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Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs)

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EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) is the acronym given to what we know as “ghost voices”. Gathered with the use of electronic equipment, in short, a digital recorder. Although, there are excellent examples collected on older tape machines.

I am sure that most of us have watched TV programs such as “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Adventures” where they have avidly collected EVP’s or had microphones on cameras pick up disembodied voices.

I too am a ghost hunter and have been for many years. My speciality is recording audio evidence on investigations. I have been doing this for so long now that I can detect an EVP where the layman may miss or overlook them. I am attuned to this now and can pick up on the slightest anomaly within an audio file. I have software on my computer that enables me to enhance any audio files that I collect. Often you will find EVP’s embedded deep with in the recording and it needs to be “tweeked” to make it audible. The ones that you can hear clearly with little or no work done on them are referred to as Class A EVP’s and the others go down the categories in accordance with clarity.

I am fortunate, I don’t have to go far to collect EVP’s. I get a lot of them in my house. Over the last ten years or so I have picked up many hundreds of responses to questions that I have asked. I have also had a number or random EVP’s where I have left the recorder running to see what I get.

Listen to the EVP recordings

One memorable example was when, a number of years ago, I left my digital recorder running in the kitchen while myself and the family went out for the afternoon. I just called out to spirit to come and “free style” (A term I use to basically get them to say whatever they like) When we returned home from our outing I put the recording on to my computer. For the longest time there was nothing much, perhaps the occasional bird sound but nothing “paranormal” About half way through the recording I got a Class A EVP. A little girl singing about her dolly…what she actually sang was…”Why did you take my dolly to school just like you did?” She begins this song by first humming a little tune and then blurts out the lyrics. At the end it sounds like she is arguing with someone. Obviously this little spirit girl was annoyed that someone had taken her doll.

I don’t know who she was. I do however feel that my

kitchen is a passing place. I say this because I have got EVP’s of men, women and children. I can assure you that this is not from the TV or some other source. I can get them during the night when the house is still and during the day. It seems to make no difference.

I have another, again recorded in the kitchen, of a woman saying “Come and see my sexy little friends in the band” There seemed to be no answer to that one.

My youngest son collected a brilliant one. He asked a question “Could you tap out your age?” and a child’s voice answers “8” He then asks for a name and a woman’s voice comes back with “You’re alive” so it is not only me…

There are many gadgets and gismos now available for the avid ghost hunter to gather more evidence of life after death. There is a gentleman from Texas called Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal who has been working on devices that allow you to ask questions and get intelligent answers in “real time”. These gadgets are called “ghost boxes” They work on the principle that spirit communicate on differing frequencies and the scanning of radio signals rapidly, enables the spirit to speak and be heard.

I am adding a link to Steve Huffs Youtube channel. You can watch his video and see what I am talking about.

Spirit, when they communicate, can have a sense of humour. They can interact with intelligent answers to questions posed to them.

I was painting my toe nails one night, a bright green glitter polish. I got my recorder and asked what “they” thought of my efforts. The answer I got was “Shiny and bright”

Before I end this missive about my experiences there is one EVP that I love. My ex husband had an annoying habit of leaving post it notes on cupboard doors and one day I asked spirit what they thought. They said “Take them down!” so I did.

Thank you for reading…



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About the author, Denise

"Honest, straight forward but always looking for the positive."

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Wow this very interesting will have look more into this


Very interesting read


This article is definitely very interesting


Brilliant article will definitely be looking more into this


I want to try this myself


Yeah iv heard of this - Americans uses this very often - scary at the same time- so basically we aren’t with are own thoughts sprites are everywhere good and bad. I never buy vintage things sprites are often attached to them - 👻


Interesting and so funny as well. I love your writing Denise!


Spooky but very interesting indeed. Would love to try a ghost hunt one night. 😇

Melissa Soares

Love denise, really gifted, thanks for being here


A very interesting article, makes you think more about the spirits that are out there.


Just finished reading this amazing piece of article, almost unbelievable....... wow!!! Yes, do believe spirits exist but need special power to experience their existence. Thank you Denise for sharing.

Anaja Rose

Hmm maybe I should go to pilgrim state they state there’s lot of activity there


Really spooky!!


Very articulate.


Love this!!

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