What does the eight of wands tarot card mean?

Main image for Eight of Wands

The eight of wands is part of the Minor Arcana deck of tarot cards and is part of the Wands suit.

Keywords: Speed, excitement, resolution, action, air-travel


The Eight of Wands indicates that a recent struggle has come to an end and you are now free to move on. It is an energetic card that signifies swift action; you are ready to race towards your future and reaching your goals. You are likely in a very busy period of your life with lots going on, but your enthusiasm and energy will help you to push through and succeed. This card is an encouragement to act quickly so that you don’t miss any opportunities. It can also suggest air-travel, but as the card symbolises speed, it will most likely be a short trip; perhaps you’re due a business trip or a short holiday.

Reverse Keywords: delays, frustration, apathy

Reverse Meaning

The Eight of Wands reversed signifies significant delays and holdups, specifically relating to travel plans. Though you have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm and are raring to go, there are obstacles in your course that are stopping you from reaching your goal. Alternatively, it could suggest that you are speeding along a track with no proper plan in place, and it’s a warning that you need to slow down and think things through properly, before you crash.

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