What does the king of wands tarot card mean?

Main image for King of Wands

The king of wands is part of the Minor Arcana deck of tarot cards and is part of the Wands suit.

Keywords: Leader, ambition, visionary, education


The King of Wands is a mature man who has a clear aura of authority and power. He is well-educated and travelled, and is a natural-born leader. He sets himself a goal and he ensures that it is carried through and achieved. He doesn’t shy away from responsibility or work and he enjoys a challenge.

What does it mean if you draw the King of Wands?

If you draw the King of Wands, it indicates that you are somebody who is goal-oriented and passionate about achieving their dreams, no matter what it takes. You know what you want in your future, and you’re determined to get it.

This card is a reminder to focus on your goals and to not give up when you face challenges or obstacles. It also suggests that you are being presented with an opportunity, and though this may scare you, you have the strengths and skills to face the challenge head-on and succeed.

Reverse Keywords: ruthless, mean, hasty, impulsive

Reverse Meaning

Though the King of Wands is known for his strength and power, those positive qualities can soon turn more negative and sinister. This card in reverse suggests a ruthlessness and aggression in pursuit of a goal that can cause harm. This is rarely intentional, just a passion taken to the extreme, but it can have bad consequences. If you draw this card in reverse, it’s a warning to take a look at how you are acting in pursuit of your dreams. If you are standing on others to get ahead, it’s time to take a step back and rein it in.  You may have been too ambitious and as a result taken too much on, which is causing frustration and stress that you are taking out on others. It’s time to examine what you are doing and how you can achieve your goals in a more positive way.

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