Using Our Services From Abroad

If you are not located in the UK, you can still call our psychics and tarot readers from abroad. Simply dial

+44 161 381 2233

Calling us from America?

You can call us toll-free on 1-833-243-5455

Example International Dialling Codes

Please note, you may be charged additional costs by your local phone operator. Our psychic line is a local rate number in the UK and as such, you may have additional costs. We do not charge you anything extra. Please contact your local service provider to check the price of an international call before calling.

Country calling from Number to call
Australia 0011 44 161 381 2233
Canada 011 44 161 381 2233
India 00 44 161 381 2233
Ireland 00 44 161 381 2233
South Africa 00 44 161 381 2233

For more information on international dialling codes, please refer to this website. Alternatively, contact customer services and we will be happy to help you.