What Does it Mean When You Find a Feather?

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28th September 2018 / 6 comments

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We often receive the question, ‘What does it mean when you find a feather?’ Have you ever been walking down the street and come across a beautiful feather that couldn’t possibly have come from a bird? Or maybe you’ve somehow found a feather in your house, even though there was no way it could possibly have got there? These feathers are signs from the spiritual world, and finding one is a message from an Angel who is looking over you.

It is very common to find a feather if you have recently lost somebody close to you, on a special date that relates to that person, or if you’re going through a particularly tough or trying time and need guidance. Some people simply take the feather as a sign that the Angel is close to them, and are happy to know that they are being looked after. However, finding a feather often means more than simply having a guardian Angel; each feather has a specific meaning or theme depending on its colour. When you find a feather, you should pay close attention to what colour it is, to determine what your guardian Angel is trying to tell you. Here are some interpretations of the most common coloured feathers that people find and what they mean.

White Feathers

White feathers are the most common kind of feather that people find, and are a clear sign that an Angel is close by, looking out for you. The colour of purity and strength, a white feather is a message from your Angel that you are safe and protected. It is also a sign that your loved ones are safe and happy in the spiritual world, and are looking out for you and your life. White is the colour of peace, and this feather is a lovely sign that those who have left this realm and move onto the next are at peace and are happy; you can stop worrying about your loved ones, and know they are safe and well.


Blue Feathers

Blue is the colour of communication, peace, and protection. If you find a blue feather, it is a sign from your Angel that you need to listen more and open up your mind and your heart to your subconscious. You may be running around leading a busy life with no time to stop and reflect, and because of this you are possibly missing important signs from your spiritual self, or your loved ones in the spiritual world. This feather is a sign to slow down and listen to yourself, and the world around you. Meditation would help at this time; taking an opportunity to simply sit still and connect to your subconscious will help you.

Pink Feathers

Pink is the colour of love and affection. You’ve seen pink love hearts plastered across Valentine’s cards and other romantic gifts and tokens. Finding a pink feather is a sign from your guardian Angel that you are loved, and that their love is unconditional. It is a sign that you have the love and support of the universe and your Angels above, and that you shouldn’t be afraid to take risks because they’re watching out for you.

Purple Feathers

The colour purple is related to higher power and the spiritual realm, and finding a purple feather is a message that you need to become more connected to your inner, spiritual self. Similar to the blue feather, this is a sign that you should take some time to pause and reflect on yourself and your life, as well as the world around you. You may be missing vital clues from the universe, or ignoring your gut instincts in situations. Spend some time meditating and open up your mind to what the universe has to offer.

Orange Feathers

Orange is a very vibrant and passionate colour, and relates to physical energy, sexuality, and love. Finding an orange feather is a sure sign from your Angel that you are about to experience a strong physical connection to somebody. You may be whipped up into a whirlwind romance, and this is a sign to enjoy it while it lasts.

Yellow Feathers

Yellow is the colour of sunshine and happiness, and these feathers usually appear when you need a reminder to let your hair down and have fun. Life can get hard sometimes, and with juggling our careers, families, friends, and other responsibilities, it can be difficult to find time to simply relax and enjoy ourselves. If you find a yellow feather, it is a sign from your guardian Angel that you need to give yourself more time to enjoy life, and stop taking things so seriously.

Green Feathers

Green is the colour of nature and emotions. It is also the colour of luck, and if you come across a green feather, it is a message from your Angel that your luck is about to change. There is a strong tie to love and relationships, so you may be about to meet somebody special and begin a romance. It is also the colour of healing, and if you have been going through difficult times, finding a green feather suggests that those times are over, and you are beginning to heal and move on.

Red Feathers

Red is the colour of courage and bravery, and these feathers are often found when you’re going through a difficult time and need a little nudge of strength and comfort. Our guardian Angels are there to look out for us and protect us, and never is this needed more than when we are going through trying times. If you’re facing a difficult situation that is causing worry or stress, a red feather is like a gift of hope and inspiration, and is a message from your guardian Angel to hold on and have faith in yourself. You have the ability to face any challenge and overcome it.

Brown Feathers

Brown is the colour of the Earth and is incredibly grounding. If you come across a brown feather, it is a sign from your guardian Angel to focus on your roots, and your homelife. Finding a brown feather is a good sign, and suggests that you will hear good news soon, perhaps of an engagement or a pregnancy.

Grey Feathers

The colour between black and white, grey symbolises neutrality and peace. People usually find a grey feather when they are at a crossroads and have a big decision to make, and it is a sign from their guardian Angel that the answer isn’t simply black and white. If you find a grey feather, your guardian Angel is telling you to be careful with your choices and try to remain neutral; don’t let your heart rule your head, and make sure that you look at the situation from all sides before you make a choice.


Black Feathers

A black feather is a warning sign, and a message of protection from your Angel. If you find a black feather, your guardian Angel is sending you an urgent message to be careful and watch your back; there may be danger coming your way. Black feathers repel negative energy and act as a spiritual armour against forces that may be working to cause you harm.

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6 comments on "What Does it Mean When You Find a Feather?"

  1. helen1884 says:

    A very interesting article. I often ask the Angels to help me in certain situations and once this has passed a white feather often falls from the sky which is very reassuring. Thanks.

  2. kay9868 says:

    Great in-depth article....very educational..thankyou!

  3. vidya4083 says:

    I today saw a white feather and now have the answer for it! Thank you

  4. rajasree2227 says:

    Extremely interesting. Personally I would think a white feather may represent good luck or a wish come true!!

  5. caroline5274 says:

    Wow! Loved this!

  6. rajasree2227 says:

    Uplifting article!