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Aquarius Horoscope

Our daily horoscopes are some of the most detailed you will read. As well as reading the Aquarius horoscope for today, you can look back at yesterday's as well as looking forward at tomorrow's horocope too. Each has been written for you by our in-house astrologer, Gary Richardson. Scroll down to view your weekly Aquarius horoscope and a little further down for your monthly Aquarius horoscope.

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Yesterday's General Horoscope

You could be connected directly with others' feelings which would be fine if you didn't feel the ups and downs they do. Although you're normally quite self-reliant, with the Moon influencing relationships, you might find it difficult to detach yourself from what's occurring in the minds and hearts of others. However, this might be exactly what's needed to transform your interaction with one person. Your ability to understand what they're experiencing puts you in the best position to assist or support them.

Yesterday's Love Horoscope

Something you might be keeping under wraps could cause a romantic matter to appear bigger than it really is – or should be. Instead of nurturing a grievance or disappointment in silence, try to make clear where you could use a bit more input or support from someone close. Between you, you can identify what each of you could do to make lighter work of what feels unnecessarily heavy now.

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Today's General Horoscope

How you choose to react or respond to a certain situation will determine how able you are to reduce stress and tension within it. What should be avoided is any inclination to fight fire with fire. No matter how someone's choice of words cause your hackles to rise, your words can be soothing and calming if chosen carefully. Responding positively and sensitively is the way to go.

Today's Love Horoscope

You might believe you're sending out a consistent vibe or conveying yourself with crystal clarity but might be underestimating how inconsistent or erratic you are in other ways. This could be one of those times when it's best to leave words out of the equation if all they're doing is making a relationship matter unnecessarily complex. It's your actions that will make the point most effectively and without any risk of misinterpretation.

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Tomorrow's General Horoscope

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Tomorrow's Love Horoscope

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Sharing is Caring

This Week's Aquarius Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 21st January 2019

Your Weekly Love Horoscope

A commitment or partnership is subjected to scrutiny due to this week's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Your connection with someone is about to shift up a gear or possibly be transformed beyond recognition. This marks the start of a new chapter and brings more than one development that you'll need to adopt a very open mind toward. This is also a time to accept how much you do for someone special without drawing attention to your generous or altruistic efforts. Praise and recognition could arrive in delightful ways if you give them a chance to.

Your Weekly General Horoscope

You might feel a need to focus on personal priorities more than those of others, or someone with whom you're committed to or partnered with. You know you're not selfish, but someone might have a different idea or impression as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse influences your companions. Fortunately, the new boundaries put in place become more flexible when you connect with your generous and sympathetic side. Showing someone you care about them can be more effective than telling them. Words can paint pictures regarding your intentions; actions will provide everything else needed for them to become real.

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Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Your Aquarius horoscope for January 2019

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More About Aquarius

Aquarius is the tenth sign of the zodiac. At this stage in our journey through the signs, we seek to apprehend and share wider concepts and learn that all are equal under the Sun. Therefore, those born under this sign have a thinking, humane and impartial side to their character. This is the sign of the Water Bearer and its symbol suggests waves, or the water from the bearer’s vessel, washing away the past, leaving room for a fresh start or cleansing to make us new again. Your ruling planet is Uranus which represents your power to initiate change and your self-reliance and magnetism. In mythology, Uranus was seen as the bringer of enlightenment, the awakener. This reflects your idealism, individuality and power of concentrated thought which can permeate the consciousness of others.  Your element is air, which makes you objective, intellectual and detached. Aquarius is a fixed sign and this gives you sincere, persevering, faithful qualities. You may sometimes be a little aloof, impersonal and perverse. But you approach life in a unique, original, inventive way. You can be rebellious and freedom and independence is very important to you.


Uranus – Power to Initiate Change, Self-Reliance, Magnetism


Air – Thinking, Unifying, Communicative


Fixed – Resists Change, Steadfast, Reliable, Implements and Preserves


Positive – Extrovert, Outgoing, Objective Concerned with Making an Impression


Independent, Objective, Intellectual, Detached, Faithful, Humane, Idealistic, Inventive, Impartial, Liberal, Original, Persevering, Sincere, Thinking, Truthful, Abstracted, Aloof, Awkward, Brusque, Cranky, Dogmatic, Eccentric, Perverse, Preoccupied, Rebellious, Stubborn, Tactless