What does the four of cups tarot card mean?

Main image for Four of Cups

The four of cups is part of the Minor Arcana deck of tarot cards and is part of the Cups suit.

Keywords: Boredom, apathy, contemplation


When the Four of Cups appears in a reading, it suggests that you are feeling bored and unsatisfied with your current situation. Though stability is often a good thing, it can lead to apathy and a lack of motivation to better oneself. Life feels very flat and you are desperate for something to happen to inject some excitement. This card suggests that it’s time for a bit of reflection and re-evaluation of what is going on in your life, and what changes you can make to turn things around. Perhaps you’re in a job with no prospects, or are in a relationship that feels stagnant and is lacking a spark. It’s time to take action. Figure out what you want, and what you need to do in order to get it, and then go after your goals.

Reverse Keywords: Missed opportunity, aloofness, renewal

Reverse Meaning

If you draw the Four of Cups in reverse, it suggest that you are at risk of missing out on a great opportunity. You may be so wrapped up in feeling sorry for yourself due to boredom that you aren’t seeing an exciting chance that’s right under your nose. It’s a warning to keep your eyes (and your mind) open to new possibilities; you may be unsure of what will happen if you take a risk, but reaching out will have better long-term benefits for you than sitting and wallowing in your self-pity.

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