What does the three of swords tarot card mean?

Main image for Three of Swords

The three of swords is part of the Minor Arcana deck of tarot cards and is part of the Swords suit.

Keywords: heartbreak, separation, rejection, grief


The Three of Swords is a card full of pain and sorrow. Usually depicted by a simple image of a heart impaled by three swords, it brings a sad message of heartache. It is usually a warning that you are about to experience the pain of loss, usually through a difficult breakup. However, this card is also a message of hope; it reminds us that pain and loss are a part of life, and though they are difficult experiences, they are also experiences that help us learn and get stronger. The Three of Swords tells you that you can heal from this pain and move forward, but first you must allow yourself to fully embrace the pain, as that is the only way to get through it.

Reverse Keywords: Healing, forgiveness, release

Reverse Meaning

The Three of Swords upright is a message that there is a painful experience to come. In reverse, it usually means that this difficult time is in the ast and you are now on the other side, well on your way to healing and moving on. You may have been through a bad breakup that took its toll on you and which you found tough to get over. However, this card suggests that you are finally beginning to heal and are possibly even ready to forgive and move on. The road to recovery is long, and you can often get frustrated with yourself because it’s taking longer than you would like to move on with your life, but go easy on yourself and allow yourself time to feel what you need to feel, to cry, and to accept your situation. When you are ready, you will take the next steps and embrace the next stage of your life.

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