What does the hierophant tarot card mean?

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The hierophant is part of the Major Arcana deck of tarot cards.

Card V

The Hierophant, otherwise known as the High Priest or Pope, is the male equivalent of the High Priestess. He is a religious figure, sat upon a throne with a three-tiered crown upon his head. This crown represents the three worlds; the divine, intellectual, and physical. The three bars of his staff represents the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Similar to the Emperor, this card is connected to patriarchy and fatherhood.


The Hierophant is a very traditional and conventional, and symbolises a clear set of rules to be followed. If you draw this card, it is a sign that you should simply do what you need to, which should be obvious to you. This is not a time to rebel or take an unusual approach to a situation, but to follow due process and stick to the status quo. The Hierophant may appear in your life as a wise, steady advisor who will help you on your path and guide you to success. This could be a teacher or a counsellor. It is important to listen to this person’s advice.

Reverse Meaning

If you draw the Hierophant in reverse, it could suggest that you are feeling frustrated and restricted in a strict, possibly controlling environment. You may be tempted to rebel and break the rules, especially if the situation you are in goes against your beliefs or morals. It may indicate a spot of trouble with authorities, such as a teacher or a boss. Tread carefully; though going against the grain could be the right decision, you need to ensure you go about it the right way.

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