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Ask Our Psychics A Question For Free - Week Beginning 16th July 2018

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This week, we’re trying something new which we’re sure you will like. One of our readers has agreed to answer ALL of your questions (one per user). Simply comment below with your question and Denise will answer it for you.

Remember, this is a free service, so your reply will be a very short answer. If you need to go into more detail, have a look at Denise’s profile and you can opt for a reading with her.

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Ask a question for free

134 questions on "Ask Our Psychics A Question For Free - Week Beginning 16th July 2018"


Will I find happiness this year? My DOB is 12/09/2022

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum for this question. Yes is the answer. The Scorpio time seems significant, around October/November.


Will he come back to me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I feel that he will try to come back once he senses that you are moving on. So get out there and see what happens. I promise that it will work.


When will I be happy does my ex love me still ??


When will I be happy does my ex love me still ??wwhat my future holds

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Happiness is fleeting, it is the memory that we hang on to. Yes, you will be happy and I sense a cause for celebration coming soon. As for your ex, he cares but needs his space right now. Leave well alone for now. Good things coming soon.


Will I ever see Paul again?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and sadly, it said no. Don't be disheartened by this, you may find that things with Paul needed to end to bring to the person you should be with.


Does 04/30/79 plan on making our relationship official and when? Also does he plan on making plans with me for the future? Thank you in advance.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Plans suggest boundaries. Enjoy what you have that is limitless and without borders. That way, all that you want will come into being. Just be patient and go with the flow, he is a slow Taurean and will take his time.


Is there a future with my girl best friend or should i move on from her.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My pendulum says yes. Just be open to seeing where this takes you. You may be pleasantly surprised.


When will I meet my husband? My birthday is september 11, 1985.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I drew a card that suggests that you could meet someone significant late July or early August. Take advantage of invitations to go out with friends.


Will me and my ex boyfriend reconcile?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My pendulum says yes to your question but it may be slow going. Be patient with the situation.

Michelle White

Hi will I find love anytime soon 6/5/71 lal thanks.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I drew a card that says "Big happy changes" I would say yes to your question and sooner than you think.


I would like to know what is my love Interest actions towards me this month?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    This month your love interest may appear to do nothing until the full moon at the end of the month. Be patient and trust in the process.


Will I get a job soon?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Yes is the answer but you are looking towards the Libra time September/October before you do.


Will me and my boyfriend work things out?

    Lynne Taylor

    Yes you will. You both seem to have a pattern of communicating that is holding you in a stationery position. When you change 'how' you say things you will see improvement in understanding each other's needs.


Will my ex Aldwin split up with his new girlfriend and get back together with me as a couple again soon

    Lynne Taylor

    In short, No. Let this idea go and allow yourself to move on. I can see lots of chatting with a lot of people in the evening - one of those conversaton will lead to a new love.

Ruby Adam

Do you see my ex communicating with me in the near future. If yes, please provide a time frame. Thank you

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I asked spirit three times to answer this question because I wanted to be absolutely sure and each time I got a no response. You will not hear from them in the near future.

Rachid Kaddouri

Any windfall coming my way? When and from where? 5/6/75 Thanks

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I drew a card that suggests that money is coming in, but slowly. I suggest that you practice the law of attraction to manifest abundance. Have faith and believe in the process and watch the changes take place.


I am trying to move into a new place. Will this happen for me?

    Lynne Taylor

    The quck answer is Yes. Later in the year towards November - December time.


Why do all my relationships have been long distance? i am in one currently and is not working i am wondering if it will work out

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    It seems that you are making distance the obstacle. The distance between you should inspire you to have more faith in the relationship. You have to make it work rather than relinquish it because of the miles between you. If you truly want this person you will not let the distance be an issue. Relax, have fun chatting and planning the next time you meet up. It will be successful if you allow it to be.


I’m currently friends with D and sometimes I feel it going further and sometimes going backwards (hot and cold). Where is this relationship headed?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I feel that D sees the friendship the same way and blows hot and cold because they are unsure of your feelings about it. Perhaps a heart to heart conversation would clear the air and put you both on the same page.


Hi when & how will I attract a literary agent & will they be US based? Blessings xxx

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    The first feeling I got was that they will not be US based for the moment. I also feel that you may be turned down by the first two but the third, and ironically, a forth, will be interested in you. I am getting something about the last quarter of the year being favourable. And lastly, it feels as though it is word of mouth or a recommendation that brings this into being.


My ex has come back into my life. Can you see us getting back together.. Friends or lovers? I thankyou

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My guide keeps saying "new steps, new steps" I believe she means that you can be romantic partners again but with a new beginning. Not harping back to the past or even making reference to it. Embrace what is coming in and run with it.


My DOB (01-27-89) (My fiance DOB 07-10-75) My fiance and I have been together for 10 up & down years, will we ever get married to settle down as a happy family with our daughter? Thank you.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I drew a card that tells me yes, you will be married to this person. March of next year seems significant. I feel he has a lot going on at the moment but you are truly in his heart. Be patient and things will work out just fine.


Hi Denise. Thank you for being so kind. I just want to know the future of my current relationship. His family is forcing him to marry someone else. There has been fights between them and he is unwilling to do so but something is stopping him and causing delay in him deciding. Please help! Thank you kindly :)

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I feel that custom and dogma are forcing his hand, plus a family loyalty. He is trying hard to fight this but I feel that it may win out in the long run. Be patient though as I also get something about an intervention that could swing it in your favour.


What he feels toward me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I pulled a card about this and it tells me that there is love there. He sees you as his prize. Enjoy.


When will H 5.1.2023 and me A 4.12.2022 be in a long term relationship (married) timings/feelings. Thank you.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I pulled some cards on this and there is a potential marriage in the future but will have to reign in your emotions for now. Play it by ear and enjoy your time together without the pressure of marriage, for now. If you do pressure him he may shut down and become introspective. Just let it flow organically and you will be amazed at the outcome.


will i be happy in the next 3 months ?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I have a feeling that there could be a relationship issue behind your question. The answer is yes. The cards I pulled suggest that your dreams and your wishes will come true. There is happiness.


Will Paul contact me and will we have a relationship thank you xx

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and asked my guides. The answer to the communication was yes but the answer to the relationship was no.


I hv a friendship relationship qs. Will there be a breakthrough whereby my male friend Sudipta Chokroborty, who has stopped text communication due to personal/emotional reasons, will reach out so we could have a close romantic relationship?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum to answer your question and it indicated yes. You will have what you want.


Will me and Matt at work enter a relationship together?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and asked the question repeatedly, the response was no each time. It seems that you won't have a relationship with Matt.


I hv a friendship relationship qs. Will my male friend Sudipta Chokroborty (4thJune, 1968or 69) who has stopped text communication due to personal/emotional reasons, reach out so we could reunite and have a romantic relationship?

    Lynne Taylor

    I asked th cards for you and they do confirm the emotional turbulence your friend is going through. I do not see him reaching out or a romantic relationship with him. time for you to move on to pastures new where I see a fire sign gentleman coming into your life possibly around September time.


Who is my soul mate

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I pulled a card that indicates that your soul mate could be an Earth sign, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. They could equally have these earthy energies but be a different sign. I do know that they will be methodical and take their time with a relationship, but that is good thing. Communication about this person is coming soon, possibly during the Leo time.

Cassandra Glaze

Me and my X reconnected from 19 years ago.,,It’s been (1) year now., I’m wanting to know is he or has he cheated on me?

    Lynne Taylor

    I asked my cards if he is loyal. He is trying to be the partner you want but your mistrust and questioning is making it hard and this can drive him away. You have to decide if you are 100% in this relationship or not. You do have choice and if you cannot let go of the past or 'trust' the man you are with, perhaps you should not stay in the reltionship.


Will I hear from Matt and if so how long do I have to wait and will we be able to work things out and be happy.

    Lynne Taylor

    Sorry but the answer is no. Matt is not the one for you. I do see you making many new friends when you get back to being the happy, social butterfly you used to be. Maybe that someone special will be one of those new friends.

janatpreet kaur1935

My name is Janat Dob is 24/03/1994.will I have divorce with my husband or will I be back with him?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum for this question and I got a yes response to the first part and a no to the second. Traumatic as this may feel, try to look at it as a fresh start, a new beginning.


Is John truly the one for me and is our love going to be as fulfilling as I believe it will be?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I asked spirit and used my pendulum. The answer I got was a hesitant yes. This means that it is still quite new and needs time. Be patient and your dreams will come true. Enjoy being in the moment together. The future will get here soon enough.


When I will meet the love of my life (soulmate)?

    Lynne Taylor

    When is likely to be in a period of a Fire sign, Leo (July/August), Sagittarius (November/December) or Aries (March/April). He will be attractive, dark features, self-reliant, stable stable and faithgul with a happy outlook on life.


When will my financial situation improve?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I drew a couple of cards and both resonate with regards to your question. They were money cards. You will discover your Midas touch around the Virgo time, August/September.

keejuana 2057

Hi I’m keejuana 12-17-1983 and I have a friend Andrew 02-21-1992 he just recently lost his car it was repoed he asked can he borrow one of mines till he gets paid I said know. Cause he’s not my responsibility he’s grown he needs to make the right decision for himself. So with that being said will he grow up will we get better soon. Thank you.

    Lynne Taylor

    Sorry to say this relationship is like a mother and son one. We all have to find our way and eventually 'grow up' but we do all need some support as we are doing it. Yes he will eventually grow up, that is inevitable but as for the relationship getting better, probably not.


Am hema dob 10 Sept 74.will I hear from chris 10 july 69 this week?does he love me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My pendulum says that you may not hear from Chris this week, but he does love you.

Diana Thompson

When will me and my partner get married my date of birth is June 17/06/90 my partners is August 27 1988

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I asked spirit and used my pendulum, the answer I got was 2020. 2019 will be the year of planning and I have a feeling that you may get married abroad.

Ziarra O'Keith

When will i move into my new apartment

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I believe that you could move on or around the Virgo time, August/September time. I feel that it will go smoothly as well.

Mechelle Townsend

I’m in a surgical tech program and I’ve made it to the last part of the programs which is the clinical extern, how soon should I look for a job, location doesn’t matter because I’m open to out of state opportunities as well.

    Lynne Taylor

    If you've only just made it to that part of the program it is too soon to think about applying for a job. This is probalby the most important part of your program. Take guidance from those around you, especially your Preceptor, as to 'when' they are the ones who will know 'when' you are ready to go it alone. Be sure you hsave a notepad on you at all times (including in the OR you can use the card as long as the person hleping you gown up is sterile, that will be too; you can transfer notes to your pad after). the other thing is, are you doing 1 rotation or more? that will also make a diffrence on the 'When'. Good luck and enjoy your rotation.


Will i ever find true love?


Will i ever find love?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I have to say that I think love will find you. I believe that you will be noticed first. It could be while you are out socializing or just with a group of friends. You are spotted first though. Give this person a chance as they may not be your usual type.


My name is Afsana 21/06/82, will my ex fasail 16/6/85 contact me ?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it tells me that you will not hear from him in the foreseeable future.


Hello and thank you for taking the time to answer my question.. okay I live with my ex love we live some what as a couple but he says he cant recomitt to me, he says is in love with me and wants to be with me but he can't get over my past, he is the love of my life and there is no else for me. But my question is he is out of town untill July 22nd or the 23rd for work he wants me to move out at the end of the month but that makes no sense to me why would he not want me to move out while he is out of town, I'm so confused and scared. I don't know what to think or do. Could you help me. His name is Dale dob is 8/6/2023 and mine is Josie 12/17/1974

    Lynne Taylor

    Sorry to hear of your situation. Loving someone is one thing but if they have history and he ca't get past yours, the relaitonship is not going to work. Him being out of town 2 days and expecting you to be able tomove out that fast is a bit unreasonable unless he has mentioned it before and you have ignored it. Instead of being scared Josie, see it as an opportunity to be independent, grow and spread your wings, it's an exciting fresh start. I assure you there will be someone else for you, saying there isn't is a mindset and you can change that. You are going to need time to allow yourself to heal and let go before another relationship. You can do it!


I understand my marriage is over we are soon to be divorced he is living with his affair partner, but will there any chance he will want to come back to me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I drew three cards that indicate a reconciliation, but there is a chance it may happen again. One card hinted that he needs to literally grow up. He seems emotionally immature and will have to work on himself. If he can do this he shouldn't stray, but if he doesn't, may wander again.


Hi. When can you see me moving to a better home please 24/11/2022

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    The cards I pulled suggest the Libra time for moving September/October time. I also see that you will be torn between two properties but you will choose wisely in the end.


Will my ex darin come back to me or is there a new love coming

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I pulled four cards that tell me he is gone for good I am afraid. There is a new love coming in, possibly an Earth sign, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn or someone with these energies. This new relationship could lead to marriage.


Hi My name is mirium. Does Paul and I have a future together. When are we reconnecting again. Thanks x

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    To be honest, the cards I pulled tell me that you do not have a future together. I also feel that if you reconnect Paul could telling you that he has decided to walk away.


Hi will my work worries get sorted?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum to answer your question. Yes they will be sorted and quite soon as well.


Can you see a new love, romance, relationship, man coming in to my life soon?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Your hiatus is coming to an end. New love is coming in between now and September. It could be that this person is a Fire sign and very passionate. They are truthful and quick witted. My tells me to tell you that history will not repeat itself and that you will be happy.


Will Jarrod tell me how he feels about me and comit to a relationship?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and asked the question repeatedly. Each time it said no to both parts of your question.


Hello, I am interested in a love situation - I was told I will meet someone worthy soon however I think I have not met one yet , but met other people. When do you feel I will meet that person ? And where ? Thank you Best regards Elena

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I pulled several cards about this. There is love coming in but I feel you may be cautious. There is no need to be. I also see two people in your spread and that you will have to choose. This could lead to inner conflict. Choose the one you feel you have known before and forever.


Why is my kid's father being so cold with me. Will he ever love me again?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I get that you will have an offer of love. He has been thinking about the situation and detached himself for a while. This could work but you both need to go back to the drawing board with this relationship. It can work but will be hard work.


Hi what's can you see for me in the next couple of weeks thanks donna

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    It's as though you are waiting to hear news, possibly of an emotional nature. You may not like what you hear to begin with. Don't be hasty, step back and you will find that you are actually being offered a great deal. Don't take things at or on face value. You will be presently surprised.


Is there a romantic future with my ex partner or should I cut my losses and move on?

    Lynne Taylor

    You have answered your own question really Laura. Take the best parts of that relationship with you but learn from what didn't work so well. there are some fun encounters ahead before our next serious reationship. have fun for a little while.


Any insights into the home I will move to please apart from the timing? Thank you

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Huge apologies for the delay in responding. I pick up something to do with contracts, possibly buying or selling a property around September time. I also feel that you will move into a house.


Will I get a new job soon? Thanks Gill

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Apologies for the delay in responding to your question. There is an opportunity around you now and I pick up a three, either three days or three weeks. You may have to relocate, but you will be happy.


Is it meant to be 10/20/1988 12/05/2023

ashwaria khan

Afsana. Will my ex come back to me????


I’m on holiday with my partner and we have been fighting so much it’s been awful and I want to know if he still loves me and is there going to be anything for the rest of the time here or are we finished x


Does Andrew really think of me as 'that b***dy woman?


Will R (my ex) be coming to see me within the next week please?


Hi I have just completed my first year of running my own business. I would like to know if this business will succeed and go from strength to strength. Many thanks Helen


Will my trip next week be worthwhile?


Will I win my appeal that waiting to hear from, and get my money back soon.


Is John coming back any time soon or am I just wasting my time??

donna marie4365

My partner of 18years has recently been released from prison. But he thinks that I may of cheated on him. I'd really just love to know if you think that our relationship can get past this and survive all the upheaval? As I Love him with all my heart and soul, and I truly believe we were mean't to be together.


What does my future look like


Hi there is 2 j initial men around me one gone quiet i know why will i hear again or should i go with other one thank you 15.11.67


When will I move in my new house?


Will I get some more work from my son shortly?


When will I meet someone and be in a relationship? Date birth 27 November 2022


Why does my best friend refuse that she has feelings for me.


Future love life

Shana Begum

Hello Psychics, My D.O.B is 4/05/86 and my ex's D.O.B is 20/08/94 Do you see us communicating in the near future?

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