What does the temperance tarot card mean?

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The temperance is part of the Major Arcana deck of tarot cards.

Card XIV

Temperance is usually represented by an angelic figure adorned with a blue robe, the colour of wisdom, and the symbols of humans (a triangle) and the Earth (a square). In the background of this card is a road leading to a mountain top, signifying the journey of life. The angel has one foot on the ground, keeping them grounded, and the other in water, to signify their connection to the divine.


Similar to Justice, Temperance is a card of balance, fairness, and patience. If you draw this card, it is a message that you need to bring your life into balance as it is currently a little off-center. You are very busy and possibly stressed, and you find it hard in your bustling schedule to take time to yourself. Staying calm when things are rough is essential, so practice patience and give yourself time to pause and reflect when you can. If making a decision or judgement, you must stay unbiased and review all of the information, and make a decision that is based on logic and reasoning rather than emotion. Try to make sure that you are balancing your priorities equally, and that you are not neglecting important aspects of your life in favour of others.

Reverse Meaning

In reverse, Temperance is a message that you are currently dealing with some sort of excessive situation. Perhaps you have been eating and drinking a lot, spending too much money, or partying with friends more than usual. Though it’s good to let loose sometimes and indulge ourselves, too much of one thing can lead to problems later. This card is a sign that it’s about time to cut back and take a little more control. You may be feeling unbalanced and like something in your life is not quite right. It’s time to get back to your true self and practice some self-control and balance. Take some time to reflect on yourself and what you are doing, and what changes you can make in order to feel more settled and calm.

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