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Being connected to the spirit world since a young age has given me a passion to help those around me by giving guidance through Psychic clairvoyance and clairsentience, being understanding and always non-judgemental.

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Welcome to Julie Anne's Psychic 2 Tarot profile. On this page you'll find a little more about Julie Anne as well as the chance to read genuine customer feedback. Julie Anne's reading skills include tarot card readings, clairvoyancy readings, mediumship readings, love tarot readings, angel card readings, spirit coaching, healing and psychic readings.

An introduction from Julie Anne

I\'ve been in various Psychic development groups over the years. Also doing Tarot readings for 25 yrs,and gaining a degree in Reiki healing. I have also done many readings using Psychometry. It is important to me that my client leaves the reading feeling more positive and uplifted from the insight that I\'ve given them.

What can customers expect from you?

My aim is to uplift you and help you to move forward on your life\'s journey.

What skills do you use in your reading?

I\'m a Pychic Clairvoyant. I am able to see and feel people\'s needs when giving a reading. Also I am able to help the client by giving guidance of which direction to take, giving them insight of the bigger picture.

What languages do you speak?


How to have a reading with me

If you would like to have a reading me, it's really easy.

Just call 0161 381 2233 and follow the instructions on the call. We can be talking within a few minutes. If you have any problems or questions, please contact the office on 01204 584 184

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Feedback for Julie Anne


1 month ago

She is Calm and has great insight into a situation Thanks You . Unfortunately my time ran out


2 months ago

Julie Anne is a truly amazing psychic. Lots of detailed predictions . Will see when it comes to pass Thanks


5 months ago

I had a lovely reading from Julie Anne a couple of weeks ago. Reading back on notes that I wrote, she was absolutely spot on. Thank you Julie Anne for a wonderful reading. I will call again with an up date. Love Denise xXx


6 months ago

I have just had a reading from Julie Anne. She answered a question for me without me even asking her first! Brilliant insight to my future also. Lovely calm lady. I am looking forward, thank you for spot on information Julie Anne x


6 months ago

Beautiful reading off Julie Anne...thank you for the up lifting messages from Spirit, just what I needed to hear right now. It's lovely to know they are around me and supporting me. Thank you Julie Anne x


6 months ago

Calm and very interactive... Good reading


7 months ago

You were spot on. Just perfect the prediction I had was spot on. I'm coming back for more. X


7 months ago

I had a reading from Julie Anne months back and waited on her prediction and I can confirm that she was accurate and is the real deal. I would highly recommend giving a try as she connects to your voice vibration quite well and is able to pick up on your energy.


8 months ago

Julie Ann was very accurate in the reading she is a very uplifting reader. She is very caring & start to the point.


10 months ago

Had reading today with Julie Anne she was very honest,open,warm and friendly. She made me feel very comfortable talking to her. By the end of the call had me feeling so positive & very happy. I would definitely recommend Julie Anne for reading.

Leila Wood

10 months ago

She is very understanding to your situation, tries her best to really tune into your sprite, nice lady highly recommended


1 year ago

Excellent reader, connected with me really well. She gave me total accuracy, none of that sugar coating like other psychics. She was polite and totally honest. Thank you Julie Anne :)


1 year ago

I had such a brilliant reading of Julie Anne. I recieved all the closure I needed and will be coming back soon for another one. thank you so so much!


1 year ago

I received such a lovely message and it was very accurate this has made me very happy I will be back for another reading again soon thank you ?


1 year ago

Had another reading with Julie Anne as an unlikely prediction she gave me came completely to fruition just exactly as she said. I'm hopeful that the other things she predicted will also come true and will update again if they do but I feel confident they will unfold just as Julie Anne has said. One happy customer!


1 year ago

Julie Anne is a truly amazing psychic. Lots of detailed predictions with specific timings and all have come to pass exactly as she has predicted. Thank you Julie Anne for your invaluable help over last few months!


1 year ago

Very warm lady picked up on my situation and was able to give peace of mind. Just need to follow her guidance and hope all will occur that she sees coming. Not sure about another baby tho lol

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