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Question of the Week: How to Know if You’ve Found Your Soulmate

Posted on: 03 May 2018 (9 comments)

Every week we answer a question from one of our community members right here on the blog. This week we heard from Amber, who recently met somebody she believes could be her soulmate. Here’s our advice on how to know if you’ve found your soulmate. Q – Hi, Amber here. I recently met an amazing […]

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Question of the Week: How to Get Over the Loss of a Friend

Posted on: 25 Apr 2018 (6 comments)

Every week we receive questions from our community members, asking for advice on topics of life, love, career and more. This week we heard from Heather who is struggling with how to get over the loss of a friend. Here is our advice. Q – Hi, I’m Heather. My best friend and I had a […]

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Understanding Dreams: Being Naked

Posted on: 19 Apr 2018 (10 comments)

Welcome back to our ‘Understanding Dreams’ series, where we examine some of our most common dream themes and delve into what they mean for us in both our subconscious minds and our daily, waking lives. This month’s dream theme is being naked. Most of us have had the experience of going about our daily business […]

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Question of the Week: How to Attract Love

Posted on: 11 Apr 2018 (10 comments)

Once a week, we answer a question that has been submitted by one of our community members, right here on the blog. This week we heard from Andy, who has been single for a while and is hoping to get back into the dating game and attract love into his life. Q – Hi, Andy […]

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How to Spring Clean Your Life

Posted on: 24 Mar 2018 (15 comments)

The arrival of Spring brings with it a time of rebirth, change and growth, both physically and spiritually. As we say goodbye to Winter, we see nature beginning to bloom, and the world seems a little brighter once more. As nature flourishes around us, it is a perfect opportunity to take a look at our […]

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