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Signs from Spirit

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There are times where we may be floundering. A feeling of wandering aimlessly through life. Asking questions of ourselves “Am I on the right path?” “Is the person I am in love with going to take the relationship to the next level?” You know the situation, we’ve all been there at some time or another. When we do this we are reaching out to spirit to give us the answer.

Our nearest and dearest are with us at all times, listening to our pleas for help. Spirits do help, they send us signs, we just have to be awake enough to recognize them when they present themselves. The most common is finding a white feather but there are others, we just have to open our eyes and our hearts to see them.

Series of numbers… 555… 444 and so on. Looking at a clock randomly and seeing the time 11.11 and looking later and seeing 12.12. These signs are not a coincidence. It is spirit telling us in every way that they can, that they are with us 24/7 and that they are trying to help. They are trying to let us know that they are aware that we need comfort and guidance, short of knocking us on the head, they do their best to let us know that they are on the case.

I will give you a couple of examples of personal experiences.

My Mother has been in spirit for over 20 years now and she is one of my spirit guides. She listens patiently to me rattle on about the things that crop up in my life and she does give me signs that she is about. She was a great reader and one of her favourite books is called “I Capture the Castle” by a lady called Dodie Smith. Dodie Smith was known for writing “101 Dalmations” I was out shopping one day and, as usual, I asked a question about my love life. I was going to a store for some groceries and a couple of shops down was a charity shop and I was “steered” to go into it. I went in a looked round to see if I could pick up a clue as to what it was that she was trying to tell me. There was a shelf with hundreds of DVD’s on it, all neat, all lined up uniformly, except for one that was sticking out. I am not OCD but I had an urge to go and push the offending DVD back into the row. As I went to do this I read the title of the film. It was the film of the book “I Capture the Castle” and on the front of it it said “You can’t choose who you fall in love with”

WOW, what were the chances of that happening? This had to be the biggest sign ever. This was my Mother letting me know that I was indeed, on the right path. I thanked her in my head and my heart. Bought the DVD and took it home. That moment meant so much to me.

The signs that spirit send us are not always immediately obvious but allow them to happen. I did, I went into a shop that I ordinarily would not have gone in and there was the answer to my question.

My other example is equally bizarre and yet not surprising. I was driving down towards a roundabout near to where I live. Again, I am asking my Mother for signs about being on the right path with the man in my life. “Give me a sign I am on the right path?” I blurted this out as I made my way along the road. As I approached the roundabout I pulled up behind a Fiat 500 and the licence plate read “MY 1 LOVE”….Seriously, I was rendered speechless for a moment (not a common thing for me by the way, I could talk for Britain) I could not believe my eyes. I grabbed my phone and took a picture. The honking of car horns behind me brought me back to my senses and I carried on with my journey, again thanking my Mother for the spiritual answer to my question.

You can experience this, just be open to seeing the answers to your questions in a way that you never considered. Allow spirit to guide you and the clues will be revealed as you walk your path to a bright and happy future.

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About the author, Denise

"Honest, straight forward but always looking for the positive."

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21 comments on "Signs from Spirit"


Nice article


Very interesting read 😊.

Amanda Shaw

Very interesting read


This one very interesting article


This a really interesting article


Another great article by Denise 😃


Loved this article


Wow I see signs when I need resurrance amazing how the universe hears you


I can’t wait for mercury retrograde to end- I see signs However the Changes in the retrograde can really throw you of balance- know I’m doing the opposite praying and affirmation and love calling Denise she really makes you see the other side of the situation and get this overwhelming reassurance.


Wow what a great article! I need to try this


I can really relate to this article. Completely amazed everytime I receive a sign from spirit. I love it! X

Claudia Smikle

Intriquing......very intriguing.


What a great article, I often see white feathers on the windscreen of my car and have even had one on the car door. I had been driving into work and to get in sharp and I asked the Angels to help me find a parking space and guess what I found the last parking space, I thanked the Angels and whizzed into work. We have a curious Robin who sits on the garden chairs near the patio doors, I always say thank you when he ia around and the Robin flies away how nice.

Melissa Soares

Wow denise i love your gift and your readings are amazing, i wanted a reading with you so bad today asking about my love life, and i read this, still need a reading with you though cant wait


This is so touching and an eye opener. After reading I really like to believe that my mum is with me, she passed away in 2010, I was the only child and extremely close. It's such a comfort to be able to think that perhaps she is watching me and trying to help when I am in need.


love the article 🙌🏼

Anaja Rose

Did you find your love ?


Yet, wouldn't you admit that it is easy to be guilty of wishful thinking? I find a white feather - sometimes several (an angelic host?) - most days. They come from the cushion on my armchair, which must have slight hole in it.




Brilliant piece of information.


I get lots of signs from angels..I make sure I listen to them as always right

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