What does the ten of cups tarot card mean?

Main image for Ten of Cups

The ten of cups is part of the Minor Arcana deck of tarot cards and is part of the Cups suit.

Keywords: Contentment, friendship, happiness, true love, harmony


If you draw the Ten of Cups, it symbolises that you’re in a happy place in your life right now, and are feeling very content, especially when it comes to your relationships. Your connections with your loved ones, be it family, friends, or lovers, are all extremely strong and there is a sense of harmony and peace. You’re enjoying the company of those around you and may even be partaking in a number of celebrations or social gatherings. Often, this card suggests an upcoming family holiday, an opportunity to create fun experiences and memories.

Reverse Keywords: Strife, rivalry, distrust, isolation

Reverse Meaning

The upright Ten of Cups speaks of a happy home and harmonious relationships. Unfortunately, the reverse tells a story of the opposite. If you draw this card in reverse, it suggests that something is getting in the way of a happy home. There is likely to be tension and strife, with people clashing and miscommunication causing disagreements and fallouts. This may be down to lack of quality time or outside stress having an impact on the mood of the individuals involved. This card is a message to take some time to really focus on your relationships and how you can make them better. Spend more time together and make more effort to make your loved ones feel special.

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