What does the seven of cups tarot card mean?

Main image for Seven of Cups

The seven of cups is part of the Minor Arcana deck of tarot cards and is part of the Cups suit.

Keywords: Addiction, fantasy, imagination, escapism


The Seven of Cups depicts a dreamer, and if you draw this card it suggests that you too, have a strong imagination and are always lost in thoughts. Though there’s nothing wrong with dreaming, you may have a tendency to get caught up in your imagination and allow your thoughts to get carried away.

This card is a message that it’s time to turn your dreams into a reality. Stop daydreaming, and put your thoughts into action. Often, this card means that you have a choice to make.

You may have been delaying this decision out of fear or confusion, but now is the time to stop meandering and take the next step forward.

Reverse Keywords: Delusion, temptation,

Reverse Meaning

If you draw the Seven of Cups in reverse, it suggests that you’re currently being a little delusional about your hopes and dreams, and what is realistic and possible. You have been fantasising about events that are unlikely to come to fruition in real life. You’re at a risk of causing yourself disappointment and heartbreak if you don’t reevaluate where you are and what is possible. Examine what it is that you want, and what you can do to make it happen.  

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