What does the lovers tarot card mean?

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The lovers is part of the Major Arcana deck of tarot cards.

Card VI

Given its name, it’s obvious the Lovers card is tied to strong emotions and relationships. This card is usually represented by Adam and Eve, with the fruit-bearing tree and the serpent behind them.

Above them in the clouds, they are looked over by Cupid, or the Angel Raphael, depending on the deck. The card focuses on communication, an important aspect of healthy relationships.


If you draw the Lovers, it could signify the beginning of a new relationship. This relationship doesn’t necessarily need to be romantic; it could be a new friendship, or a business partnership.

If the relationship is romantic though, this card is a positive sign; it symbolises a deep connection, both physically and mentally. The sexual attraction too goes beyond lust, and there is most likely a deep intimacy.

Another meaning of the Lovers card is choice; it symbolises that you are at a crossroads, and you have an important decision to make. As a Major Arcana card, the Lovers suggests this decision is potentially life-changing.

It’s important to think carefully before you take your next steps. Make sure your decision is right for you in the long run, and you’re not just taking the easy path.

Reverse Meaning

In reverse, the Lovers isn’t a happy card.

If referring to a relationship, it symbolises instability and a possible fallout. There may be a separation, and possibly heartache. You may have recently ended a love affair, or are currently considering it.

On a personal level, it indicates that you have some internal conflict, and are perhaps at war with yourself over a painful decision you know you must make.

You may be struggling and avoiding making a tough choice, but stalling will only cause more strife in the long run.

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