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I am the proud Mother of two boys. Both of whom have inherited my gift to varying degrees. I am Welsh, although not a fluent Welsh speaker and I live in North Wales. I have been able to communicate with spirit since I was a child and have experienced many things that I was unable to fathom. I have had predictive dreams that have manifested more or less as I saw them in the dream. I often hear spirit talking, although it sounds like a muffled whisper at times, but I try to get as much information as I can to aid my readings. My Mother and her sister are in spirit and now act as my guides. Their help is valuable and often full of humour, particularly when my Aunt steps in, she is priceless and doesnt pull punches. I love being able to assist people on their journeys through life. Answering pressing questions about what the future holds for them. I always try to infuse the readings humour as it lifts the energy. I look forward to reading for you.

Languages spoken: English


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2 days ago

Thank you, sorry it got cut off ran out of minutes. Hoping the predictions come true,thank you Denise. Xx


1 week ago

Predictions did not come to fruition. I’m very sorry. But Denise is a delightful woman.


3 weeks ago



3 weeks ago

thank you x


1 month ago


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