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2 weeks ago by laura

I’m so sorry, we had a reading yesterday and got cut off. However, I just want to say, although at first I was uneasy about a reading being done without a specific name and date of birth, you was spot on with the person in question and the situation. I really felt like you connected well to the situation. I’m really hoping your prediction passes and will keep in touch. Thank you so much, you was very kind and supportive

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3 weeks ago by Anonymous

longest ive gone without speaking to Denise & it felt like such a relief after speaking to her thank you xx

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3 weeks ago by nadia4687

Sorry we got cut off, tine ran out.Thank you for the positive reading.I will try and hold onto the bigger picture. Georgina linked in and picked up on my situation straight away! No questions were asked. She had a lovely kind, caring manner.I would highly recommend a reading with this beautiful soul!

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1 month ago by uzra1667

I had many readings with Elaine before - glad to see you’re back will definitely have another reading with you again.

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1 month ago by Anonymous

She seems lovely. Definitely considerate with her style of reading. Thank you

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1 month ago by Anonymous

A very kind, gentle lady :)

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1 month ago by Anonymous

I like this reader. From my experience she won't waste your time. And she seems very thoughtful of the customers feelings. X

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1 month ago by Anonymous

Wow!! Claire picked up on something deeper than what I called for.. she was spot on with it. From my reading, I feel that she is genuine, direct also extremely kind. I'd give her 10 stars.

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1 month ago by Anonymous

Second time calling Mary Ann.. thank you for my reading. Opportunities from predictions made in my first reading have started to show up for me.. (I forgot to tell her this, I hope she reads her reviews) x

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1 month ago by Anonymous

Great energy when talking to molly. Am looking forward to seeing the predictions happen :)

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1 month ago by Anonymous

What a lovely lady, with encouraging friendly advice. Will have to see how the predictions unfold Thank you x

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1 month ago by Anonymous

Too soon to confirm any predictions.. but Irene did pick up on a few very important things about me.. and some things that are going on in my life. In my reading she came across as very friendly, cool, straight forward yet very kind. She has a calming energy.. this energy i got from a phone call.. People around her, in person are very lucky to know her and be around her ? I hope the positive predictions happen for me. I'd be happy to talk to her again

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1 month ago by helen1884

I have just had an excellent reading with Tom. As he says, he doesn't sugar coat things and says things straight to the point. He asks for your birth date and advises straight to the point, answering the questions that you've asked. Brilliant. I've got some interesting dates coming up and look forward to them coming to fruition. Many thanks light and love. xXx

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2 months ago by Michelle White

I have just got off the phone to earth Angel, sorry to say but this was the worst reading I have ever had, I didn't get much from her but wot I did get was was very abrupt and negative and she contradicted minute I'm not getting the job the next I'll be starting in may...I'm now going to bed stressed out with more worries on my mind.

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2 months ago by uzra1667

Had a reading with Mary Ann was very impressed will definitely call again for sure. X

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