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232 questions on "Free Psychic & Tarot Mini Reading"


Will me and Amrit ever be together?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it indicated no. I used it with regard to your current situation. I have no doubt that it can change, but based on energies at the moment, I have to stick with no.


Will 4.10.87 and I work things out?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Yes, I believe you will work things out. Be patient and compromise. Good luck.


Hello, How does sage allison feel for me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My guides are telling me that there is a bond there. Go with the flow on this one and watch things develope from here.


After no physical contact for 4 months..but a little text contact recently..Will my ex affair partner resume things with me

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I don't feel that things will be the same. There is an element of being drawn to you, but I feel that distance will be maintained.


Do you see me and sage connecting again in the future?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Be patient. Don't force this one. There is a bond there but you need to pace yourself. Yes, they will contact you again.


Hi, what is my spirit guide’s name?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    For me to answer that I would have to be taking to you so that I can get a link. This format does not give me the connection I need to fully give you the answers that you need.

tumisang’s 1936

When will I TM 1 April 2023 find a job that pays really well

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    What you need and what you want are two different things. Look for the job that you will love and the money will follow. The high paid work will be stressful with little emotional reward. The high paid job will come but you need to work towards it. There are offers coming in early August for keep your eyes and ears open...good luck


My name is Catherine my date of birth is 29/06/91 and I would like to know if you think nick regrets how he treated me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I am being told that Nick is in denial about what happened. He is aware of it on one level but I don't feel to the depth where it warrants an apology. I feel that Nick is going to experience a dose of what he gave out and that will make him think about the way he treated you and then he may feel that an apology is needed. I hope that makes sense? Good luck.


Hello and good day. Please can you tell me if I will get that phone call 're a gift from auntie pat? Or have I got it all wrong?? Thank you xx

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I drew a card with regard to your question and it gives me a sense of something new coming in. A sense of abundance is attached to this card as well, so, with regard to your question, whatever it is that you are waiting for, it seems that you will get it.


Hello, do you see me moving to the USA and will I stay there? Thank you 🙏

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I did some cards on this and got the sense that this is a little obsession of yours...not judging...I believe that you will go but not in the way that you thought you would...I am sorry to sound ambiguous but that is the energy I am feeling. It's like saying that you will sail and not fly. It's not going to be the way you have in your mind but I think that the alternative will be a million times better....enjoy and happy travels...


I am wondering if my ex Kacy is coming back if so when will he be back and will we be happy

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I am not feeling it. My guide is saying no. No is not a bad word. It will give you a sense of feeling let down but I feel that Kacy was with you for a reason and a season. Much better coming in around July. Be's going to be good.


Will me Uzra 4.12.66 and Salim 22.1.66 be in a relationship again, will it last and when will I next hear from him - relationship on pause right now really miss him. Anything you can see. Thank you so very much. x

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I feel that Salim has a lot on his mind and is torn between two worlds. I feel that you will hear from him again but that there maybe conditions to your reconnection.


im in a relationship at the moment between us things are fine apart from me having issues with his son which leads to anger and bitterness.will i stay with my current partner or will i meet someone new?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I don't know the age of your partners son but I feel that he wants some kind of stability in his life and hasn't got the savvy to see that his behaviour is impacting on your relationship. If it is at all possible try to see beyond what he is doing and see where it is coming from. Mum and Dad have split up. Either of his parents could find someone new and in his head he sees this as the new person taking his parent away from him. I hope I am making sense. Persevere and it should work out well, it will only fail if you allow this young man to dictate the conditions.


Tracey 16/08/69 Is Torquay the right place for me to live

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I drew a card and talked to my guide. My card tells me that the transition will happen soon and that Torquay is a good place for guide...she said, and I quote "Torquay...too right"....go for it.

latoya 6568

Have i done the right thing about the gemini man and is this the end

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I drew a couple of cards about this and they indicate a new relationship for you...but I have a feeling that you will hear from your Gemini man in the near future. The new relationship card and also mean a mean a new beginning with an old don't write it off just yet.


Do you see me being happy with Scott (05-01-87) if I choose him or should I walk away and eventually meet someone else?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Scott is hard work. I think you know that already. With regard to happiness. That comes in pockets and is only experienced in the moment. It is the residual feeling that gives you the memory of the happiness. That energy stays with you. I can only say that if you are not content with Scot now, it is time to walk...but you don't want to do that, do you? I do know psychically that you will persist with this and win out in the end...but remember this...happiness is something that should occur organically and naturally, not something forced. Go with the flow with this and all will be well. I hope I made sense.


Can you see any changes to my love life over the next few months if so what? Thanks

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I drew three cards for this and got a sense of you being a little wary of letting someone in or close. This could be because of past hurts and pain. The other cards indicate changes on the horizon for you, love, prosperity, rejuvenation and fulfillment. These changes will take place around the time of a full moon when the birds are beginning to migrate south for the winter. I guess around September/October time. Good luck.


Will Jermaine 6/17/82 and I be together again

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    The cards I drew gave me this. Listen to your inner truth and the little voice that talks to you. That is telling you what is fact. I feel that you will here from Jermaine but that things maybe a little different. Apparently he needs to learn to respect you as a person and honour you as a woman. I don't know what my guide is driving at but I feel that you do. Whether you choose to be together again is up to you.

sarah 6235

Hi there...Will my ex try & come back into my life (after I left him dob 3.10.74) or will a significant other person come into my life? Thank you so dob 30.6.74 :)

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I don't feel that your ex will come back into your life. My guide just said..."He's at that funny age"...I have no idea what she means. I feel that you will find someone new by the Autumn time. I was told to tell you that you will find your acorn then and it will grow into a strong oak...that is a powerful message from spirit for you. Stay will all come together for you. Good luck.


what do you see in my work area for June, will there be any new changes in there area?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    In your work area I feel that June may be a slow month for you. I think that the latter part of July to early August holds more promise.

Main image for Free Psychic & Tarot Mini Reading


When will Evan finally confess how he feels towards me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I think that Evan struggles with articulating how he feels in a romantic setting. It will be demonstrated in his body language and gestures. Those are the things to look out for. I know that those three little words are important to us girls....but take it from me, if he had no feelings for you, he would have gone a long time ago.


Am I gonna fall pregnant this year

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I am not allowed to answer questions of this nature. It contravenes company protocol and policies. Apologies.


Will there be a breakthrough in my love life at any point this year?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Bobbing about in a boat with no oars can be disconcerting. Believe me, you will locate your oars, one at a time this year, and in rapid succession. It could be that you meet someone and experience a whirlwind romance. If you are seeing someone and don't know if it is going anywhere...I can assure you that it will. By the end of the year you will talk in terms of "us" and not "me"


Hi, I have been told I have romance coming could I have a description and possible time frame please? Trish 01/03 Pisces xx

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    To get a sense of what someone looked like I would have to be talking to you in person to get the link. My guide is telling me that there is someone already around you that you possibly have already met or been introduced to...she could also mean that they are yet to meet you or be introduced...but they are most definitely in your energy. Excellent...enjoy.

SissyB Baby

Hello could you please tell me who is my fated Partner ? (female looking for male)

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    By fated, I think you mean the person that you are destined to be with? I cannot tell you that without connecting to you and getting a link with you. I can sit here and speculate until the cows come home. My guide just said "she knows them" you have already crossed paths with this person. Good luck

Brandy Rodriguez

Is Nino cheating on me with our neighbor or any other woman?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it answered no, he is not cheating on you.


Is there any blockage in my subconscious level or is everything okay ? as sometimes i do feel stress ed within.Thanks

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My guide tell me that you may over think things. You need to recognize this pattern and stop it in it's tracks. The blockage is the over thinking....thinking you have a blockage is the blockage. Just relax and chill. Everything is going to be fine.


When can you see me moving into a new home?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Apparently after Independence Day...July 4th...By around the 16th you will hear news about a property and it should be plain sailing from then.


At what age will I meet my husband and in what kind of setting. Dob 13/06/2023 and star sign is Gemini. Many thanks

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I have a feeling Noreen that you will not meet your husband for a couple of years yet, but that doesn't mean that you can't date and have fun. Apparently you need to concentrate on work for now and the romance will come in quite rapidly.


When will I get a move of home?ty. Jen.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I don't know if you live in a flat or have noisy people below for some reason I want to stamp my feet on the floor and shout "shut up!" I believe that you will get your move but my guide is saying "beggars can't be choosers" You may not, initially, get the place that you want, but be patient, that will happen for you.

Linda Linda

My name is Linda born 04/04/2023 ,Aries. My question is will my June exams be a success for me please and thank you.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I don't think that they will be a breeze but I do think that you will be successful.


Am im going to have a other child with David 06/02/75 my name joland dob 20/05/83

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I am not allowed to answer questions of this nature. I am sorry.


Will Peterson and I(5/2/90)be together again?

Sally Gerhardt

Hello my name is Tara, Nov 3, 2022 @3:05AM. My question is about Evan, Sept 6, 1989; when will he finally confess how he truly feels towards me and/or his actions begun showing it? Thank you!


Hi will I attract readers & a literary agent through using smashwords or through other social media? Ty xxx

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I don't think that you will. I believe that you need to tread the traditional route of submitting work to publishers.

Michelle White

Love reading please ❣️

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    This is a short mini reading so I cannot give you anything in depth. I used an oracle deck that I have and the two cards that jumped out were the Sun and the Moon cards...ironically! The Moon card tells me that you will be guided through the darkness and the Sun card says that your perseverance will be rewarded. All in all it appears that you will find the happiness that you seek and that it will bring an end to the dark days. I hope this helps you ?


30/10/72. Will I move on and find happiness again?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it answered yes, you will move on and find happiness.


30/10/72. Will I be able to move on?


When will my ex return david 06/02/75 My dob 20/05/83

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it answered no, at this moment in time it does not appear that David will return.


I started a new job about 4 months ago, how is my career and this job going to go? Thanks so much!!

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Well done for starting the new job. Be proud of yourself and give yourself a pat on the back. As far as the future is concerned regarding this job. It feels as though there are two options being made available to you, possibly this month, within the job that you do. It could be that you branch off in a slightly different direction that offers more potential and scope. Keep your eyes and ears open to the new, exciting possibilities that are being offered to you sometime soon. You will go from strength to strength.


What do you see on the current situation with my ex!

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    There is an element of ambiguity regarding your question, so, I am having to guess that you are asking whether your ex will return or not? If that is the case, I asked my pendulum and it answered yes, they will. I also was told by my guide that you have to be patient and it should all come together for you.


hi my name is fatima dob 27 november 2022 i was wondering if ashley dob 11 january 2023 has a crush on me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I think that you have been wondering about Ashley for sometime now. I do feel that he likes you a lot but has a problem articulating what he thinks and feels. Give this time and you may find that he opens up and tells you what he thinks of you.

kyle flaherty

will me and my ex get back together soon?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it said no, I am afraid that at this moment in time it doesn't look likely.


Good Afternoon, Please see the background information and the question is at the end. This is Rajasree Chatterjee, 19/10/61. I did ask this question sometime ago regarding my reconnection with male friend Sudipta Chokroborty, 4th June 1967/68! Both married for many years, know each other socially for a number of years and in 2017 he initiated personal texting and we got spiritually close but then he pulled back. Never opened up about his feelings and till today I am unsure of our connection....friends or more than that! I texted him through out 2018 and very occasionally he replied but sounded frustrated/unhappy/edgy. Then we met at festival time in Oct 2018. I felt the spark from both sides and to my surprise he was very approaching, tried every opportunity to speak with me and it was so obvious that he was drawn to me. Straight after that he actually replied to one of my texts, a general one but a long substantial reply after a very long time. Then again all went quiet but sent me a new year wish. I don't have a clue what happened at the festival and why.... Why he behaved differently...... Why sent me long text/ New Years wish....... What's going on in his mind.... All of these are extremely confusing and now I have stopped texting too. Sometimes it feels like soul connection, not sure if it's Karmic or twin flames! I read about these and often many of the twin flame characteristics matched! I don't know! It's been a long time, over 2 years, since he first started the chat but till today he's in my mind....every day, always. It feels like he's in the shadow. .............................................. MY QUESTION: Is there any shift in his energy in recent months to cause a reaching out near or distant future? Thank you very much for your time.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I believe that your friend has gone quiet because he is trying to control the connection that you have. The energy shift could be that he is trying to focus on other things at the moment. It feels to me that family life and work are weighing heavily on him at this time. Be patient, he will be back in touch.


Why does Iain want me to suffer? What is he hiding?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    You are only suffering because you are letting Iain make you suffer. If you can rise above this mindset and take some control. You are then not giving him permission to make you feel this way. It could be that his behaviour is a pattern that has developed over many years of acting in a certain manner to get a person to end a romance or friendship with him, thus creating the catalyst for him saying something like "they dumped me". That creates a victim scenario. At the moment I suggest that you take a deep breath and step back. Let him get on with it and don't let him see that you are too bothered by it all. It will only effect you if you let don't let it...Good luck.


Do you see us (DOB 17/7/70 & DOB 17/4/73) living together again? Thank you so much.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it answered yes, you will live together again.


hello my name is fatima dob 27 november 2022 i was wondering if ashley dob 11 january 2023 has a crush on me?


My DOB is Sept 10 1986 - are you able to tell me any details about my soulmate or if I’ve met him yet?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I have nothing about a soulmate for you at the present time, but there are two people that will turn your head before the year is out and the tough decision will be who to choose wisely...and enjoy


My husband has been acting really strange, withdrawn, and A couple of times I have caught him lying is he having an affair?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I agonized over your question for ages and asked my guides, my cards and my pendulum for the answer and every time I got, no, he is not cheating on you. I feel that the situation is quite deep rooted and that in time you will discover what is troubling him.

Ennahlisa Tauyanago

Lisa 05/11/79 . When will my son and I move to be with my fiancé

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I asked my pendulum and it indicated July time for your move.


Hi and thanks for the opportunity. Will I meet someone new this year? My DOB is 9 May '86

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Hello Taurus lady. 2019 is an auspicious year for you bulls. Especially in the area of romance. You will start to feel the shift October time...possibly September, but I feel more October.


Can you please tell me (my dob 25.01.85) if my partner is loyal (her don 7.4.92) or if there is someone else or she is going to hurt me again. Thanks

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My cards tell me that you have to build up the trust with your partner. I do believe that she is being loyal. Don't focus on the negative, but look for all the positives in this relationship and it should work out.


Hi. Joaquin 02/05/1980. I have been having sexual relations with a neighbor recently. I would like a real relationship with her but she doesn't seem to and mainly contacts me when she wants sex. She goes several days without contacting me. We have our differences but I hope she will eventually give me a chance to date her. Will she and if so, when? ty.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    It seems that your neighbour is protecting herself with regard to her emotional connections with people. This is damage control for her without forming an attachment. I feel that kindness and patience may win the day for you but it will take time I am afraid.

Tara Brown

My name is Tara 11/3/89. Will Evan 9/6/89 let me bring him to work tomorrow morning? (Thursday, May 30)?


How does Jeremy feel about me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I think that Jeremy feels comfortable around you and if you can remain your authentic self then Jeremy will open up. Some people struggle with articulating their emotions and feelings. Given time I feel that Jeremy will open up and share.

Nermina Mujakovic

I wanted to ask if a romantic relationship will develop between James and Nermina J 19 jul N 09 jan


Will Josue come back and commit to me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I asked my pendulum and it indicated yes, he will come back. I could not get a definitive answer regarding the commitment.


Hi thank you so much i was wondering if there will be a reconcilation between colin and i he has opened his facebook up so i can see it but no communcation as yet love light thank you x


How does Peter 10/22/80 see our connection and what is he thinking? Thank you.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I believe that Peter sees your connection as something very strong. I thinks that he mulls it over from time to time but doesn't want to rush anything and prefers to go with the flow. Just pace yourself and enjoy being in the moment together. That is the most important thing. The rest will follow naturally.

Mansi Nayee

What grades will I get in summer 2019 for my a levels will I be happy with them ?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I am not allowed to talk about your grades etc but I do see you being very happy by August time.


Will Paul ask to meet me to discuss what happened between us?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it seems that at this moment in time a meeting is not on the agenda, but give it a little time and you may find that that scenario changes and you will be able to have your discussion.


When will I meet my soul mate?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    We don't always meet our soul mates but we often meet someone who is a close as you can get to a soul mate. Your soul mate does not always connect with you in every lifetime. I used my pendulum and I was told by my guides what you will be ready for a long term relationship within the next eighteen months or so.

Joanna Profita

Mark July 7, 2023 and I January 27, 2023 have been in each others lives for years. We love each other and are very dear to each other, he is my best friend, but we are separated by countries and financial issues have always been present. Will Mark and I be together in the same country by the end of this year? Blessings Joanna

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I feel that you will move mountains to make this happen. When I meditate on it I find that my heart chakra feels warm...a good thing...I honestly feel that by early next year you will both be treading the same ground.


Sagittarius 12/06/2023 Steveonna Will I be moving into the apartment I applied for with no further issues ?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it indicated, yes, there should be no more problems.


Is there a loving, kind man out there to make me happy? Sick of being alone

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I am sorry to hear that you are alone. I must address the happy aspect of your question. If you can find happiness in something everyday then you will attract the happiness that you seek. One person cannot be responsible for your happiness. It has to come from within. Yes, there is a long term relationship on the cards for you, but find "your" happy" and then everything will fall into place for you. Watch out around September/October. I have a feeling that you may have to travel somewhere for a short break, with a friend I feel and that is when "it" happens.


Will I eventually find work I enjoy

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    You will and I feel that it will be from a third party. ie, a friend of a friend...that kind of thing and that a place will come available for you around late July early August.


My name is Jakeila(9/14/94). There is someone that i really like, i think i might love him actually. His name is Ryan(1-22-94) and he's says he is in love with me. The thing thats bothers me is that we are so different and it makes me question if it will work out. If choose to be in a committed relationship with him will we be happy?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Opposites often attract. Don't be put off by the fact that you are different. The diversity is wonderful and can lead to a fulfilling relationship for both of you. No room for boredom. You will be fine, believe me.


I need to see when Jess June 8 1982 and J April 9 1983 if u see marriage in next few years

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I asked my pendulum and it said no, for now, to the marriage but you can enjoy a fulfilling relationship without tying the knot. It doesn't mean that he thinks any the less of you. Enjoy what you have for now.


Will I be in a relationship by the end of the year?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it answered, yes, you will be in a relationship by the end of the year.


Hi, when & where will I find love (oops sorry, that's 2 questions)

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My guide keeps saying something about your front door. It could be that she means someone will visit or call to the house and that is how you meet. Don't raise your hands in horror at the thought of can happen. My friend met her husband while shopping in a supermarket...and that was bizarre. Often the universe gives us what we need when the time is right and not before. I also feel that this will come about by the end of the year. November/December time.


Is my current relationship to Jake going to last? Both cancers his birthday is 15/07/2023

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My guide just said that you know the answer to that already. You doubt the process and think that it could end at any moment. That the emotional rug could be pulled from under your feet. Please don't, I feel that your relationship has great potential.


What will come next?, House move, Job or Love? x

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    All three but not in that order. Job, house and then love. Between now and Spring 2020.


Hello my name is Hamerah Oketunde and my date of birth is August 13th 1999. I would like to know will I be successful in my music?


Hi my name is Pamela my dob is July 5, 1990. I’m a cancer. Derrick Edwards dob is August 23, 1991. He’s a Virgo. I know that he desperately wants to contact me, but doesn’t. I feel like he’s trying to protect me from something but idk. What is truly holding him back from contacting me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I honestly feel that you are confusing a psychic connection for wishful thinking. I also feel that you have spoken to other psychics about this and you are still looking for clarity. I don't feel at this time that Derrick wants to contact you. I can only look at a situation in the moment, so there is a likely hood that this could change. At the moment, I would say no, he does not want to contact you and is not protecting you from anything.


I keep getting men who want casual sex but I want a committed relationship with someone who loves me what is going on

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Be clear about what it is that you want, with yourself, the men you meet and the universe. Define relationship when sending out affirmations. Learn to say the word can be a positive thing. It shows a man that you mean business. Decline any offers of a dalliance and you will find the right man. He will be the one who doesn't want a girl who gives herself up willingly. You will find him...use the word matter how tempting. Make them do the are more than worth it...believe me. It works... :)


Hi I would like to ask if you can see any contact from my ex husband in the week his star sign is leo and I am a Gemini thank you.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    This could be difficult. I find that Leos walk away and stay away. The connection that you had may still be strong but I do feel that it may be some time before you hear from him. I used my pendulum to answer this question and basically felt that at this time, he will not come forward. However, in the near future he will, because of that connection.


Hi can you see anything coming up for me around love please Libra 29/09/88 thanks

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I have been given that there are two choices coming in for regarding love and you will have to make a decision. August Bank Holiday or around that time seem important. There is also travel on the cards for you as well.

Erica Dunz

Hello, I've been single for 10 months now. Last relationship ended because of zodiac incompatiblity. What's the zodiac of the next man I'll date seriously? Pls help. God bless

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I get what you are saying re zodiac incompatibility but we can't always blame astrology for the break down of a relationship. I feel that you need to steer away form the astrological connection and concentrate on being authentic...the true you not the astrological you. We all have traits determined by our sign but who we are as people counts more. The next person coming in for you could be a Libra. If it isn't the Sun sign it could be their Venus or Rising Sign. Whatever their sign, give them a chance to be authentic and love them for that.


Does the professor want to work with me and allow me to do an exhibition in his gallery?


I have a work issue and did not receive something I have queried it will I get a favourable outcome as it is stressing me out.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it indicated, yes, you will have a favourable outcome.


Hello, I’m feeling extremely anxious and confused. I’ve been in a relationship for about 18 months I thought he was “the one” for a while but I’m not sure anymore we are so different and I’m not sure if our differences in opinion can withstand a longer term relationship. I’m very drawn to him but I have big doubts now. Is this going anywhere? Or should I start to close it down

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I cannot and will not tell you to close anything down. That is not my job. It is your choice and your choice alone, but I will say this. Sometimes when we are fed up with a person or situation we become "argumentative", difficult to be with. I feel that your differences are because an element of complacency has crept in to the relationship. You can hold fast, stand your ground and argue until the cows come home. You can be submissive and agree with them just to keep the peace...or, you can respect each others opinions and decisions, you may not agree with them, but we are all entitled to our own, and you can move past this knowing that this is how you both are. Other areas of your relationship are fine, this is just a stumbling block. It can make you or break you...your choice.!


Will me and my love reconnect any time soon? His name is Dale his dob is 8/6/2023 hes a leo and my name is Josie my dob is 12/17/1974. He ssys he doesn't want me out of his life. Im very confused and just need to figure out if i should move on or just be patient.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I feel that your Leo does not say things that he doesn't mean. If he says he doesn't want you out of his life...he means it. As to when you will reconnect, I feel that it is later rather than sooner. I have a feeling that he is busy at the moment...doing what, I don't know? You are an impatient Sagittarius..."Can I have it yesterday?" You need to be patient with you fellow fire sign. He is drawn to you and does want you...and I feel you want him but you have to let him set the pace. Go at his speed, don't ask or expect anything from the connection and you will be pleasantly surprised. Have fun and enjoy


Is Nicole Donovan born May 13th 1985, and i John Newcomb born May 23, 2023 , going to be a couple ?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it indicated that at this moment you will not be a couple. I must stress that I can only look at people in the moment so it is possible that down the line you could become a couple.


Will me, Ashley 6/1/90 & my ex Brett 5/2/89, get back into a loving committed relationship within the next 2 years & can you elaborate on what you see please rather than a yes or no

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I appreciate that you would like me to elaborate but the free mini readings have constraints and going in depth is one of them. I can say that I used my pendulum and it indicated no at this time. I feel as well that you will both be walking different paths in two years time.


When will my virgo contact me and do that thing i want him to do

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it gave an answer of no to the contact for now.


Will johnathan and i move in together

Mary Elias

My name is Mary Elias my birthday is 6/20/04 my zodiac sign is a Gemini. My question is that is there someone who loves me and if yes then who is this person and are we going to be together? Plz answer my question ASAP

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I am afraid that I cannot answer your question. The protocols and polices state that you have to be over the age of 18 to have a reading. I am sorry.


My name is Edda date of birth 22 Feb 2023 my question is does me and my ex have a future together?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it indicated no, you do not have a future together.


Is my marriage going to work as we don’t seem to be getting on anymore, and want different things ......... thank you

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    To reassure are not the first to experience this and you certainly will not be the last. I feel that you have hit a milestone in your marriage where you have the comfort and strength of the commitment but are confident and relaxed about your connection that you can pursue different things without it impacting on the marriage too much. However, when this occurs it can be scary. Give each other space to be who you are within the relationship. It could be that you voice your concerns but your spouse remains silent. That in itself can worry you, but try not to. It is who you both have become in the marriage. It will work out. Don't question it and go with the flow. You will get through this and remain strong.


Does Deon still miss me?


FW 12/06/2023 How will this situation with my karmic ex RR 26/06/2023 be resolved? Thank you

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I asked my pendulum and it indicated no, it will not be resolved at this time.

joel 7075

How does kennia feel about me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I have been told by my guide that Kennia really likes you. I would call it love but I feel there is a fondness there.


Will I find love soon.or will my ex return to me.. Thankyou

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I don't feel that your ex will return and I have a sense of new love mid Summer.


Am H.10.09.74.will Alex ask me to marry him? When? Thanks

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it indicated yes, he will ask you to marry him. I am not being told when though.


My names Lewis Jones born on 1/12/2022 star sign Sagittarius, My question is will I be with savannah ever? like does she like me we just look at each other all the time.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it indicated yes, you will be together.


Will 9-25-2000 (stanley) have feelings for me when we first meet and actually go to prom with me a few days after we meet as i plan for my next school year?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I think that Stanley will really like you. Having feelings this early on is not going to happen, but they can develop in time. Enjoy your prom.


Im a taurus do you think arthur hes aquarius knows about baby passing away n will he ever see me again

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Hello there. I am truly sorry to say that I am not allowed to even broach this subject. The company policies and protocols forbid me from doing so.


Will I Wendy 30/07/2022 and John 29/11/2022 be a couple in a love relationship or is he just stringing me along He's hot and cold with me and I'm starting to think he's really not interested in me

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I am going to tell you this simple fact. If he wanted nothing to do with or cold...he would have gone ages ago and that would have been an end to it. He is learning to swim and not quite ready for the deep end, but he will. Be patient and you will witness the transition.


Hi, I have been seeing a lovely man for 5 weeks and I really like him, his name is Dervent (08/02/76), do we have a future together ?. My D.O. B is 14.02.65. Thank you. Jane

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Be in the moment at all times with this man and suddenly many years will have passed and by default you will be in your future together. What I am saying is this...don't run before you can walk and you will find that this works out perfectly. Enjoy and relax. Be yourself. He likes that.


Does he love me? is he faithfull? and will he come back home? Or is this the end of our 7 year relationship

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    No, it is not the end. Don't panic. It is a transition that cannot be circumnavigated. Be patient. After seven years with someone we change. Don't write it off just yet. Leave the cage door open and he will fly home.


I'd like to know about the relationship I have with O.P. 1968. I'm not sure what his expectations may be. We've been friends for years and doing things together for awhile now. Thank you.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I am being urged to tell you to go with the flow with this one. I feel that it could blossom and develop over time.

Mariah Quarles

Hi, will I have a relationship with a guy I truly love soon? Will it work out in the long run?? Thanks!

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    You are still with this gentleman and he hasn't run for the hills. He is not going anywhere. I feel that he is in it for the long haul.

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My (ex)partner Kim (a Taurus, born 28th April) & I seperated a few months back but we still talk. Was she cheating on me? It looked like she was maybe seeing her sister's boyfriend in secret.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my guides and pendulum for this and they both indicated no, she was not cheating. I feel as well that while you are separated and still talking she could have said she was...because, effectively she has nothing to lose now. She has not and therefore she is not going to confess to a crime that she has not committed. I have a feeling that you both can reconcile if you choose to. I believe that it can happen and this year as well.

Sinia Khan

Will E & I overcome our misunderstandings and develop a romantic relationship?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it indicated yes, you will get over them.


Will I get back with an love interest this summer my date of birth 6/7/94

Elizabeth Owens

What is the outcome of my plans on meeting this person (stan), and his first thoughts/ feelings on me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I feel that Stan will like you very much. I also feel that he will be attracted and drawn to you.


Hi Denise, my name: Sadiya (Leo) 26.07.2022 when do you see marriage happening for me and Tasnimul (Virgo) 02.09.1993. Thanks :) xxx


I’m in a relationship I want to know if things will get better,I don’t really get on with a few people on his side of the family always feel uncomfortable and not really welcome when around these specific people and it always causes arguments between me and my partner, his DOB (20/09/2022) and mines (10/01/2023) so will we get better,will he speak up for me or will things just always be the same? Thanks in advance!

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    You are going to be fine. I just don't understand why people don't get on. It is beyond me. In your case I would not try to impress his side of the family. Just be yourself and if they choose to be rude then they are missing out on being in the life of someone lovely like you. These things fade with time. I have experienced them myself. I know that it is easy for me to say but try not to worry too much, It will all be good in the end.


my daughter and I have a difficult relationship...please give some insight and advice thanks...her name Mel 9/5/ 3/10/47.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    For some reason I am being told that your daughter is in denial about something and I am not sure what it is. It could be connected to you and how she feels you owe her a favour. Your daughter seems to have some deep seated issues and blockages that need addressing. You will find it difficult to get her to try this, but give it a whirl...Reiki! She should try a reiki session or two and release the demons that she carries around with her. Both of you need to stop saying things like "It's not my fault!" "I've done nothing wrong" ...I have a feeling that those words have been uttered or similar ones at least. That needs to stop ASAP. If I were you I would also try some reiki sessions as well. Google your nearest Reili Master and call them. You will notice the changes immediately. My guide wants to hug your daughter because there is a sense of loneliness with her. Please be patient, try what I suggest and see the both of you. You will be astonished. I am being told that you could be like two peas in a pod...if not in looks in personality. Having said that I think you may have said..."Oh, you sound like your Dad" For some reason, this annoys her. I can assure that this will be resolved, for the better and the changes will be the making of the both of you. Good luck.


Is chris hiding something from me?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I asked my pendulum and it answered no, he is not hiding anything from you.


Hey my name is Chasity my date birth is 11/14/1985.recently I found myself attracted to someone name khalif.he is tall and handsome.i have ran into him on different occasions.i was wondering when we run into each other will it be a real passionate relationship or he just wants sex and nothing more?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I asked my guides and pendulum and what I got was this. It will only be sexual if you let it be that. I have a feeling that it is going to be something more than just sexual. I feel that it will be passionate and caring.

Mariah Quarles

Hi, I am wondering if I will meet my true love soon. Will I meet him in college? Also I am wondering what path I should take in order to meet him? Thanks

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    You have already asked a question I am afraid I cannot answer this one for you.

janice 7228

When will I marry Kiki Anku?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I asked spirit and used my pendulum and the answer I got...for now...was that there is no indication of a marriage just yet.


Will I be getting engaged this year? I’ve met a new guy and things are moving along quickly we love each other dearly. The talk about marriage came up several times

Ann LaBeau

My name is Ann LaBeau birthday June 30th want to get a reading on this boy Daniel Dixon jr. Birthday May 12th. I want to know what he thinks of me as a person and his feelings and if he will be contacting me soon.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My guide is telling me that you may have to wait a while before you hear from him, I feel weeks rather than days, but he will be in touch. I believe that he likes you as a person but that he suppresses his feelings and will do so until he gets to know you really well.


Will A.J. Birthdate 08-31-1991 offer me a Commitment (to be in a relationship with me)? Thank you in advance ❤️

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I used my pendulum and it indicated yes, he will offer you a commitment.

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