What does the queen of swords tarot card mean?

Main image for Queen of Swords

The queen of swords is part of the Minor Arcana deck of tarot cards and is part of the Swords suit.

Keywords: Ambition, wisdom, independence


The Queen of Swords is a stern, powerful, and ambitious woman who has a strong mind and is rarely fooled. She is mature and has a deep intuition, but is lacking in emotion. If you draw this card, it suggests that you are in a situation that calls for you to make an objective, logical decision and not be swayed by emotions. You are faced with a situation that you must judge impartially, taking into account information you hold and staying unbiased and not letting sentiment get the better of you. It’s time for you to rule with your head, not your heart.

Reverse Keywords: Over-emotional, resentment, impaired judgement

Reverse Meaning

The Queen of Swords is all about clear judgement and intelligent decisions. Reversed, this card indicates that you are allowing your feelings to get in the way of making the right choice. Being too emotionally involved can cause you to make bad decisions and can lead to negative consequences. Don’t let your heart rule your head. Stay strong and don’t allow people to influence you. Sometimes, to be successful, you must block out the opinions and insights of others and go ahead alone. Only you know the right answer.

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