Reading Aware

As a service provider, we have an obligation to our customers. For this reason, we have created our “Reading Aware” programme. This has been put in place to ensure you are protected and aware of the cost of using our service.

As a service provider, we charge you to use the service. Our costs are clearly laid out on both our prices page and played to you when using the telephone service. There are no hidden costs or subscription fees which are charged on top of these costs.

How we help you

Each day we run a report to identify high usage. If we notice any patterns of excessive usage, we will contact the customer to ensure they are aware of their usage.

Each week we run another report to identify high usage over a week. The same will happen where we contact the customer to ensure they are aware of their usage.

Taking A Break From The Service

If you feel you need a break from our service, we can block your telephone number for a duration of one week, 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. We can also indefinitely block you from using the service if requested.

During your exclusion, you will not be allowed to un-block your number. You must wait until the exclusion period has ended.

We can also block your credit or debit cards from using the service too. The same exclusion rules apply.

If you need further help

If you believe you need further support from a professional body, please get in touch with the office and we can provide a list of numbers for you to contact.