. I found her to be very polite and she connected well with me. Thank you

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2 months ago by caroline5274

A big loving thank you for my answer from the free reading! X

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2 months ago by uzra1667

Cat when so good when I had a reading with her. Will definitely call her again. X

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2 months ago by sherrol6771

I asked whether I had any significant changes coming and Serafine responded that after a period of feeling stagnant, changes would in all likelihood start with my work and the rest would fall into place. This has confirmed my own feelings and has given me the nudge to place true focus on this. Thank you for this. I will come back to you with feedback. All the best!

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2 months ago by sadiya5672

Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to let you know after speaking to you on the phone yesterday and your prediction of him contacting me from now to October has come to fruition. He messaged me yesterday at 9pm and so far everything is positive, will call you again soon to let you know. Thank you xx

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2 months ago by jane9477

Thank you for my Free mini reading.. x

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2 months ago by Anon

If you’ve had a reading with Denise 8520 then you’ll love Jennifer, their style of reading is so similar and they’ve both said similar things to me about my situation. Im so glad i took the risk and called Jennifer, she’s honest as well as so positive! I like that Jennifer is always online so whenever i need her i can just give her a call. You won’t regret calling her at all...i called her for the first time last week and 2nd time today and both times ive left the phone call feeling uplifted. Just hate that the time goes by so fast! I hope your predictions come to fruition within the next 4 weeks & i shall call you back soon.Thank you so much xx

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2 months ago by Sarah

I'm so please I chose RubyRose! She picked up on things she couldn't have possibly known. I will be phoning back L&L x

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2 months ago by Mazhe3341

I had a reading with Mary Anne a few days ago and what she told me to look out for has already happened. I am astonished!!!!!!!! As somone said already, she has a genuine gift

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2 months ago by Pasha8990

Incredible! Thank you

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2 months ago by sadiya5672

Thank you so much for giving me clarity! Really really appreciate it! Xx

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2 months ago by kay9868

Thankyou Serafine for answering my free hit the nail on the head!x

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2 months ago by Usha

Ive been having readings with Serafine for many years now, she has always been kind with her delivery and always delved into the heart of the situation. She has helped me so many times and her predictions do come to fruition... she won't tell you what you want to hear, she will always be honest with you but in a warm and heartfelt manner. I completely recommend having a reading with Serafine because it will provide you with clarity you need and deserve no matter what the reason is for your call. Lots of love x

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