Questions of the week 13th July 2018

This week, our community has asked questions about friendship, moving home, getting over an ex, if it’s possible to be happy and in love and attracting love. Have a read below and see how our psychic has answered each question.

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13th July 2018 / 9 comments

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Will I find friendship in the near future?
Asked by Christine

I am picking up a yes and something to do with a library. The person could be a librarian, live near a library, be an avid reader or own lots of books. They could also be a writer. Definitely yes and around October time.

Am I going to move home and will I be single forever?!!
Asked by Annia

I used my pendulum to answer your question. You will move home, more towards November/December time. Within one year you will find new love and ironically, I see you moving again very soon after that. You will be incredibly happy.

How do I get over my ex? Plus get him out my head completely like he has with me?
Asked by Deborah Park

You need to ground and centre yourself. Meditation and breathing exercises can help. Try this

  1. Sit comfortably, relax and close your eyes. Clear your mind.
  2. Inhale on a count of 5. Hold on a count of 5 and exhale slowly, again on a count of 5. Repeat this about 3 or 4 times.
  3. While you are doing this you may feel like you are melting, you become very relaxed. You may also experience shivers or a tingle.
  4. Now you are relaxed, imagine a cord connecting you to your ex. Once you see it, imagine cutting it with large scissors.
  5. Repeat this as often as necessary and you will find you think of him less and less. One day you will suddenly remember you forgot to do it…that’s when you know it’s worked.

How can I be happy & love?
Asked by Tera

Happiness is fleeting, it is the residue and memory that remains with us. You can find happiness in the simplest of things everyday. Be happy when you hear a bird sing, smile and say thank you. Even if it rains, smile and show thanks. That act opens you up to be a “Happiness and love receptor” You will attract happiness and hot on it’s heels you will have love…I guarantee it

Will I attract love and if so will this be someone I was once with or someone new? Thank you xx
Asked by Ursula

Of course, the answer is yes, but remember, thoughts are energy. What you think, you attract. Visualize yourself being in love and experience the feeling that being in love brings. The feeling makes you feel wonderful. By doing this you will attract new love. I do have a very good feeling for you for the end of the Summer, around the September time. Stay positive.

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  1. josie9035 says:

    How do we know if our questions are anawered? Where do I go to see if my question was answered?

    1. user5077 says:

      Hi Josie! Thank you for your message. Last week, we selected 5 questions and those were answered above. This week, we're answering ALL of the questions. I can see that you have already asked yours. You should get a reply within the next day or so. Any problems, please contact Thanks!

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    1. josie9035 says:

      I'm sorry lol I'm not good at this web thing 😊 I asked a question on July 18th 2018 and it said she answered the questions . But I see she answered one. Sorry I get confused easily lol. Thanks for getting back to me 😊

    2. Psychic2Tarot Support says:

      No worries! This is a new feature we have added, so maybe we need to be clearer about how it all works! Thanks :)

  3. josie9035 says:

    So I see it's says Denise answered the free questions but I can't find my answer

    1. Psychic2Tarot Support says:

      Hi - sorry, where did you see that Denise has answered your question? I think she's only answered one so far?

    2. Psychic2Tarot Support says:

      Do you mean the questions above? These were last week's questions. We have changed the way they work now. Please refer to the "ask our reader" page which will have all the questions answered.

  4. paula6348 says:

    I would like to cut ties with my ex apart from having the kids so to speak. I feel like he isnt able to and I also feel he is spying on me. Am I right?