What does the queen of pentacles tarot card mean?

Main image for Queen of Pentacles

The queen of pentacles is part of the Minor Arcana deck of tarot cards and is part of the Pentacles suit.

Keywords: Generosity, loyalty, fidelity


The Queen of Pentacles is a maternal figure who is often depicted being surrounded by plants, flowers, fruits and other symbols of fertility. She is a very sensual figure and has strong ties to satisfaction and reproduction. This card could represent you or somebody in your life. If you draw this card, it is a sign that you are very strong and independent, and are capable of balancing work and your personal life. If this card represents somebody else in your life, this person is likely a mother figure who you can go to for support and guidance.  

Reverse Keywords: Greed, irresponsibility, imbalance

Reverse Meaning

In reverse, the Queen of Pentacles is a card that suggests your life is out of balance. You are focusing so much on work that you are likely neglecting your loved ones and this is having a negative impact on your relationships with your family and friends. You need to examine your priorities and decide what is important to you in the long run. Having a career is all well and good, but you need your loved ones to there when you come home. Sometimes, this card suggests that you are struggling to become financially independent and are relying on others to give you a helping hand when it comes to money. Time to examine your incomings and your budget, and see how you can change things.

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