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Free Mini Reading - September 2019

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221 questions on "Free Mini Reading - September 2019"


Do you see me buying my own property soon? If yes, could you maybe advise as to when or a description. Thanks Emma x


    Hi Emma, October is coming in strongly for things to start moving in the right direction, making progress. The wheel of fortune is being shown to me, don’t rush things and go where you are drawn to intuitively.

janice 7228

Will I get pregnant and have a child with Kiki Anku?


    Good evening Janice, unfortunately this is a question I am not allowed to answer.


My affair partner of 7 years says he loves his wife and doesn't love me but I think he is hiding the truth..does he love me ?


    Good evening Amanda, I pick up a lot of confusion around this gentleman and he needs to make some big decisions. I feel he has feelings for both of you.


When will I get my first commissioned sale in commercial real estate? I just started today, Ashley 6/1/90


    Hi I am not able to answer this message as it is a financial question. However hard work and perseverance will pay off.


Will I find true love soon will it be with one of my exes or new love or maybe will I stay single, have fling what will be happening in my love life seems to be only area of my life where I have no movement Thanks


    Good evening, I feel there is a loving relationship to come into your life, my guide is taking me to November and January so I feel they should be known to you over that period.

sarah 6235

Hi there.... What will my new man be like? My d.o.b is 30/6/74...thank you for your divine assistance 😊


    Hi Sarah, as I read your question I’m being told kind and loyal. I feel he will be different to your usual type but you will like this man.

latoya 6568

Will i find love this year if so will it be a old love or new love and will it last d.o.b 01.01.2023 also if possible could you give me a 1st name or initial thanks inadvace


    Good evening Latoya, I feel there is new love to come in for you with a soulmate connection, I’m feeling over the next 2-3 months. This comes out of the blue.


My name is hamerah and My dob is august 13th 1999. My birth time is 18:10. Do you see my getting an job offer/ opportunity soon?


    Good evening, I’m being told October will be a positive month bringing much needed changes to the work area of your life.

Trevor pimm

will I buy my own house this year


    Good evening Trevor, my guides are drawing me to the beginning of 2020 .February is being said quite loudly .

anna gardner

Me and my ex Lukas 12/09/2022 split up two months ago, I have had no contact as he blocked me from his phone. His friend contacted me on Saturday to say he misses me, Is he going to make contact ?


    Good evening Anna, I am being told he will make contact with you, I’m feeling within the next 3 weeks.


Hi I have completely cut my ex off as had enough of his games. How is he feeling about this?


    Good evening Paula, I feel your ex is shocked you have done this and I feel disappointment around the situation.

brittany 5359

My ex takia moorman birthday April 23 1988 is back in town but she’s dating a girl with kids not sure how serious they are but I wanted to know if or when she’ll come back to me


    Hi Brittany, I do feel she will reach out to you at some point and communication will resume between you .


Will I find someone


    Good evening Donna, I saw a YES as I read your question and I’m hearing the months October and November as being significant.


Do you see Billy and Nina lasting a life ? We are very much together now. Thank you!


    Hi Nina, I feel really positive around this situation, I’m hearing it’s early days but heading in the right direction.


Hello, I would be most grateful if you could give me some spiritual guidance on the following 6- 12 months if possible. I am about to have a job interview this week after having been out of work for several years, and until I am in employment the man whom I have a strong spiritual link with cannot come into my life. I would like to know if everything is going to fall into place in the right succession witin the next 6-12 months please?. I coud really do with some luckin my life,I know I am on the right path. Best Wishes.


    Hi Sam, I’m being told you need to stay focused and positive where this interview is concerned , I’m being shown the empress card which is the card of new beginning and fresh starts. Good luck with the interview and I’m being told your not to panic and feel there will be a second interview.

Nermina Mujakovic

Will James and Nermina start a romantic relationship soon. Thank you!


    Good afternoon Nermina, spirit have told me you will enter into a relationship. They are not being specific regarding the timing but I feel he is drawing closer to you.


Will mark come back to me , can we make it work

mercedes 7045

Everything feels abit stagnet and mediocre for me, what do you see next in my life, driving? A home move? Job, love ect..


    Hi Mercedes, there are a lot of questions on here so you may benefit from a deeper connection and more in depth reading. I’m being told over the next 3 months there are positive changes to come, things will start to fall into place. I am being shown the wheel of fortune card , things are heading in the right direction.


Hi, When do you think Mr P, his date of birth is 2.7.74, will offer me a commitment? Thanks


    Good evening, I feel Mr P is a deep thinker and likes to take his time. I feel this is a gradual process but there is a need for you two to talk about this. I do see wishes fulfilled.

candice Kain

My name is candice birthdate is 07/02/2023 im cancer my boyfriend name is john his birthdate is 10/16/1963 he's libra. My question is will john ever put his guard down and tell me his true feelings for me whether they are good or bad and when will it happen...Thank u


    Hi candice, I feel he will admit his feelings, I’m not being given a specific time frame as it needs to be when he’s ready. But I’m being told the wait is almost over.


Hi will david contact me anytime soon?


    Hi Elena, as I read your question I’m being told there is communication to come within 6 weeks.


Will my ex fasail 16/6/85 come forward and whn do u see him coming? Does he still have feelings 4 me?????


    Hi, I do feel he will come forward but I’m being made aware of situations around him that he needs to deal with first. Spirit are telling you to be patient.

Michelle White

Hi is the man you said I would meet this summer still coming as summer is nearly over?? Thanks ❣️🌈❣️


    Hi Michelle, I feel there is a gentleman coming towards you, with a soul mate connection and I’m sensing autum as I’m being shown pumpkins , and autumnal coloured leaves on the ground.


When my ex lover gets out of prison will he come back to me?


    Hi Laura, I’m being told yes and there will be communication to come fairly soon


Will me 4.12.2022 and 22.1.66 end up together eventually married and will we be committed.


    Hi, it’s very difficult to get any connection without names to link in to. I’m just feeling there is communication to come between you.


Hi When will I get a move of home.ty.


    Good afternoon, I feel from November onwards for a move. I’m hearing someone talking about hold ups and things have prevented a move but they have been out of your control.


Do you think I will be buying my own property sometime soon (star sign Aquarius, yr 1972)? Have been through ups and downs financially and would be nice to settle (I have a daughter and husband)! Thanks so much!


    Good evening Nicky, I’m being told situations start to ease and I’m being shown March for changes where the home is concerned.


Hi, my name is Jakeila 9/14/94. Is there anything coming up for me concerning love?


    Good Evening Jakeila, spirit have told me to tell you to expect the unexpected and have given me within the next 4 months for significant changes which will bring joy into your world.


Hi wat are mr F 16/6/2023 true feelings 4 me 21/6/82????? But we havent spoken 4 nearly 3 months?


I would really like a new man in my life. When will it happen?


    Hi Jill, my guide is telling me out of the blue someone enters your world, I’m being shown Christmas festivities. Sonim feeling around the Christmas period he becomes known to you.


Hi , do you see a future for Oneil 08/02/76 and me 14/02/65. Thanks. Jane.


    Hello Jane, spirit are telling me there is a nice relationship between you and there is a happy future for you.

Job Taylor

Will I receive the grant that I’m supposed to get next Monday they say it’s $14,000 I don’t believe it but hopefully I do get it


    Good morning Job, unfortunately I am unable to answer such questions regarding finance,

Linda Armstrong

My x has got back in touch with me after many years, was very keen to talk at first now gone Quiet, does he want to be back in my life.


Hi please could I have a description of the man who is coming in romantically? Roxy 01/03/2023 Thanku X


    Hi Roxy, spirit are showing me a man with short dark hair but they are showing me green eyes not dark eyes and a beautiful smile.

Linda Linda

I’m Linda born 04/04/96 . I’d like to know if I’ll still be given the part job I have this year, again next year? Please and thank you


    Good evening Linda, I have been shown the star card which tells me your hopes and dreams come to fruition so I feel you will have a positive outcome here.

Christina Cathan

Will my ex lhinton Davidson leave his current relationship to be with me as a couple again?


    Hi Christina, I’m sorry but I,m not feeling that this gentleman will leave for some time.Im picking up on insecurities around him and there being situations around him that prevent him making any changes at the moment.


Will me and my partner break up for good before the year ends?


    Good evening Sinead, my guide is talking to me telling me there are obstacles to overcome but if you both want this relationship to work it can and will..


Hi, if possible could Denise or Jennifer please answer this(: My name is Sadiya Ahmed 26.07.1997. When is Tasnimul Islam 02.09.2022 going to contact me and what is going through his mind when it comes to me? Thank you x


    Good morning, I’m being told there is communication to come from him but not just yet. I’m being drawn towards the end of this year.


Do you see Nicole Donovan born may 13th 1985 , and myself born may 23 1966 dating each other or should i move on thank you much John


    Hello John, spirit are telling me there is dialogue to come between you both over the next couple of months and there will be talks about dating and the start of a relationship.


Will I hear from James again as he has gone very quiet?


    Good Morning, I’ve been told you will hear from him, he’s just gathering his thoughts. I’m being told within the next 3-6 weeks.


How does my boyfriend really feel about me? Mi birthday is the 14/06/2023 my name is deborah Mcnab. Can you tell me in as much detail please. Thanks


    Good evening Deborah, I feel this gentleman feels connected to you and has a lot of feelings for you. For a deeper reading on how he feels it would be better to have a more in depth readin with one of the readers on pdychic2tarot.


Is my husband flirting or does he have something going with someone he works with do I have anything to worry about and is he the one I’m supposed to be with


    Hi Ami, I am not being made aware of anything more than flirting, but communication between you both is important.

Joanna Profita

I have a new man in my life Cody, he is much, much younger, but has had much older girlfriends in his past. Do you see a future or long term relationship for us??? Blessings to you.


    Good Morning Joanna, I am being told you should not let the age difference be a focus. Ian hearing the word commitment to come at some point.


Will John 29/11/69 leave his new person and come back to me Wendy 30/07/68 soon Broke up 2 months ago But he still talks to me when she's not around


    Hi Wendy, I’m feeling there is a deep connection between the both of you,. I do feel there is a re kindling of your relationship but I am not being given a time frame.


Will he try and get contact with our kids and to sort things out or has it gone too far??


    Hi Bridget, I am being made aware of some communication coming, this seems to come out of the blue.


Will I move to Sweden soon?


    Good morning, I’m not feeling this will happen as quickly as your hoping for, but eventually.


My DOB is 28/11/86. Is this new relationship be long term and a happy one? Thanks, Sarah x


    Hi Sarah, Iam being made aware of a lot of fun times to come for you both. Take your time and enjoy getting to know each other, I am not being made aware of any separations..


My DOB is 28/11/86. Is this new relationship going to be a long term and a happy one? Thanks, Sarah x


Hello I just want to thank you for taking the time to answer these free questions.. It's apprecaited deeply. My question is with the relationship Im in go anywhere or am I wasting my time? My dob is 12/17/1974 and my loves dob is 8/6/2023


    Hi josie, I do not feel your wasting your time with this person. They know they need to step forwards more , don’t be afraid to be honest about your feelings and what your hoping for from the relationship .Im being told it will bring the clarity you need even if they go quiet temporarily, but it won’t be for too long, just thinking time.


I am almost 41 and feel like best years of life are behind me now, especially as I love Love, being important to a partner for life, and love children, I have 2 grown up daughters (19 and 17), I am divorced, I am in a relationship with Adam Hussain (03/09/83), I would love for us to be together forever and live happily ever after, that's my ultimate dream in life, but if destiny tells me I may end up with someone else, I don't want to waste time, how do I know if Adam is the one, I do love him and he tels me he loves me, we have been together properly for 2 years but known each other 3years, Am I his special 'one'? I would love for us to be happily married really soon. Will we be each others soul mates for life? Or will life take us on different paths?? Thank you in advance, yasmin xx


    Hi Yasmin, I feel you are very deeply connected and have a beautiful relationship. Spirit are saying use your intuition too. For a more connected deeper reading on this situation it would be better to have a reading with one of the readers on psychic2tarot


I am almost 41 DOB 29/10/78 and feel like best years of life are behind me now, especially as I love Love, being important to a partner for life, and love children, I have 2 grown up daughters (19 and 17), I am divorced, and now i am in a relationship with Adam Hussain (03/09/83), I would love for us to be together forever and live happily ever after, that's my ultimate dream in life, but if destiny tells me I may end up with someone else, I don't want to waste time, how do I know if Adam is the one, I do love him and he tels me he loves me, we have been together properly for 2 years but known each other 3years, Am I his special 'one'? I would love for us to be happily married really soon. Will we be each others soul mates for life? Or will life take us on different paths?? Thank you in advance, yasmin xx


Are we still gonna fixed our marriage? Will we have a happy marriage


    Good morning Rai, As I read your question I got a YES, it’s going to take time and communication.


Did nick really pass away? Catherine 29/06/91 and nicks date of birth is 04/01/96


    Hi Catherine, unfortunately I am unable to answer this question, we are not allowed to discuss this topic.


Hello, will I be getting a promotion at any point or a change in job. Thank you


    Hi Sarah I feel there is a promotion to come, you will be approached about this, I’m being shown October time just stepping into the next month.


Hello, my D.O.B 16/11/1978. Is my ex partner going to make contact?


    Good morning, I am being shown the Empress Card, this is the card of new beginning and fresh starts .I also hear a resounding YES.


My question is about a male friend in my social circle. We have been friends since March 2019. Do we share a mutual interest in each other and will our friendship turn into a relationship over the next few months? My dob is 13/06/2023 His dob is 15/10/2022


    Good evening Noreen , spirit are telling me there is a spark between you and this will continue to grow and develop naturally over the coming few months.


Do you see 4.10.2022 and I 23.8.2022 lasting?


    Good evening Daniela, it’s difficult to connect properly without a name but I’m sensing things being ok for you both.


My life feels like it is going nowhere. Will things improve please?


    Hi Sharon my guide is telling me as we come to the end of September and go into October, situations start to improve .


what do i really need to do to make my relationship with my wife Ijeoma Eucharia to improve well? Thanks


    Hi Uchenna, I’m being told that listening to her and communication with her will help improve things along with a little patience.They are saying over the coming weeks you will see some positive changes even though they may feel small.


What did work area hold for me, will there be any changes in this area?


    Good afternoon Fidelis, I’m being drawn to the month of December where there are positive changes. I hear someone talking about a climb up the ladder which is deserved.


Will Jason come back into my life ??

joel 7075

Will me and kennia have a serious long term happy relationship together?


    Hi Joel, my guide is telling me to tell you “ one step at a time” but you are heading in the right direction.


What does Justin overall REALLY think and feel about me?


    Hi Shan, I have just been shown the ace of cups and the star which are great cards for love and wishes being fulfilled.. There are still feelings on both sides but I’m being told frank and honest communication is needed between you both

Elizabeth Owens

When will my person of interest (J) come forward to tell me about his feelings and how he wants to get together?


Rajasree Chatterjee (19/10/61). Like to know if between the month of October 2019 and December 2019 there is anything significant incident happening between me and my love interest Sudipta Chokroborty (04/06/67 or 68) and that includes any drama, accidental 1:1 meeting or reaching out from his side. Things are stagnant for years! Pls if you could give some detail information or as much as possible. Thank you for your time.


    Hi I do feel there is communication to come from this person and it comes out of the blue. I feel more around December time.


Will I stay in my current role at work?


    Hi Sue, I was told for the time being you will remain in your current role, but there will be some positive changes as we head towards the end of the year .


I am looking for a career in the fashion industry how long until I reach success?

Laya Ink

What does J think of the fact that if we get together his friends or other people might have negative things about it? Is he even prepared to defend it?


    Good evening Laya, I feel J will stand up for what he wants and not be swayed by any negativity.


Hello! I would like to ask you whether Peter H. (dob: 7 May 2023) or Peter F. (dob: 7 Sept. 1966) have feelings for me. My dob: 13 Nov. 1974. Thank you!


    Good evening Maria, I’m being told both of these gentlemen like you and there are choices to be made going forward.


What’s is Peter 10/22/80 thinking of our connection?


    Hi Monika, as I read your question I heard the words “ going well”. There is happiness around this too.


Hi I would like to ask if you can see my ex husband contacting me within 7 days thank you so much for answering the one free question


    Good evening, I do feel there will be contact however I’m unsure if it’s within the 7 days. I’m hearing “be patient for a short while longer”.


Hello, is there a possibility of a successful house move for me within the next year as I would like to move somewhere where we have a garden and can have pets! Thank you.


    Hi, I’m being told yes you will move but your to make sure it’s the right property for you and you should take your time.6 months time is significant here

Main image for Free Mini Reading – September 2019


Are Evan 9/6/89 and I (Tara) 11/3/89 on the path towards being in a romantically committed relationship soon?

Tia Brown

My name is Evan. Will I be in a relationship in the next 6 months, if so what’s their first initial?


    Good morning Evan, I am being told there is new love coming towards you and I’m being drawn to the next 3 month period.


Am l destined to do mediumship on the platform at churches.


    Hi Lyn, you need to listen to your intuition and be guided to where you feel you want to be and how you use your gift.

Main image for Free Mini Reading – September 2019


Will I be in a new relationship this year or even a reconcilliation? Fingers crossed and thank you!


    Hi Stevie, spirit are talking to me about unfinished business with someone from your past. The months they are talking about are November just leading into December.


Hello, can you see anything coming up for me around love please Vicky 29.09.88 thanks


    Hi Victoria, I’m being told there are connections to a past relationship, when this person reaches out to you, although this person is not new, they are telling me there is a newness around the situation and more positivity than before.


Do you know what's happening with my job will I stay where I am or leave and work with a different company I am looking to move up? or should I stay where I am for now, we have an office move in Nov.


    Hi Vilash, I’m being made to feel you stay where you are for a while longer.Im being drawn to the first month or two of the new year for moving jobs.


Is Kiki Anku my soulmate and will we ever live together?


    Good evening, my guide is telling me there is a soul mate connection between you.


Hello, about my love life. Thou you told me someone would come during mid 2019, I didnt see anyone coming till sep. Will I be single forever?


    Good morning, my guides are telling me there is someone new to step forwards to you, I’m not seeing you being single forever!


Will i melissa 17/02/98 finally be in a relationship with fabio 12/05/98?


    Hi Melissa, this gentleman is set to reach out to you and my guides are telling me there is the opportunity for a relationship to develop.


Will the person of my interest (JW) confess to liking me and agree to communicate with me if i let a friend of mine whos also and friend of his hook us together? Or will he deny liking me and i just should wait till he come towards me?


    Hi Owen, I’m being told to let this person come to you. When the time is right.


Hi my name is Hillary and my DOB is Sept 10,1986. Are you able to give me any details about my future husband or love of my life? (What he might be like/look like/or how we will meet?) Thank you!


    Hi Hilary, I’m just being told he will be very pleasing on the eye and you will have a natural draw to him when he comes into your life. You may benefit from a more in depth connection regarding this area with one of the readers on psychic2tarot.


Am hema..10.09.74.can you tell me if you see me going back to Mauritius or staying in the uk for a long time,?if you see me going back when will that be?


    hi, I feel there are complications around this question. Unfortunately spirit are not giving any clarity on the situation either way.


Hello - I was wondering if you could see a new job in the near future?


    Good morning Megan, I’m being drawn to the month of October but feel this is where the process begins.


Hello Do you see any significant changes coming up for me? Thank you


    Hi I’m being told after a period of feeling stagnant, September/October are where you start to see movement and positive changes but I feel the area of work is where these changes start. then the rest will fall into place.Your question requires a deeper connection and for more in depth information you may benefit from a phone reading with someone on here.


Hi, why did Ned move to another city with his family far away (yet he is still working in the same city I live in) - will he come forward to me and open up about his feelings to me to start a relationship with me, or is he having another go at re-starting his relationship with Isabella and has forgotten about me?


    Hi, I’m being told he felt the move was the right thing for him at the time, I feel he has not forgotten you and he will step forward to you over the next couple of months.


Hi, I am Phoébé, my d.o.b is 1/7/2023 (DAY/MONTH/YEAR) and I am asking about Mr G, d.o.b is 8/10/1984. He doesn't talk to me anymore because of a misunderstanding of a situation. I would like to know if there's any chance we will renew our friendship in the future ?


    Hello, I’m being told there will be communication around November time and you will be able to talk about the misunderstanding and start afresh.


Hi will me and ex kieran get back together if so when as he’s trying to stay friends? But he has a girlfriend and it’s confusing me.. thanks


    Hi Gemma, spirit are telling me 5here is a link between you two and he has feelings for you.They are saying it’s just going to take a little bit longer and he will sort complications around him, enabling him to step forwards to you.


Can you describe the next woman that will enter my life romantically? I hope it happens soon. Thank you.


    Good morning, as I read your question spirit told me the wait is almost over, there is a soul mate connection coming towards you .The Christmas period is being shown so I feel she will be in by this time.

Sinia Khan

It's been a long time since Ive been in a relationship whilst Ive been what will my future boyfriend be like, ie his characteristics that you can sense will enter into my life...and when abouts?


    Hi, this question requires a greater connection so you may benefit with a more in depth reading on p2tarot. I’m being given a time span of from now up until February time for this person to be present in your life.


My name is Precious 10/23/1987, can I have an insight on how my year will end in regards to my love and relationships part?


    Hi Precious, the words I’m being given are harmonious and there is a com8ng together


Hi, will ever reconnect with my former coworker Danny?


    I’m Good morning, I’m not feeling there is a reconnection with this person anytime soon.


When will there be an improvement in my love life?


Will I get the job I hope for in the near future please? X


What does spirit want me to know? Thank you


    Hi Fiona, this is an ambiguous question, I feel you would benefit from a more in-depth reading on here with one of the readers .


When will I move home


    Good morning, I’m being shown the wheel of fortune card so I’m feel as though plans are being put into place, however things are going a little slower than you were hoping for.November is where I’m being drawn to regarding this.

Tara Brown

Does Evan (Virgo) want to be with me?


    Good morning Tara, spirit have told me yes he does want to be with you. Don’t rush things let them happen narurally.


When will I find love..will he be the 'one'


    Hi , I am being told there is a person coming towards you and he will be very special, he will be different to the men that you have met. Spirit are taking me to the month of February so I feel he will be known to you by then


When will Josuè finally commit to me and our relationship?


    Hi I am being told that you both need to sit down and talk to each other about your feelings and you will make plans for your future together.


Do I have a future with Ben?


I would like to know if Jermaine 6/17/82 and Daniell 10/19/84 will get back together


    Hi, I am being shown you will re kindle, however I’m being told not immediately there is a little more time to pass first,


    Good afternoon, spirit are telling me you will rekindle, however there is a little more time to pass first.


Tracey 2/12/71. And potential partner 1/29/88 when will we finally commit to long term


    Good afternoon, I’m being told through the autumn period and there is a naturally development here as it is what you both desire.


Tracey 2/12/71. And potential partner 1/29/88 communication get better after malicious person tried to come between us


Will I buy and move into a new property, plus get a stable job anytime soon? if so when?


    Hi Spirit are telling you to concentrate on the work area as there are positive changes to come over the next few month.


Do you see me ever getting married again


I want to know about my love life? I want to settle down and have a family. I have been through two horrible horrible breakups that happened because of the guys family’s interference. Which let to forced marriages. The latter one is back in my life but the pain of betrayal doesn’t leave me. I forgave me so many times but he hasn’t made any concrete decisions yet which makes it harder to move forward. Now, I feel alone. Trying hard to move on. But what to know my future and what to look forward to in this gloomy and devastating time. Please help! Thank you


    Hi Annie, I can only answer one question, to give you a more focused and in-depth reading you may benefit from a reading with someone on. here. However spirit are telling me you will find love with the right person, this is someone new without links to the past.


My question is what is being kept from me as in secrets lies from my girlfriend I sense somethings wrong ? We are both girls I’m an Aries she’s a Virgo (: plz give me any answer desprite for truth


    Hi, this is quite complex and you would benefit from a deeper connection with a reader on psychic 2 tarot. I’m being told that this is not something you should worry about and things are not intentionally being kept from you.


Hi, what are Ed's feelings and intentions towards me now in terms of being in a relationship?


    Hi Tia, I m being told Ed has deep feelings for you and there is a change to come for your relationship. Talking is key here.


I would like to know if I will move in to a 3 bedroom house within the next 6/12 months Thank you kindly love and light larissa xx


    Hi, spirit are telling me there is a successful move to. Come not just yet, I’ve been given around 7 months from now.

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