What does the three of pentacles tarot card mean?

Main image for Three of Pentacles

The three of pentacles is part of the Minor Arcana deck of tarot cards and is part of the Pentacles suit.

Keywords: Teamwork, accomplishment, new skills


The upright Three of Pentacles is a card of accomplishment and achievements. It’s a sign of what teamwork can lead to and is a message of encouragement. You are armed with the knowledge and skills that you need to help your dreams manifest and become reality. Working closely with somebody you trust will bring even wider experience to the table and will add value to your project. We can’t do everything on our own, and sharing the burden and responsibilities with another enables you to focus on what it is important.

Reverse Keywords: Miscommunication, clashes, poor effort

Reverse Meaning

In reverse, the Three of Pentacles is a warning that poor communication and lack of effort in a team will ultimately lead to failure. There may be a problem due to one or more people being competitive rather than interested in working together to achieve something, which is causing tension and clashes. It may be time to cut your losses and walk away from a partnership that is no longer working. It may benefit you to work alone for a bit, or create a new group.

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