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Virgo Horoscope

Our daily horoscopes are some of the most detailed you will read. As well as reading the Virgo horoscope for today, you can look back at yesterday's as well as looking forward at tomorrow's horocope too. Each has been written for you by our in-house astrologer, Gary Richardson. Scroll down to view your weekly Virgo horoscope and a little further down for your monthly Virgo horoscope.

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Yesterday's General Horoscope

It could be easy to overreact to an emotional concern, and you might need to summon more discipline or restraint than you'd prefer to in order to see a situation clearly and realistically. The first step involves separating facts from fiction, and you might have a deeper understanding of a shared situation than someone believes you do. Taking time to assess why you're reacting emotionally to whatever arises will help you to apply restraint where it's needed.

Yesterday's Love Horoscope

As much as you might have had your heart set on enjoying some quality time with your sweetheart, a restriction could present itself that scuppers your plans. Whether it's an authority figure or enforced circumstances that throw plans into turmoil, there's probably not much you can do about it. However, this obstacle or setback is temporary, so keep your passionate plans on the back burner until you can seize a chance to revive them.

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Today's General Horoscope

We tend not to question what's meant by the phrase 'happily ever after' in storybooks. We're quite happy to accept what doesn't need to be questioned and should be left alone and accepted as it is. Questioning it only presents a whole host of questions, most of which offer no concrete answers, anyway. Where you might feel a need to ask a particular question now, consider how rhetoric it might be – and if you're better off accepting something as it is.

Today's Love Horoscope

The Moon in your sign could play a part in you feeling a romantic or relationship matter is becoming less easy to control. You're right to accept that what's needed is simplicity and your innate ability to create structure from chaos will come in handy now. The first step involves keeping emotions in check. Progress relies on pushing aside short-term, meaningless distractions.

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Tomorrow's General Horoscope

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Tomorrow's Love Horoscope

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This Week's Virgo Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 21st January 2019

Your Weekly General Horoscope

You might experience difficulty when conveying your ideas this week as many could emerge so quickly that you won't be able to release them fast enough. However, your audience might lose interest if topics of conversation revolve solely around your wants, needs, interests or pet peeves. There's no need to speak your mind so fervently to gain someone's approval or trust. As long as what you speak is the truth and you make a concerted effort to balance talking with listening, then you could find someone drops a communicative barrier and opens up to you in a wonderful and potentially heartwarming way.

Your Weekly Love Horoscope

There might be a strong sense of comfort attached to nurturing a love life fantasy or refusing to see the reality of a romantic or relationship situation. However, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse could shine a bright light on what you've chosen to nurture in silence or away from prying eyes. However, by not accepting the reality of a love life matter, you're only fooling yourself. There might be plenty of questions and few answers, but you can experience relief when you become less detached from someone. This can also include healing a past love life episode or something that needs improving with a present love interest.

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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Your Virgo horoscope for January 2019

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More About Virgo

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. In our journey through the signs, at this stage, we seek the perfection of physical forms and serve to this end. Therefore, people born under this sign are precise, meticulous and conscientious. This is the sign of the Virgin and its symbol suggests the female sexual parts. This reflects your sense of purity. The Virgin is sometimes depicted holding a babe and an ear of corn. This denotes your potential fertility and care and concern for small growing things. Your ruling planet is Mercury, the planet associated with the mind and this makes you critical, analytical and discriminating. Your element is Earth and this gives you a practical, methodical constructive nature. Virgo is a mutable sign and this means you can be versatile and adjust naturally to the realities of the material world. You can sometimes be a bit fussy, hypercritical and pedantic. But you approach life with a dedication to developing your skills and a desire to be efficient, helpful and useful. You seek to serve. You are neat and tidy, have good attention to detail and may have an ability for organising or classifying things. You can be modest and self-effacing you may love pets.


Mercury – Mentality & Power to Understand and Communicate


Earth – Reliable, Practical, Constructive


Mutable – Flexible, Adjusts and Adapts to Circumstances


Negative – Introvert, Reflective, Subjective Concerned with Receiving an Impression


Precise, Discriminating, Critical, Analytical, Caring, Conscientious, Dedicated, Efficient, Fastidious, Helpful, Modest, Methodical, Meticulous, Practical, Self-effacing, Shy, Thrifty, Useful, Cheeseparing, Fussy, Hesitant, Hypercritical, Narrow-minded, Pedantic, Pernickety, Stand-offish, Servile, Self-deprecating, Wordy