What does the four of wands tarot card mean?

Main image for Four of Wands

The four of wands is part of the Minor Arcana deck of tarot cards and is part of the Wands suit.

Keywords: Prosperity, celebration, harmony, marriage


The Four of Wands is a very happy card, signifying celebration, happiness and prosperity. The number four symbolises stability in numerology, and this card indicates strong roots and a happy, harmonious home. This card also represents a celebration, and suggests now is a great time to get together with friends and family. This could be a marriage or a birth, or another special milestone. Now is your opportunity to spend some extended quality time with those you love.

Reverse Keywords: Conflict, ingratitude, disappointment

Reverse Meaning

If you draw this card in reverse, it indicates that there is a lack of harmony in your home environment. This could be down to a breakdown in communication, or due to an external threat. You may be caught up in other people’s issues, such as a family quarrel or a lover’s tiff. This is perhaps causing you to question your own relationships, causing you to create issues that aren’t there. The reverse of stability means change, and you are likely going through a shit of circumstances, perhaps in the form of a new job or moving home. Though change is hard, keep in mind that this move is necessary for your future happiness.

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