What does the two of wands tarot card mean?

Main image for Two of Wands

The two of wands is part of the Minor Arcana deck of tarot cards and is part of the Wands suit.

Keywords: Partnership, planning, decisions, discovery


The Two of Wands uses the inspiration and ideas of the Ace of Wands, and turns them into a solid plan of action. If you draw this card, it suggests that you are busy making plans for the future, and making strong, positive decisions about your life. A partnership will lead to the success of projects, as the meeting of minds will enhance anything you work towards. This card is also tied to discovery, and is a sign that you should step out of your comfort zone; you will discover a wealth of new experiences and adventures.

Reverse Keywords: Fear, indecision, lack of planning

Reverse Meaning

In reverse, the Two of Wands indicates a lack of planning will lead to a false start or possible failure. You know what you want but you’re scared to take the next steps, and this is hindering your chances of success. If you’re in a partnership, there may be a clash of personalities or ideals that is causing issues and getting in the way of progress. If you’re struggling to move forward, it’s time to make a plan of action, and simply take the first step.

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