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We spend much of our time at work, so it’s only natural that one of the most common areas of life that people ask about when seeking psychic and spiritual advice is their career. Whether you’re looking to make progress in your current job, considering applying for a new role or even a completely different career, or you’re looking for tips on what to do when your personal life and work collide, we have a great collection of articles for you to read.

How to Use the Law of Attraction to progress in your career

The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool that can be used to help manifest your dreams. The idea is that we are responsible for what happens to us, and that we attract the experiences we have in our lives by what we think about and choose to focus on. So, to attract positive things […]

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Five Techniques to Cope with Stress

What is stress? We all get stressed from time to time, whether it’s due to work or something personal. Sometimes, it’s difficult to pinpoint the cause of feelings of stress, and you end up in a vicious circle of being unable to deal with the feelings, and so they end up getting worse. There are […]

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How to Create Good Workplace Relationships

For those of us with full-time jobs, our colleagues are the people we spend most of our time with. It’s important, both professionally and personally, to have healthy and positive relationships with the people we work with. For the most part, we don’t choose who we work with after the interview stage, and we’re obviously […]

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How to Cope with Work After a Break-Up

How to Cope with Work After a Break-Up – 6 Strategies It’s incredibly difficult to stay focused and productive at work when you’re suffering from the emotional trauma that comes from the end of a relationship. Use our strategies to help you get through the day, and begin to regain control over your life. 1. […]

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