What does the seven of wands tarot card mean?

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The seven of wands is part of the Minor Arcana deck of tarot cards and is part of the Wands suit.

Keywords: Defiance, courage, determination, perseverance


The Seven of Wands warns of a setback, but the Seven indicates that you will rise to the challenge. You’re in a time of adversity with stiff competition and possibly a lot of pressure to succeed. You need to hold your ground and continue to prove yourself and your abilities. There may be challenges to your position and people may question your authority, but you must not let them get the better of you. Take a stand, and defend yourself against those who may doubt you.

Reverse keywords: Self-doubt, indecision, overwhelmed

Reverse Meaning

The Seven of Wands in reverse indicates that you’re feeling overwhelmed by your current situation and the challenges you are facing. You may have taken too much on in a bid to prove yourself, and are now struggling to keep up. The pressure of competing with others and being judged may be too much, and you are feeling exhausted and tempted to give in. You need to rebuild your self-confidence. If you’ve taken on too many responsibilities, find out what you can delegate, and focus on just one or two essential tasks at a time.

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