Why Get A Telephone Reading?

Are you interested in getting a psychic reading but unsure about doing over it the phone? From voice vibrations to convenience, we explore the benefits of telephone readings.

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Your tone of voice feeds the psychic’s sense

Tone of voice is something that’s immediately detectable when you speak to your reader over the phone. It’s vital, as it feeds the psychic’s sense, with subtle changes helping the psychic establish a connection with you.
Of course, your reader can’t assess your body language over the phone. But body language isn’t essential to establishing a link and reading energy. And actually, when you can’t see someone, your senses naturally attune to every inflection in their voice.
As a result, many psychics report that they find it easier to establish and build a natural connection with a client over the telephone.

Voice vibrations give a strong sense of who you are

It’s not just your tone of voice that provides insight to your psychic reader. Voice vibrations – the energy that comes through from your voice – are very important to readers, too. They give your reader a sense of you, helping to set the tenor for the reading.
The good news is that voice vibrations are easy to pick up, regardless of whether you have a telephone or a face-to-face reading. In fact, your reader will be able to tell as much from what your voice vibrations convey as from the question you’re asking.

You’ll probably find it easier to relax

If you’re consulting a psychic reader for the first time, you may be experiencing a range of emotions, one of which may be nerves. That’s completely natural.

It might surprise you to learn that members of the Psychic 2 Tarot community tell us that they find it easier to relax during telephone readings. They’re in the comfort of their own home, so they don’t need to worry about unfamiliar surroundings.
Remember, it’s the psychic’s job to put you at ease as quickly as possible, whether you’re consulting them over the phone or in person. Within a few minutes they should say something that fills you with confidence that they understand you, dissipating any tension you’re feeling.

Your reader can clear their own energy quickly

For a successful reading, your reader needs to be able clear their own energy to home in on yours. And – we’re reliably informed by our experienced psychics – when you can’t see the person you’re reading, that’s easier to do. (That’s the reason that psychics often close their eyes during face-to-face readings.)

In other words, telephone readings are particularly effective as psychics can concentrate and be free of distractions.

You can fit in a reading at a convenient moment

Finally, the great thing about a telephone reading is that you can fit it in at a time that suits you. It doesn’t need a great deal of forward planning, and you won’t have the inevitable hassle that arises when you try to find a mutually convenient moment for an appointment.
Remember, this reading is all about you, so go with it. Be open and receptive and you’ll find it a rewarding and enriching experience.