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Main image for How do Online Psychic Readings Work Compared to Face to Face?

How do Online Psychic Readings Work Compared to Face to Face?

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From paying your bills to getting a pizza delivered, you can do just about everything over the internet nowadays.

Getting a psychic reading is no different.

While you might think that psychic readings are only able to be done face-to-face, this simply isn’t the case.

It is true that online psychic readings work a little differently compared to traditional face-to-face ones, though.

Here’s what you need to know about the differences between the two.

The Quick Clarity of an Online Reading

When it comes to online psychic readings, there’s no question that you can obtain one much more quickly than you can from a face-to-face reading.

Providing clarity about a situation as quickly as possible is one of the biggest strengths of online readings, something that their predecessors, over-the-phone readings, shared.

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Think about it: instead of arranging a consultation at an office or a home and then attending the appointment, you can simply pick up your phone or sit down at your laptop to gain near-instant access to a psychic that’s ready and waiting to give you an accurate reading right then and now.

This type of access offers the ultimate in speed and convenience.

Questions of Accuracy Between Online and Face-to-Face Readings

Let’s be honest: there are a lot of scammers out there that are great at pretending they have the ability to provide psychic readings but are instead just telling you what they think you want to hear.

Because of this, you might feel more comfortable getting a face-to-face reading over an online one, but ironically it’s face-to-face readings that many fakers and scammers rely on to fool you.

Fake psychics can often pick up on body language and other visual cues to trick you into thinking they’re legitimate.

This is yet another category where online psychic readings stand out as possibly a better choice.

Without the possibility of skewing the reading by picking up on any unconscious clues you may be leaving for them, there’s no room for illegitimate psychics in an online environment.

Whether it’s live chat, email, SMS, or even over the phone, these remote psychic readings are often much more accurate because the reader is forging a true psychic connection with you.

Such real connections are never bound by distance.

Cost Concerns for Online Versus Face-to-Face Readings

Unless you’re close friends with a psychic, they’re not going to provide you readings for free. They’ve chosen to use their unique gift to earn a living, so it’s fair that you pay them for their services. In this case, it’s only natural to take cost concerns into account when comparing face-to-face readings to online readings; while it’s not a guarantee, the price of an in-person psychic reading is likely to cost more than an online one.

Yet just because a face-to-face reading costs more doesn’t mean it’s automatically better.

Online psychics don’t have nearly the same costs as one that has to pay rent on a business location to host clients.

Face-to-face psychics often require you to pay for a whole hour or half-hour session, while online readings (like phone readings) are usually on a sliding scale according to how long you stay connected with a particular psychic.

The Final Word

In the end, it might not be possible to completely rule out going to a face-to-face psychic reading if that’s what you prefer.

Sometimes, you just might want to forge that in-person connection with another human being, even if it’s not entirely clear that it will reduce the overall quality of your reading.

However, when it comes to overall accuracy, cost, and speed, an online psychic reading is likely to deliver the goods better than a face-to-face one nine times out of ten.

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I've had a couple of readings from psychic2tarot and they have both been relevant, helpful and gave me insight into my future. I would highly recommend a reading over the phone. Thanks.

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