How To Have A Reading Over The Telephone

How to have a telephone reader

If you haven't used our service before it's worth having a read of this page so that you're familiar with how the service works. If you have any questions about using the service, please get in touch with support.

Step by Step Guide on how to use the service

Our system is fully automated. You will not speak to a receptionist. You select the reader and the system will prompt you all the way through to connect you with your chosen reader. 

  1. Call the main telephone number, 0161 381 2233
  2. You will hear and intro (press any key to skip) and then the main menu which gives you options to select a reader. From here you can either enter the pin number of the reader, listen to the intros of readers who are online or select a random reader
  3. Once you have selected an option, the system will connect you with the reader. You will then be prompted for your payment
  4. You then have two options. Pay using your credit / debit card or pay using your pre-paid account. If you have a free 10 minute reading or you want to use your wallet balance, please select the pre-paid account option. 
  5. If you selected the credit / debit card option, you will be prompted for your card number and payment details. This process is fully secure and encrypted and we do not capture your payment details. If you select to pay using your pre-paid account (including free 10 minute readings) then you will be prompted for your account number and pin. 
  6. Once you have completed payment, you will then be connected with your chosen reader. 

At the end of the call, you will hear a tone when you have 1 minute of your credit remaining. If you would like to continue the call, you will be given the option to extend. 

If you need any help using the service, please either call us on 01204 584184, get in touch via the live chat on the website, or email