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The Secrets of the Maya: the Ancient Zodiac of a Lost Civilization

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Mayan Zodiac signs are an ancient, secret tradition that dates back more than 1500 years in the past. The Maya calendar is incredibly detailed and accurate for the time, and the Zodiac that this Mesoamerican culture developed is just as unique and revelatory.

While the Mayans might have mysteriously disappeared more than 1100 years ago, their art and architecture remain behind. We’ve pieced together their calendar as well as their star signs — and now that secret knowledge is about to be yours.

Mayan zodiac signs

The Calendar and Signs

The Mayan calendar is unique in that there are 18 months, each of which has 20 days. Each of these 18 months has its own star sign associated with it. There’s also another 5 days in every year that comes after the 18th month to round out the year and add up to 365.

Here’s our breakdown of the different Mayan zodiac signs, their months, associations, and everything else you’ve ever wanted to know.

Ch’en – January 2nd to January 21st

The first Mayan Zodiac sign of the modern year is Ch’en, which represents night. Being born under this sign marks you as being creative, imaginative, and having an affinity with the evening hours. You’re quite likely to work best at night. It’s also common to have an affinity for dark colors, gems like moonstones, and nocturnal animals like owls.

Yax – January 22nd to February 10th

Yax represents openness and generosity, and brings with it a peaceful and gentle spirit. Those born under the Yax crave peace and tranquility and often make some of the best problem solvers and are naturally good at resolving disputes diplomatically. The kindness of the Yax sees them eager to volunteer their time to worthy causes.

Sak – February 11th to March 2nd

Those born under Sak tend to have boundless energy and confidence, making them natural-born risk takers and pinch decision makers. Associated with the dawn, the Sak Mayan Zodiac sign is an early riser, one of those “morning people” who gets more done before breakfast than other people do all day.

Keh – March 3rd to March 22nd

Keh is one of the more well-balanced Mayan Zodiac signs. Of two minds, the Keh is both capable of great passion but also desirous of tranquility and serenity. Combining vulnerability and gentleness with a fiery backbone of pure steel, those born under the Keh are often underestimated because the Keh doesn’t like conflict. Beware, though: a Keh might not start a fight, but they sure will finish one.

Mak – March 23rd to April 11th

The Mak is one of the great mysteries of the Mayan Zodiac. Mak tend to be intensely private, keeping many things about themselves personal. The Mak doesn’t dislike people, though; they just need their alone time to recharge occasionally. They also make great confidantes, as they’re natural secret keepers. Those burn under the Mak are hard to get to know but can be trusted with even the most sensitive information.

K’ank’in – April 12th to May 1st

Associated with spring, the K’ank’in revels in beautiful, mild weather and natural environments. The K’ank’in loves to travel in search of this beauty, and often roams far and wide with nothing but a dog at their side as these animals reflect their loyal, playful, and inquisitive natures. K’ank’in make some of the best photographers as well, thanks to their instinctual attraction to the natural beauty of the world.

Muwan – May 2nd to May 21st

Honest and straightforward to a fault, the Muwan embraces truth, both in themselves and in others. This drive to uncover the truth makes Muwan great students but also tireless crusaders, excellent in rooting out deception in others. The strong moral fiber of the Muwan is unshakable and powerful, making it no shock that the raging thunderstorm is associated with this Mayan Zodiac sign.

Pax – May 22nd to June 10th

The Pax sign is associated with the jaguar, one of the most spiritually significant animals to the Mayan. The strength, grace, and wisdom of the jaguar make a Pax an excellent leader, offering great opportunities to those career-minded individuals who want to achieve big things in a team environment. Great planners and with high levels of insight, Pax signs are often asked for advice that turns out to be exactly what was needed.

Keyeh – June 11th to June 30th

Insightful and often deep in thought, the Keyeh is a spiritual person that has connections to the power of the moon. With an affinity for contemplation, art, poetry, and deep thought, the Keyeh is a natural-born philosopher. While some may see their train of thought to be plodding (one of the reasons the turtle is associated with this sign), still waters run deep with the Keyeh.

Kumuk’u – July 1st to July 20th

The Kumuk’u are natural born survivors, able to take anything that life throws at them and work their way through it. Those born under this Mayan Zodiac sign are patient and surprisingly adaptable when it comes to change. It comes as no surprise that the crocodile is associated with this sign, as its own survival from prehistoric times proves how beneficial it is to be able to bide your time and outlast your rivals.

Wayeb – July 21st to July 25th

Unique in that it just lasts 5 days, Wayeb was associated with spiritual upheaval in the Mayan calendar. The veil between our world and the spirit world is weakest at this time, and those born under the sign are exceedingly sensitive. Being born under Wayeb means you’re likely to be very spiritual and in tune with forces that the average person may not be able to sense.

Pop – July 26th to August 14th

The Pop has people skills to spare. Excellent at organizing people and events, those born under this Mayan Zodiac sign are fantastic managers that often inspire their team-members with your positivity and good-natured cheerfulness. Your easygoing nature tends to make you quite popular and the favorite person of many, both at work and at play.

Wo – August 15th to September 3rd

Having much in common with both Sak and Ch’en, the Wo are most comfortable in the pre-dawn hours, dealing with mysterious forces, and exploring ancient history and cultures. Yet despite your innate interest in secret knowledge, you’re also a capable and adaptable leader, making you perfect for any line of work that involves leading a team in discovering hidden things, such as archaeology or paleontology.

Sip – September 4th to September 23rd

The Sip is a graceful and gentle sign, associated with the deer, the stag, and the forest itself. Those born under this sign find conflict distasteful and move to avoid it when appropriate, but are ready to turn and fight at a moment’s notice when deemed important enough. This makes the Sip a born-and-bred environmental activist — woe to the one who upsets a Sip by disrupting the sanctity or harmony of the forest!

Zotz – September 24th to October 13th

The Zotz is a sign associated with both water and air, two elements that represent intuition and sensitivity. Being born under the Zotz means having an almost instinctual ability to tell truth from falsehood, see through lies, and uncover the true nature of others around you. Your intuition and insight are invaluable for getting to the root of a problem and resolving it, and the Zotz is always looking out for the safety and wellbeing of others.

Sek – October 14th to November 2nd

Practical but also fascinated by the heavens, the Sek is often found gazing heavenward. Being born under this sign means you love the night sky, astronomy, or metaphysical realms that exist “over” your head. Yet even though the Sek loves what’s above, their pragmatism lets them see more down-to-earth problems clearly. Seeing the best solution to a problem means you love to help solve those problems — just be careful you don’t earn a reputation for unsolicited opinions!

Xul – November 3rd to November 22nd

The Xul, like the K’ank’in, have an affinity for dogs. Yet the Xul’s connection to the dog is more spiritual — the Mayans associated dogs with the afterlife, as these loyal creatures would guide the dead to their next incarnation. This means that those born under the Xul have highly evolved when it comes to the concepts of death and rebirth.

Yaxk’in – November 23rd to December 12th

Those born under the sign of Yaxk’in are natural healers, thanks to the affinity with Ah Kin, the Mayan sun god whose main role was protection from darkness and disease. Yaxk’in signs are also great at soothing worried souls as well as injured bodies, yet if there’s one thing you can’t do is sometimes control your own worry! Take a deep breath and do your best to remain calm, and seek some help of your own if you ever need it. You deserve support, too.

Mol – December 13th to January 1st

The last Mayan Zodiac sign, Mol, grants those born under it nearly superhuman levels of strength and endurance. One of the toughest around, you excel at physical exercise and guiding others through it as well; the Mol often make great fitness instructors, especially if that’s balanced with spiritual instruction such as yoga.

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