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Free Mini Psychic Readings - Week Beginning 6th August 2018

Main image for Free Mini Psychic Readings – Week Beginning 6th August 2018

Apologies for the late posting of the question of the week this week. As usual, please feel free to ask your questions to our readers and they will answer them (for free) below. Please remember the guidelines - specifically, we are not allowed to answer questions about health, pregnancy or financial advice.

Any issues, please drop me an email.

Have a great week,
Adam ([email protected])

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24 questions on "Free Mini Psychic Readings - Week Beginning 6th August 2018"


Hi i have so many reaDers telling me his my soulmate or twin flame even saying we are both, but i feel tired and hopeless for the future,so im indecisive if i should move on for god.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    You are in a limbo, not wanting to let go...just in case. In case you are wrong. In case you make a mistake. Fear seems to be trapping you, making you indecisive. Please don't obsess about your wishes not coming true. You could be forcing something that needs to develop naturally, in its own good time. Relax, stop worrying. Enjoy the moment. All will be well.


Hi have had a few problems with money lately can you see a change for me or even a win if so what would be my lucky numbers . Thanks donna 10.07.81

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Here's a good example of the Universe teaching us a lesson. I too have worn your shoes. I found that focusing on work and my earning potential brought me success, not waiting for the lottery miracle. It would be lovely to give you next weeks winners but my guides won't do that. I have though, been given a sense of support coming in for you. Your luck will change but you have to be proactive. If you are stagnant, then so is the Universe. Action attracts action. Follow the Law of Attraction. Learn about attracting abundance and the world will be your oyster.


Am I with my soulmate?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I asked my pendulum three times and it answered yes each time.


Hi I'm in the same position as Melissa I have been told for nearly a year now that my ex is my soulmate, twin flame and I've been told for the last six months he is coming back, nothing seems to be happening and every time the month that he is supposed to be coming back comes I get told its another month, I've got to say I'm losing the will here, not sure what to believe any more, some insight would be great if you could give me some. Thanks x

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Energy and intentions are like moods, they can swing either way. I can look at someone's intentions "in the moment" but ten minutes later, they can change. You have been given the answers you wanted, the changes are down to human nature. If your ex keeps changing his mind it means that you are still on their mind. That is a good thing. If you weren't, there would be no connection. You are the only one who can chose to wait or move on. I have an intuitive feeling that once you begin to move forward, he will sense it and make his move. You need to get that energy flowing.

Michelle White

Hi, can you see any new friends coming into my life? I need people on the same wavelength as me that will listen to me too, I'm so fedup with selfish people who only want to talk about themselves thanks. love and light 😇♥️😇.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Friends can come in for a reason and a season. You have evolved and no longer need them. Wish them well and move forward. Clubs or groups with similar interests. Evening classes that incorporate what you are looking for. From October onwards, these changes will be felt and made.


Will my life get better

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    While I was shuffling I got the name Alex. I don't know if this means anything to you? If not, make a note of it please. I got the feeling that you have been pondering, thinking, dwelling on a loss. It also appears that you feel trapped, possibly because of work. You could be tempted into a new role. There is some stress attached, but nothing you can't handle. I also feel someone from your past is returning in September. Follow your intuition with regard to this reunion. To answer your question in a nut shell, yes, your life is getting better and September seems pivotal. Enjoy the changes.


hello date birth 27 november 2022 i want to check on a guy at work called Ashley and was wondering if he has feelings for me and would want to take my contact to know me more during this month and if we would become good friend before going deeper to relationship? love and light Fatima

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I believe you have asked me this question before. I stand by my predictions, Ashley will take his time stepping forward. Go with the flow and enjoy the friendship for now.


Hi. (my name: Sadiya. Dob-26/07/1997) This question is for Denise. Denise he (Tasnimul) got in contact with me the day after i called you which was the 6th of August, so i didn’t wait the 3 weeks. He said the ‘2months break is over for him and he’s had his break’ (it’s only been 8 days since we started the break) & he also apologised with the way he acted. however he doesn’t really message me as much as before it’s more like one message a day and then he would ignore me. he has called me twice but it’s like he’s giving me mixed signals. & he wanted to meet on this Saturday coming (11th August) so we are seeing eachother. however on the phone he was like how he doesn’t know when he will next see me after Saturday. i don’t really understand what his intentions are with me since it’s only been a week since we’ve been on a break and he decided to get back in contact with me, it seems like he wants me back but then at the same time im not really sure. im really confused ive evan tried asking him ‘so what’s going to happen now’ and he doesn’t really give a clear answer. will things get better between me and him after Saturday 11th August 2018, how do i act towards him and what do i say because i gave him the space he wanted & he messaged me first so im really confused on what he wants & how i should behave around him to not push him away again? thank you xxx

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    It's all about control but not being controlling. He missed you, made contact and now he's confident you are there he is monitoring his actions. Just let him do his thing for now. He will move closer as time goes on but he needs to do it in his time not yours. Sit back, be patient, ignore the irrational statements and all will be well.

Elizabeth Logan

Will I be able to be in a relationship with Zach?


How does michael 04/30/1979 feel since I saw the post about him being in a secret relationship who is he gonna choose?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I feel that Michael has made his choice and that he may not be returning to you.


Hi there. Do you see any changes coming up on the work front..and if so what are they. Thank you x

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    A real mixture of emotions here. A feeling of being fed up, waiting and having had enough....but, there is, ultimately good news. You, it seems, are being guided to take control and stop being indecisive. It feels like you are holding on to a bad situation, work wise. The Universe is telling you to let go and move on...which you will have done by October. Ending of contracts and the signing if new ones, whether metaphorically or literally. You are nearly at the end of the euphemistic tunnel...and the light us on and it's bright.


I have been looking for a house to purchase for nearly 2 years and cannot find the right one something always puts me off or it needs an enormous amount of work doing, I am looking in a specific area in and around Shepperton in Middlesex will find something soon? I just want to be happy in a new home I have previously had terrible neighbours and currently living with my lovely mother and brother.


Hi. Will my ex Zein come into my life again? If not will I be in a relationship with another person, if yes can you please describe him a little bit. Will it be this year or next year. Love n Light Mirium

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I don't think Zein is returning. I believe that he has moved on. There is someone new coming in soon, out of the blue. He could be a fire sign, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. I feel that you could meet him through work. He could have light Coloured eyes, dark hair and be quite tall. There is a healing energy around this union. You can help each other.