How to cope with anxiety – A video from Olivia Remes

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10th October 2018 / 1 comment


Today is Mental Health Awareness Day and in this video, Olivia Remes (University of Cambridge) talks about one of the most prevalent mental health disorders, Anxiety.

Anxiety affects around 1 out of every 14 people around the world. This can result in other conditions such as depression and often increases the risk for suicide. Alarmingly, very few people who often need treatment for anxiety actually receive it.

In the video, Olivia discusses how to cope with anxiety and looks at ways to unravel and treat this health disorder.

By allowing ourselves to believe that what happens in life is comprehensive, meaningful and manageable, one can significantly improve their risk of developing anxiety disorders.

Arguing that treatments such as psychotherapy and medication exist and often result in poor outcome and high rates of relapses, she will emphasise the importance of harnessing strength in ourselves as we modify our problem-coping mechanisms.


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One comment on "How to cope with anxiety – A video from Olivia Remes"

  1. rajasree2227 says:

    This is fantastic. Found information so useful. More people should read this and watch the video.