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Libra: 23rd Sep - 22nd Oct

At work today, you are likely to be a force to be reckoned with. You may approach your career activity with powerful ambition, determination and a strong sense of purpose. You might want bring about some kind of change but could meet some opposition, possibly from a hidden or unexpected source. You may have to take on board other people’s arguments and might need to persuade people of the value of changing things in the way you would like to.

Your home and family may seem to demand a lot of your attention today and this could clash with your need to get things done at work. Your challenge might be to find a balance your professional and personal life that accommodates both.

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In your more personal, relationships with others today, you might feel you want to focus on what you share with others and what unites you with them. You might feel that you function better in a partnership or group with other like-minded people today. You may want to lose yourself and blend in with others. Others might reflect yourself and your ideas to you today and you could learn more about yourself and what you think when you perceive it in the expression of others.

However, today you are also likely to want to express yourself directly and forcefully, but could feel unable to do so, because of a need to be sensitive to friends or others in a group situation. In friendships and any groups you are part of, you could find yourself differing with the majority and may want to break away from others or rebel against the collective position. However, you might need to take care not to be different or contrary for the sake of it. You may feel an emotional attachment to the group and a need to belong within it,even though needs of the majority clash with your own. This could be irritating, but it may be beneficial to try to avoid confrontations and try to find a way to be part of the group while still remaining true to yourself. In any of the relationships and association in your life, there may need to be both scope for a profound sense of connection and room for you to feel able to be free and independent.

Today might not be the best day for business dealings, or for making decisions about money. This is because your feelings and values could be at odds with those of others. Working together with others as a team may be difficult, as your differences might seem more marked than your common values. But effort to work together with others could be what is likely to pay off most today.

In romance and relationships, emotions and conversation may be deep or profound and could bring greater closeness and intimacy. If you are single, you could feel powerfully attracted to someone you meet through a friend, or in a group situation. You may feel drawn to someone who is different, exciting and unusual or unconventional. Closeness and intimacy might be possible, but people and situations could be inconsistent, unreliable or subject to change. If you are in a relationship, you may need to take care not to place too much demand on your partner or relationship to live up to your need for intensity or excitement. You might enjoy doing something different together, perhaps in the company of friends or a group of people. But if you mix socially as a couple, you could find you both get on well with some of each other’s friends and associates but possibly clash with others.

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Whatever you do today, you are likely to make a big impression on the world around you. You may feel you have a lot to give and your benevolent, generous spirit is likely to be apparent. You could,possibly feel you can be or achieve anything. You might need to take care not to be over-optimistic or to take on too much and overreach yourself. However, this is a time when it could be appropriate to dream big, feel positive and optimistic about where you are headed in life, as there could a lot to look forward to.

In your career, you could be noticed and could make a big and positive impact today. You may be noticed for your enthusiasm, confidence and vision. You are likely to succeed because you have self-belief. But you might need to take care not to allow this to appear as over-confidence or arrogance. You are likely to feel optimistic about achieving your ambitions. You may need to make sure you are not trying to aim too high or over-estimating what you can realistically achieve. But this could a time when it is appropriate to try to push yourself a little further and try to exceed your own personal limits.

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Week beginning Monday 21st May 2018

As the week begins, you may feel you need activity which stretches you and helps you to expand your personal horizons, perhaps through travel and exploration, study or new experiences of some kind.

Towards the middle of the week, you may feel optimistic about your financial situation. You may be thinking about joint financial commitments you have or about something you share ownership of with another person. You may want to expand on what you have or own. Or you may want to spend money on something. However, you may need to take care not to think on too grand a scale when it comes to money. It may be advisable to read the small print if signing any financial agreements.

At the end of the week, you may feel a desire to be out and about where you can be seen and noticed, and pursue your aims and ambitions together with others. But this could conflict with your duties to your home and family. You could have things to attend to at home that prevent you from enjoying being part of things at work, and you might resent this. But if you neglect your family and domestic responsibilities, you may not really feel able to relax and enjoy yourself. The key may be to find the right balance between these two areas of your life.

As the middle of the week approaches, if you are single, you may be deeply attracted to someone you meet outside your usual local environment, or someone who is quite different from yourself and who has a different take on life and is able to offer you a different perspective or new vistas. You may need to take care to ensure you do not come across as over-confident or arrogant in your approach. If you are in a relationship, you may feel optimistic and enthusiastic about your partnership and may want to make plans for the future together. You and your partner may enjoy travelling together, exploring new places or doing something different. You may also come to realise how much you value your partner.

At the end of the week, if you are single, you may feel attracted to someone you know, or meet through your work, or through a family member. You may want to show your affection for someone but may feel unable to, perhaps because, deep down you may lack confidence in your own attractiveness and appeal. Or there may be some kind of obstacle to overcome in order to create romance. A relationship may need to be kept private, but your affection may show more than you realise and you may need to take care to ensure that a relationship does not become more public than you intended. If you are in a relationship, family or domestic responsibilities could clash with your need to spend time with your partner. If there are any problems in your relationship, it may help to bring this out in the open rather than to keep things bottled up. But you may need to try to be. You may need to take care not to allow these to show more publicly than you would like. The key to positive relationships may be to be open with your partner and try to work together towards common goals.

As the mid-week period approaches, you may feel optimistic and enthusiastic about plans and dealings in work and business. You may want to expand and grow. However, you may need to take care not to think on too grand a scale and overreach yourself financially. You may have a good grasp of the overall plan well, but could tend to lose sight of important details that you may dismiss as small and, therefore, insignificant and unimportant. It may be advisable to read the small print if signing any work or business agreements. You may need to take care to ensure you do not come across as over-confident or arrogant in conversation and discussions with others. You might need to remain open to others’ point of view and ready to adjust your own where necessary or appropriate.

As the week comes to an end, at work, you may feel a desire to join together with others you can relate to work and pursue common aims and ambitions. But you may feel afraid that you will fail others, or fall short of other people’s expectations. This may be because deep down you feel insecure about your own abilities. The origins for your self-doubt may lie in the past. But the situation is not likely to be as negative as you might fear. In fact, those you work with may value you for your experience and discipline. It could be by working and achieving together with others that you can build more confidence and this may provide a more solid foundation for your efforts to succeed in your career.

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Your Libra horoscope for May 2018

Between 13th and 19th May, if you don’t feel you are having enough leisure time, fun and excitement in life, you might feel determined to make changes that will you more freedom and scope for enjoyment. You might feel a desire to assert yourself in a highly individual way. But this could clash with your simultaneous need to share excitement and interaction with others. You could also encounter people who seem to have a profound effect on you and make you feel like a different person. This could be welcome on one level. But you might also feel a need to be free of all restrictions and are likely to rebel against anything or anyone who tries to hold you back from being and expressing your individual self. You might want to break free of others who seem to want you to be part of something with them, in order to enjoy more freedom to be yourself. You might feel determined to make changes which address this dilemma, or to prevent things from becoming stale and predictable. Another possibility is that change of some kind may seem to be forced upon you which affects your creative activity and relationships with others. However, this could be a sign from your environment that you need to change, or break away from something.

At this time, if you are single, you may seek pursue excitement and intimacy through romance. But you may need to take care not to come across as too intense, or assertive in your approach to possible partners. If you are in a relationship, you may feel a need for more fun, pleasure, excitement and intimacy. But you might need to take care not to put too much pressure on your partner, or your relationship to provide this. If you feel a relationship has become restrictive or is clashing with your need for personal freedom, independence and individual expression, you may need to address this dilemma. In work and business, you might feel a need to have freedom to be creative and assert yourself in your own individual way. You could be torn between a desire to work , or in partnership with someone and a need to operate more independently. You are likely to rebel against anyone who tries to hold you back from being yourself. This might not be the best time for making business deals, as your dealings with others could bring tension and your differences may be difficult to reconcile. You might also be prone to take financial risks that could prove to be erroneous, or others may take financial risks that might affect you.

If you are single, on or soon after 15th May could be a very favourable time to begin a deep, meaningful relationship. If you are attached, you may be able to take an existing relationship to a deeper more intimate level. This could also be a favourable time to begin a new business partnership. Joining with someone else could help you to make a new start in some way, at this time.

From 16th May, you may feel determined to be yourself and to express who you are. You might choose to do this via a creative medium, which could be an excellent outlet for your energy. Or you could be driven to express yourself through a hobby or spare-time activity, something playful or through healthy competition. You might certainly prefer to put energy into things you do for your own enjoyment, at this time. If you have children, you could find you have a clash of wills with them. If you are single, you may seek romance, as you desire nature is likely to be strong. You might need to take care not to seem overly forceful in your pursuit of romance. However, your energy could be attractive to others.

If you are distributing information of any kind, undertaking a course of study or programme of learning, writing something or have any local journeys to make or important communication to deal with, it may be beneficial to try to bring any of these things to a conclusion or to the end of a chapter or phase by 29th May.

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More About Libra

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. At this, the half-circle stage of our journey through the signs, we turn to become conscious of opposites and seek reconciliation. This gives those born under this sign their conciliatory, judicious, agreeable nature. This is the sign of the Scales and its symbol suggests a balance, an emblem of justice or a bridge. This denotes your fair-minded, just, diplomatic nature. You are able to weigh things up, see the relatedness in situations and seek to build bridges between opposing factions. Your ruling planet is Venus, the goddess of love and beauty which symbolises our power to unite and create harmonious relationships. Your element is Air and this makes you considerate, unifying and understanding. This reflects your charming, friendly, co-operative nature. Libra is a Cardinal sign and enables you to initiate and instigate with empathy as your driving force. You can sometimes be a little indecisive, lazy and pliable. But you approach life in a kind, easy going, and sociable manner. You have a love of beauty, harmony and balance. You are likely to be tasteful, refined and may have artistic ability.


Venus – Power to Unify and make Harmonious Relationships


Air – Thinking, Unifying, Communicative


Cardinal – Initiatory, Restless, Eager to Get Things Done, Instigates


Positive – Extrovert, Outgoing, Objective Concerned with Making an Impression


Conciliatory, Judicious, Refined, Agreeable, Balanced, Beauty-loving, Charming, Co-operative, Diplomatic, Easy-going, Fair-minded, just, Kind, Soothing, Tasteful, Understanding, Unifying, Ambivalent, Backsliding, Extravagant, Frivolous, Indecisive, Lazy, Luxury-loving, Placatory, Procrastinating, Pliable, Gullible