Recent Feedback For Our Readers

At Psychic 2 Tarot, we believe it’s important that you can make an informed decision about which reader you feel best suited to. That’s why we have a policy to publish all of our feedback received. This means whether it’s positive or negative, we publish it.

We do reserve the right to not publish feedback if we believe it’s unfair or it personally attacks one of our readers.

If you have any questions about our feedback or would like to submit your own, you can get in touch or visit the reader’s profile to submit directly from there.

1 week ago by sadiya5672

Thankyou!!! :)

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2 weeks ago by Anonymous

She was like a breath of fresh air. So understanding, so genuine.

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3 weeks ago by Anonymous

Honestly I don’t know what I would do without jennifer. Thank You So Much <3

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4 weeks ago by Anon

Wonderful women, everytime I speak to Jeniffer she answers my questions clearly & honestly! She’s got real talent. Thank You! :)

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1 month ago by melissa4662

Thank you so much for the reading. Truly gifted! Highly recommended.

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1 month ago by Anon

One of Jennifer’s predictions came to pass yesterday, she predicted ‘from now to the end of the year’ ... didn’t think it would as the years coming to an end so i thought time was really limited and not possible, but it did happen :) thankyouu xxxxxx

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1 month ago by jammer3267

took a chance with Gaile (after she was the only reader available) and having read the feedback I wasnt expecting much to be honest, but I really needed to speak with someone. I was pleasantly surprised! I enjoyed the reading and Gaile made a good connection with me. There were some things in my life which I have never told to anyone and Gaile picked up on one of them. I was shocked! I am going to call again soon for an update, maybe in 2-3 weeks if that is ok. Thank you Gaile again.

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1 month ago by Rama_freda

I'm seriously blown away with the call I have just had with Karla. I don't know how it works, but oh boy, DOES it work!! She made an instant connection and within a minute I was speachless. Thank you oh thank you for your insight. I will DEFINITELY be calling for an update very soon.

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1 month ago by YanishaErda

Ive just come off the phone with Lucia and wanted to let you know that you have a real star. Her gift is real. 100%. Finally someone with whom I can connect. Thankyou x 1000000. I would give 10 stars if I could! x

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1 month ago by Anonymous

Jennifer answers all my questions honestly and clearly..i don’t leave the phone call with any doubts...she puts my mind at rest and gives me hope..thank you! xo

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1 month ago by rougestar

A Lovely Reading

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1 month ago by salmon44

Hi! Thank you Rhian for an elightening reading. I feel energised and ready to move on from Mr X

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1 month ago by Anon

I have tried a few readers on this service and I think I have found a new favourite. Deb is direct and to the point. She does NOT mess around. I like that. I look forward to our next call Deb. Thank you Love & Light xxx

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1 month ago by HelenErkin

Great reading, straight to the point and no messing around shuffeling cards or anything 5/5 L&L XXXX

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1 month ago by Hamen

FAB-U-LOUS!!!!! 10 out of 10 AGAIN!! xxxx

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