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Free Virgo Horoscope

virgo star sign icon

Weekly Virgo Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 27th May 2019

Your Weekly Love Horoscope

How dull would life be if the path to true love was as straight as a Roman road? We fear obstacles and difficulties in our love life for many reasons, and most of them based around our need for security or closeness. However, the deepest and most profound lessons we learn during our life often come from relationships. This week, what goes awry or becomes problematic in your emotional world is not the insurmountable stumbling block it appears to be. A valuable lesson is contained within it. Try to find that, and you'll discover how much more manageable something becomes.

Your Weekly General Horoscope

People employed in the financial world often remind us that, if we're considering investing, then the past should not be a guideline for the future. We're also told that 'money makes the world go around' and if we decide we need money or more of it, then there are always options available to us or steps we can take to do so. What about love, though? Can we bring more into our world by deciding we want more of it? This week, you could receive heartwarming and undeniable proof that no such limit exists in your world - and how loved, admired, and respected you are.

Monthly Virgo Horoscope

May 2019

Try to 'bend with the breeze' rather than resist the winds of change this month. You could become aware of how long-held beliefs or attitudes are altering. A new level of focus could be given to ways to broaden your mind, perhaps involving travel or a new form of studying. Your thoughts and communication could be stimulated on the 18th, and you could feel extra-determined to separate facts from fantasies to bring a particular truth into the open. What you discover needs to be shared, so don't keep it to yourself. From the 20th, career-related responsibilities could increase. If you want to impress someone higher up the professional ladder, then the period between the 22nd to the 24th offers a superb chance to do so!

What's Next For You?

If your horoscope has triggered a thought, or an emotion, it's likely our advisors can expand on this.

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Laura May

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About The Virgo Star Sign

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. In our journey through the signs, at this stage, we seek the perfection of physical forms and serve to this end. Therefore, people born under this sign are precise, meticulous and conscientious. This is the sign of the Virgin and its symbol suggests the female sexual parts. This reflects your sense of purity. The Virgin is sometimes depicted holding a babe and an ear of corn. This denotes your potential fertility and care and concern for small growing things. Your ruling planet is Mercury, the planet associated with the mind and this makes you critical, analytical and discriminating. Your element is Earth and this gives you a practical, methodical constructive nature. Virgo is a mutable sign and this means you can be versatile and adjust naturally to the realities of the material world. You can sometimes be a bit fussy, hypercritical and pedantic. But you approach life with a dedication to developing your skills and a desire to be efficient, helpful and useful. You seek to serve. You are neat and tidy, have good attention to detail and may have an ability for organising or classifying things. You can be modest and self-effacing you may love pets.

Ruling Planet

Mercury – Mentality & Power to Understand and Communicate

Element / Triplicity

Earth – Reliable, Practical, Constructive

Quality / Quadruplicity

Mutable – Flexible, Adjusts and Adapts to Circumstances


Negative – Introvert, Reflective, Subjective Concerned with Receiving an Impression

Virgo Keywords

Precise, Discriminating, Critical, Analytical, Caring, Conscientious, Dedicated, Efficient, Fastidious, Helpful, Modest, Methodical, Meticulous, Practical, Self-effacing, Shy, Thrifty, Useful, Cheeseparing, Fussy, Hesitant, Hypercritical, Narrow-minded, Pedantic, Pernickety, Stand-offish, Servile, Self-deprecating, Wordy

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