Weekly Horoscopes

Week beginning Monday 11th November 2019

Weekly Aquarius Horoscope

Monday 11th November 2019

We're all blessed with what could be considered the most valuable human resource - our sixth sense. It's by adopting a more open mind that you could find that much that has felt complex or on par with wading through treacle becomes easier this week. There is a hidden, practical advantage in what transpires during the coming days, regardless of how daunting it might appear initially. If you're prepared to be guided by your intuition this week, then you could find that what unfolds offers a chance to feel more hopeful – mainly because you'll be granted an excellent reason to feel such a way. If you allow your heart to have a louder voice, then something pleasing and reassuring awaits.

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Weekly Pisces Horoscope

Monday 11th November 2019

This week brings a beneficial link between mind-planet Mercury and your ruling planet, Neptune. The prize on offer involves you understanding something valuable and relevant within your current circumstances and this will help you to make a clever decision that will ultimately be beneficial. Where you may have felt that something was devoid of hope, you can expect, very soon, to have your spirits lifted enormously. You also look set to receive information that can put your mind at rest about one particular problem, too. Trust that you've earned the new level of clarity or perspective coming your way.

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Weekly Aries Horoscope

Monday 11th November 2019

This week, as excitable Mars links with exaggerative Jupiter, you could find that your desire for excitement or the stuff that adrenaline surges are made of intensifies. However, try not to assume that everyone is on your wavelength or shares your passion for whatever-it-is. The coming days require you to be inspired and guided by an abundance of energy available to you. However, ensure that this energy doesn't cause you to become inflexible or even aggressive. Being forthright and confident can be very attractive but being too assertive or uncooperative isn't. That's a distinction that it would be helpful for you to make this week.

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Weekly Taurus Horoscope

Monday 11th November 2019

This week, as Venus links with Neptune, you could find your patience tested regarding certain people. However, this can be beneficial with you gaining a more realistic perspective about where you stand with one or two individuals. There's no doubt that your imagination is likely to work overtime during the coming days. Although it might be challenging to find a balance between seeing people and shared circumstances realistically, it will be important to be honest with yourself about whether the assessments you make are real or imagined. As long as you focus on being your authentic self and encourage authenticity from others, you should find that your connection with them starts to feel reassuringly aboveboard.

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Weekly Gemini Horoscope

Monday 11th November 2019

As Mercury links with Pluto this week, it's essential for you to keep your eyes peeled for a development that, at first, appears so insignificant that you're likely to believe it doesn't warrant any attention. However, try not to underestimate the far-reaching transformational power it possesses. Even if an opportunity arrives without trumpets blaring or in a way that demands you stop what you're doing to acknowledge its arrival, it doesn't mean that it should be pushed to one side in favour of what requires attention loudly or unsubtly. This week, be alert toward what's unseen, invisible, hidden or seemingly minor. You could discover that you're dealing with something that possesses transformational qualities that go beyond anything you expected.

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Weekly Cancer Horoscope

Monday 11th November 2019

As helpful as certain people might try to be by offering advice or suggestions, you could find that their interest in or involvement with something important to you is more unhelpful. This will probably be considerably less stressful if you weren't made to feel as if you're in the wrong or going about something in a way that meets with confusion or disapproval from others. That's why it's important for you to pursue something in the knowledge that whatever approach you're adopting feels right to you. Stick with the plan you have faith in. Once your results speak for themselves, you could find others allow you to do something your way because it is, undeniably, the right way.

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Weekly Leo Horoscope

Monday 11th November 2019

This week, as the Sun links with Mercury, you could discover that you have an excellent reason to feel pleased and inspired. What you perceived to be a problem has a straightforward solution. As your confidence returns, you will start to see a way forward to make progress in an area you have felt confused about how to make progress within. What you're granted this week is a new and potentially profound level of clarity. The second celestial asset you're blessed with during the coming days is an increase in energy. This is the kind of energy that gives you the strength to persevere until you achieve what you set out to achieve. Expect to feel reassured that what you believed was attainable, is attainable.

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Weekly Virgo Horoscope

Monday 11th November 2019

This week, as Mercury links with Saturn, you could be reminded of how infectious others' enthusiasm can be. There could be something about the way another person releases such passion toward whatever it is they suggest or propose that we find ourselves nodding before we've thought through properly what we're agreeing to. Fortunately, you look set to receive a new level of clarity that helps you to assess a particular person or set of circumstances more clearly and realistically. Even if somebody goes over the top with the passion that underpins their words, your instincts are, undoubtedly, your best guide to distinguishing between what is fanciful or exaggerated from what's realistically achievable.

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Weekly Libra Horoscope

Monday 11th November 2019

There's something harsh and insensitive about the saying that involves 'waking up and smelling the coffee'. However, as Venus links with Neptune this week, it is appropriate for you, despite how blunt it might sound. You're not at risk of being deceived and neither should you create defensive barriers to anyone you come in contact with during the coming days. What you're granted this week is a chance to gain essential and timely clarity that can help you to see realistically what you may have seen idealistically. Trust that this is something that you can only benefit from and will also very likely feel grateful to have experienced.

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Weekly Scorpio Horoscope

Monday 11th November 2019

When faced with serious matters, it can be helpful to see the funny side to them. This week, that's something you can undoubtedly benefit from doing. Much would probably be easier if you were dealing with straightforward situations that didn't require you to connect emotionally with them. This could cause you to see certain circumstances as more serious than they need or deserve to be seen. Your light-hearted qualities and ability to help people to laugh from deep within are just as strong and attractive as your many other fantastic qualities. It could be by introducing humour to what is seen in an unnecessarily sombre light that you can be the positive influence at least one person needs you to be in their world.

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Weekly Sagittarius Horoscope

Monday 11th November 2019

This week, as Mars links with Jupiter, you could be aware of how you're moving toward greater depth of understanding regarding where you stand currently with certain people or situations and what inspires and motivates you. Mars can be influential in helping to restore motivation and determination that may have been lost or diminished recently. Your mojo looks set to return, and this can help you to summon fresh energy and commitment for a new exciting plan or project. Where you may have sensed that an area of your world had become rudderless or uninspiring, you look set to discover that your revived energy is about to take you in a very new - and very right - direction.

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Weekly Capricorn Horoscope

Monday 11th November 2019

This week's helpful link between the Sun and Saturn brings closure regarding how or why you believe you've overcommitted yourself and possibly put yourself in a vulnerable position by doing so. You probably don't need to be reminded of the fact that you have certain responsibilities that can't be shirked and must be honoured. You've probably taken these on recently because you've felt reassured that others have faith in your ability to manage them. However, if anyone understands the fact that effort applied in the right ways can bring a tangible and pleasing reward, then you do. So, trust that the prize on offer has your name written on it - and is very achievable!

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