What does the star tarot card mean?

Main image for The Star

The star is part of the Major Arcana deck of tarot cards.


The star depicts a naked figure at the edge of a pool of water, holding two containers of liquid; one represents the conscious mind, the other the subconscious. The woman pours the water from these vessels in order to nourish the earth. The woman has one foot on the ground, representing her stability and practicality, and the other in the pool, symbolising her link to the spiritual world. Above her is a large star, shining brightly.


The Star is a highly inspirational card, following the pain and destruction of the Tower and bringing hope and relief with it. You have recently been through some trials and tribulations and may still be reeling from the effects of these challenges. The Star is a source of inspiration, and is a sign that you are now moving to a much easier phase of your life. You have the feeling that anything is possible and are full of ideas that you are keen to put into action. You are about to begin a spiritual journey that will teach you more about yourself and your desires. Go where this energy guides you and you won’t be disappointed.

Reverse Meaning

The upright Star is a card of inspiration. However, in reverse, it is a sign that you are feeling stuck and uninspired. Life is full of challenges and you may have been going through a tough time that you are finding hard to put behind you and move on from. This card is a test of your strength and your faith; both in yourself and in the universe. If you draw this card in reverse, take some time out just for yourself, and practice some self-care. Giving yourself time to relax and heal will allow you to move on stronger than ever when you are ready.

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