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Weekly Free Mini Psychic Readings - Week Beginning 30th July 2018

Main image for Weekly Free Mini Psychic Readings – Week Beginning 30th July 2018

We’re allowing you to ask a question and have it answered for free again this week. If you have something on your mind and seek clarity, ask your question below and one of our psychics will answer you. It’s a free mini reading.

If you would like to know more about their answer, click through to the reader’s profile and give them a call. They’ll be happy to discuss it further. To save time and get the most out of your reading, remember to let the reader know you have asked a question on the website already and you can get straight back into your reading with them.

Have a great week and enjoy your reading! While you wait, why not check out our other free reading resources and your weekly horoscope!

Any problems, please drop me an email ([email protected])

(Psychic 2 Tarot Customer Services)

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46 questions on "Weekly Free Mini Psychic Readings - Week Beginning 30th July 2018"


when will i get promoted for a new job? 27 november 2022

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    There is promotion coming in, around late September.


You said he will want to try again last week. When do you think this will be?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    It will be, possibly, after the New Moon on August 11th.


When will he contact me outside work?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My pendulum tells me that there will be contact after work, possibly this weekend.


When will my love life change for the better?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I am looking towards November/December for your love life to pick up. I also feel a surprise reunion with someone from your past.

Ziarra O'Keith

Will my ex cadiz richmond ever come back to me to fully commit or we done for good

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I don't feel that Cadiz is coming back. Now is the time to start looking in a new direction.


How will I know I've met 'him' ? Please

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I feel that you have met him already but he is holding back. I also feel that he may come across as a little arrogant. Look beyond this and allow it to develop organically.


Hi, My name is mirium. I just want to know if paul has true feelings for me. Are we reconciling? Regards M

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I feel that Paul has walked away. He may get in touch to let you know but I am not picking up a reconciliation at this time.


will me and Andrew be together? if so timeframe? 11th march 1992 his one is 11/12/91

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My pendulum says yes, around the Libra time, September/October.


Do I have any legal dealings coming up?

    Lynne Taylor

    Thank you for your question. We cannot answer questions relating to Legal, Finance, Pregnancy, Health, Accident or Death.


Will I get promoted soon or change department?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    There is an opportunity around you but you may not be happy with the change. Bear with it, as you may be pleasantly surprised.

Michelle White

Hi All love and light..can you tell me if I'm going to move house anytime soon, I've been stuck in this "temporary" house for 5 years now it's getting me down a lot x.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    An opportunity presented to you in August. Now is the time to start looking for something new. I kept getting a "3" So it could be three weeks or within three months. I feel that there is a man who will be of help you because August is going to be a busy month.


Rajasree Chatterjee (19/10/61) last wk sent same qs twice, both Denise/Lynne answered but differently! Future relationship with male friend Sudipta Chokroborty (04/06/2023 or 69). Denise- positive /Lynne negative. Denise, pls clarify reply/time scale Both in committed marriages.

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I read your question and understand your dilemma. You said that originally you asked the same question twice. I have to wonder why? Too many questions of spirit can cause conflict. Energy is fluid and can shift like our moods. I, like many psychics, can only look at a situation, in the moment. When I answered your question the intention was yes. When my colleague looked, the mood had shifted and the energy changed, and the intention was no. I believe that Sudipta can change his mood quite often and shift from wanting something with you to not wanting it. At this moment I feel that he wants to find balance and just have a friendship with you. I hope that answers your question. Love and light.


I was wondering if a guy called Ashley at work likes me and would try to talk to me and get my number?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My cards tell me that Ashley may be struggling to approach you. Be patient. I feel that he may step forward but it will take time. I do, however, feel that you have more than one admirer. Ashley is going to take his time..


Will I marry Michael.. Thankyou x

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    My cards say that you enjoy each others company and have fun. I feel that you want to commit more than he does. I didn't get anything about a marriage in my reading but I do feel that if he hasn't mentioned it or made a move by September, it may not happen.


Will I get chosen for a specific job I'm after?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    The whole time I was working on your question I kept getting the name "Michelle" My pendulum gave me a yes to your question and also I feel that big changes are coming in for you.

dawn 2034

Will my ex partner return to me

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I asked my cards and my pendulum and the answer I got was no. I feel that there maybe someone around him. He may get in touch with you but I don't feel that it will go anywhere. You need to find someone who completes you and I believe that now is time for you to move forward with your life.


Will Richard and I work out our issues soon and get together? Thank you

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I believe that you will get together again. You need to have open and honest dialogue without trying to pass judgment. I feel that either guidance or some counselling would be beneficial. This will be resolved given time and patience.


How will my Daughter get on in her exams? She studies very hard and I would like her to do well. Many thanks

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Happy days. I see success and she will be over the moon. Don't be surprised if she changes career choice or considers a gap year.


Why do i see 04/30/79 once a month? Does,he,have a,baby on the way and,why are we,taking a 5 week break?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I drew three cards about your situation. I feel that he is gone because he felt he was being watched due to him behaving in a sneaky fashion. Someone connected to him is angry and annoyed with him, perhaps because his secrets are out so he has to play things down for a while. With regards to pregnancy. I am not allowed to discuss such topics.


Hi there.. Do you see a new romance arriving this year Than you xx

    Lynne Taylor

    My cards show me you are a bit stuck in old ptterns. In order for romance to enter your life you need to switch things around a bit more; go different places, try new experiences, even take a different route to work, the gym etc and maybe shop at a different time and stores. We have very sluggish energy just ow that is not helping but I do see a new 'friendship' developing that has the potential for romance. You will meet this person later in the year as we go into winter time.


When will i be lucky in love

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    You may meet someone at a gathering in the next five months. You will be guided to follow your intuition. They could be an Earth sign, possibly a Virgo. Maybe a little slow to start but it will blossom. Spirit tell me to tell you to let go of your past.


Will I get a promotion work

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    Work changes coming in very soon, around the third week of September.


Am I going to stay together with my husband?

    Denise Lawrence-Jones

    I think that you will stay together. I got nothing to indicate a separation or divorce.